Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Sraith (school) (Srah, Co. Galway), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Séamus E. Ó Dubhghaill.

Original reference: 0050/3

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Galway schools

  1. In the year 1860 in Woodford, Co. Galway, in the townland of Gerrygill, two men named Mahon and Moran lived. (p. 0167-0168)
  2. In a country house recently, in the village of Clonmoylan one long winter night, a man by the name of Patrick Tully told a story ... (p. 0169-0170)
  3. Potato Crop (p. 0171-0172)
  4. Eviction of Saunders (p. 0173)
  5. Biddy Early (p. 0174)
  6. Biddy Early (p. 0174)
  7. Biddy Early (p. 0175-0176)
  8. Names of Fields (p. 0177-0178)
  9. Hedge-Schools (p. 0179-0180)
  10. If a person was receiving a clutch of eggs for a present they would give a penny to the person not to take the luck of the eggs from that person (p. 0181-0182)
  11. May Day (p. 0183)
  12. The cuckoo comes in April (p. 0184)
  13. Tailor (p. 0184-0185)
  14. Song about the Eviction (p. 0186-0188)
  15. Forge (p. 0188-0189)
  16. It is unlucky to let anything fall coming out of the chapel ... (p. 0189)
  17. The dead people long ago, were laid out on boards of tables. (p. 0190)
  18. The time of the Evictions a man from Woodford named Stanley and a man from Rossmore named Kickey were in Galway jail... (p. 0190-0191)
  19. Joe Minogue living near Portumna tells a story. (p. 0191-0192)
  20. Disused Roads (p. 0192-0193)
  21. Local Forge (p. 0194-0195)
  22. Long ago the people worked and made everything their own way, because they were poor ... (p. 0195-0196)
  23. Local Cures (p. 0196-0197)
  24. Long ago the old people that died, were laid out on a table. (p. 0198)
  25. On May Eve the people got the May pole. (p. 0199)
  26. There are three tailors in this district. (p. 0199)
  27. On St. Martin's Day they do not work in the mill ... (p. 0200)
  28. There are five forges in this parish. (p. 0200)
  29. Long ago candles were made from tallow. (p. 0200-0201)
  30. Whit Monday is the unluckiest day in the year. (p. 0201-0202)
  31. Long ago their was a man in Clonmoylan who had a very bad tooth ... (p. 0202)
  32. One day a tramp went into Lyons in Abbey looking for horse hair. (p. 0202)
  33. The leipreachan was called the greasuide leipreachan. (p. 0202)
  34. There was a woman who lived on the bank of the Shannon in Kylenamally. (p. 0203)
  35. The people cut the May Poles long ago. (p. 0204)
  36. The cuckoo land is a lamb that is born after the twentieth of April ... (p. 0204-0205)
  37. Local Cures (p. 0205-0206)
  38. They used to dig a hole in they ground and put a bath of water down in the hole and when the hare would come ... (p. 0206)
  39. It would be unlucky to open a grave on a Monday. (p. 0206)
  40. John Minogue's uncle got married and they reared a family. (p. 0206-0208)
  41. Long ago they used to leave the corpse on a table in the middle of the floor. (p. 0208-0209)
  42. On May day the people stich. (p. 0209)
  43. Long ago people made wax candles from bees wax. (p. 0209)
  44. A foxes tongue would draw a thorn ... (p. 0209-0210)
  45. Tom Donaly of Doura was a poet ... (p. 0210-0211)
  46. Torpahy of Cooscaun ate his breakfast in his own house and walked to Limerick ... (p. 0211)
  47. The October fair is the best fair for cattle because they are fat from the after grass. (p. 0211)
  48. Clanrichard was the land lord of the county Galway. (p. 0211-0212)
  49. There are two tailors in this district. (p. 0212-0213)
  50. There are eight tailors, their names are ... (p. 0213)
  51. A fright would cure a hiccough. (p. 0213-0214)
  52. A man named Blake put a poor woman out of her house ... (p. 0214-0215)
  53. The people spilt blood in the corner of the house (p. 0215)
  54. Nine harrows pins would take away bad luck. (p. 0215)
  55. It is never lucky to open a grave on a monday. (p. 0215-0216)
  56. At the October fair the people have to pay one penny on each bonham four pennies on cattle. (p. 0216-0217)
  57. The people grew tobacco for their own use. (p. 0217)
  58. Once upon a time there were two girls living in a house ... (p. 0217)
  59. If you found a tip of a shoe on the road you would have good luck for that year. (p. 0218)
  60. A fright would cure a hiccough. (p. 0218)
  61. It is unlucky to open a grave on a Monday (p. 0218)
  62. long ago their was a poor wooman and she was put out of the house ... (p. 0219)
  63. There was a man and he lived near the sea. (p. 0220)
  64. A man heard music in a house one night he went in to the house. (p. 0220-0221)
  65. There was too brothers and they were very great with one another. (p. 0221-0222)
  66. One magpie is for bad luck and two is for good luck. (p. 0222-0223)
  67. Long ago the people used have stirabout for their supper. (p. 0223-0224)
  68. Two tailors ? tailor Burke and tailor Power. (p. 0224)
  69. Local Forges (p. 0224-0226)
  70. Local Cures (p. 0226-0228)
  71. Local Stories (p. 0228-0229)
  72. Local Stories (p. 0230-0234)
  73. Local Stories (p. 0236-0238)
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