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St Patrick's Clocks

Abstract: Story collected by Kevin Carolan, a student at Edengorra school (Edengora, Co. Meath) from informant Hugh Carolan.

Original reference: 0709/3/4

Loading...School Edengorra [Vol. 0709, Chapter 0003]

County The Schools' Manuscript Collection : County Meath Schools

Carolan, Hugh
Moybolgue (Civil parish)
Kells Lower (Barony)
Meath (County)

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St Patrick's Clocks [duchas:4974651]

St Patricks Clock told by Hugh Carolan Age 70 Tierworker, Bailieboro to his son Kevin.

St Patrick when he was living in Moybologue had two clocks and he hid them because he thought that some robbers would take them.  St Patrick told no one where he hid the clocks.

One day there was a lot of boys playing hurling in a field and as this boy drew at the ball he hit the ground very hard.  When he did so he heard a sound and he played no more.

He placed a mark where he hears the sound and that night he and his father went to the spot.  They dug up the ground and they found one of the clocks

St Patrick's Clocks [duchas:4974652]

It was written on the clock that whoever would get one clock the same name would get the other one.  It was a man named Gargan that got the clock and from that time on these people got the name of Clozidans.
It is said that the other clock is in Clogga Lake in the Parish of Killinkere, Co. Cavan.  It was never found yet.
When the landlord got to know that the clock was found he went to Gargan's house and claimed it.  He took all the works out of it and told Gargan that he could keep the case of it but Gargan would not take the case back.  The works of this clock were very valuable.

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Edengora, Co. Meath
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p. 318-319
Volume 0709
Collected as part of the Schools' Folklore scheme, 1937-1938, under the supervision of teacher Michael Hetherton.
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EdengoraEdengoraKilmainhamKells LowerMeath
University College Dublin. National Folklore Collection UCD .

Original reference: 0709/3/4

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Collected as part of the Schools' Folklore scheme, 1937-1938, under the supervision of teacher Michael Hetherton.
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