The Neale (B.)

abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from The Neale (B.) (school) (Neale, Co. Mayo), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Tomás Mac an Bháird.

Original reference: 0103/1

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Mayo schools

  1. Seanscéalta (p. 5-009)
  2. Seanscéalta (p. 010-015)
  3. Seanscéalta (p. 016-019)
  4. Linguistic - Subhead 5 (p. 023)
  5. Irish words and phrases that have been adopted into the popular English speech of the district: (p. 024)
  6. Ethnographic (p. 025)
  7. Classification of Pupils According to Hair Colour (p. 026)
  8. Classification of Pupils According to Eye Colour (p. 027)
  9. Local Traditions - Ancient Irish Kings (p. 028)
  10. Local Traditions - The Danes (p. 028)
  11. Families or Clans in the District in Olden Times (p. 029)
  12. Several of the older people recollect incidents connected with the Fenians. (p. 029)
  13. Famine Period (p. 030)
  14. Local Estates etc. (p. 031-032)
  15. Faction Fights (p. 033)
  16. Sports and Pastimes including Horse-Racing (p. 034)
  17. Battle-Field of Moytura etc. (p. 035)
  18. Traditions Regarding Ancient Roads, Local Trade etc. (p. 036)
  19. Traditions of Local Industries (p. 037)
  20. Agricultural Implements - Household Utensils etc. (p. 037)
  21. Unofficial Names - Townlands, Fields, Wells etc. (p. 038-040)
  22. Foods and Drinks Now Discarded (p. 041)
  23. Folk Cures and Charms (p. 042)
  24. Recollections of the Local Hedge-Schools (p. 043)
  25. Successive Managers of the Present National School (p. 044)
  26. Successive Principals of the School (p. 044-045)
  27. Oldest Tombstone in the Killeen (p. 046)
  28. Pyramid (p. 047-051)
  29. Putting salt in the pockets of people about to get married (p. 051-052)
  30. Taking a horse three times from under a car used as a hearse (p. 052)
  31. Fóidín Marbh (p. 052-053)
  32. Supplementary notes concerning objects of historic interest in the Neale Park (p. 055-056)
  33. Seanscéal (p. 057-062)
  34. Áitainmneacha timpeall na hÁite Seo (p. 063-067)
  35. Scéal faoi Thaibhse (p. 068-070)
  36. Matchmaking and Marriages (p. 071-073)
  37. Cahernacole Church (p. 074-075)
  38. Superstitions (p. 076-078)
  39. Customs on Feast-Days and Holidays of the Year (p. 079-081)
  40. Twelve Days of Christmas (p. 082-083)
  41. Old Story (p. 084-086)
  42. Old Story (p. 087-089)
  43. Muckrussaune Plague (p. 090-091)
  44. Fairy Tale (p. 092-095)
  45. Funny Story (p. 096)
  46. Smith and the Forge (p. 097-099)
  47. Scéal faoi Thaibhse (p. 100-101)
  48. Ghost-Story (p. 102)
  49. Ghost-Story (p. 103-104)
  50. Story (p. 105-107)
  51. Ghost Story (p. 108-109)
  52. Fairy Story (p. 110-111)
  53. Story (p. 112-113)
  54. Fairy Story (p. 114-117)
  55. Story (p. 118-120)
  56. Story (p. 121-122)
  57. Story (p. 123-124)
  58. Story (p. 125-127)
  59. Story (p. 128-131)
  60. Scéal (p. 132-140)
  61. Ghost Story (p. 136-137)
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Neale, Co. Mayo
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1 chapter (vol. 103, p. 1a-140)
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NealeAn ÉillNealeKilmolaraKilmaineMayo
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Original reference: 0103/1

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