Tulach Mór

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from An Tulach Mór (school) (Tully More, Co. Donegal), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Máire, Bean Uí Bhrisleáin.

Original reference: 1048/2

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Donegal schools

  1. Seanscéaltaí (p. 65-68)
  2. Labhraidh Luirc (p. 69-71)
  3. Seanscéal (p. 72-75)
  4. Linguistic - Seantomhais (p. 76)
  5. Rann (p. 76)
  6. Ranna (p. 77)
  7. Ranna (p. 78)
  8. Seanamhrán - Bás Phádraig Uí Ghuidhir (p. 79-81)
  9. Éanlaithe (p. 83-86)
  10. Mo Dhómhnall Óg (Danny Boy) (p. 87)
  11. Ranna agus Seanscéal Grinn (p. 88)
  12. Seanscéaltaí (p. 89-90)
  13. Seanscéal (p. 91-94)
  14. Seanscéal - Mullán an Tighe Mhóir (p. 95-96)
  15. Local Estate (p. 97-98)
  16. There was a boy one time down in Loughrous Point and his body was covered with evil. (p. 99)
  17. There was a landlord one time living in Bollowogs. He was very hard on the Catholics and he wanted to put them out of their homes...... (p. 100)
  18. Famine Period (p. 101)
  19. Famine Period (p. 102-103)
  20. Local Industries (p. 104)
  21. Local Industries (p. 105)
  22. Local Industries - The Manufacture of Soap (p. 105-106)
  23. Household Utensils Not Now in Use (p. 107)
  24. Household Utensils Not Now in Use (p. 107)
  25. Clothes (p. 108)
  26. Articles of Furniture Not Now in Use (p. 109)
  27. Household Utensils Used Long Ago (p. 110)
  28. Famous People (p. 111)
  29. Famous People (p. 111)
  30. Famous People (p. 111)
  31. Famous People (p. 111-112)
  32. Famous Athletes (p. 112-113)
  33. Great Swimmer (p. 114)
  34. Great Fighter (p. 115)
  35. Food - Boxty Bread (p. 116)
  36. Food - Sowens (p. 116-117)
  37. Cures (p. 118)
  38. Cures (p. 119)
  39. Cures (p. 120)
  40. Cures (p. 120)
  41. Cures and Charms (p. 121-122)
  42. Superstitions (p. 123-124)
  43. Folklore Regarding the Weather (p. 125-127)
  44. Signs of the Weather (p. 128)
  45. About forty-five years ago there lived in a a place called Killcashel a man named William Boyd. (p. 129-130)
  46. Stories (p. 131-133)
  47. Belief in Fairies (p. 134-135)
  48. Long ago there lived in a place called Townawilly a man named James Boyle. (p. 136-137)
  49. Funny Story (p. 137-138)
  50. Shipwrecks (p. 139-140)
  51. About ninety years ago there lived in Tullycleave Ardara Co. Donegal a man named Nathor Boyle with his sisters. (p. 141)
  52. Belief in Fairies (p. 142-143)
  53. Belief in Fairies (p. 144-145)
  54. Belief in Witches (p. 147)
  55. Belief in Fairies (p. 148)
  56. Belief in Fairies (p. 149)
  57. Belief in Fairies (p. 150)
  58. Belief in Fairies (p. 151-152)
  59. Belief in Fairies etc. - Hidden Treasures (p. 153)
  60. Hidden Treasure (p. 153)
  61. Danish Gold (p. 154)
  62. Hidden Treasure (p. 154)
  63. Belief in Fairies (p. 155)
  64. Belief in Water-Horses (p. 156)
  65. Danish Gold - Fairy Treasures (p. 157)
  66. Danish Gold - Fairy Treasures (p. 157)
  67. Danish Gold - Fairy Treasures (p. 157-158)
  68. One time there lived in Tullybeg a man called Condy O'Donnell, along with his sister Brigid. He was always challenging the devil to fight. (p. 159-160)
  69. About sixty years ago a man named Willie Maxwell from Ardara was fishing at Lough McHugh which is a large lake in Tullymore..... (p. 160A)
  70. One Halloweve night about sixty years ago five men - four of whom were the name of Sweeney and one named O'Donnell - were going to Ardara with firkins of butter to sell. (p. 161)
  71. There was a man one time who lived in Moolagh - a place a short distance west of Tullymore townland. (p. 161-162)
  72. There was once a king who lived in the Rosses, and he had two sons. (p. 163-164)
  73. Folktales (p. 165-175)
  74. Cures (p. 176-177)
  75. Cures (p. 178)
  76. Cures (p. 179)
  77. Herbs (p. 180)
  78. Superstitions (p. 181-184)
  79. There was a man one time named "Willie the Wisp" and he was a blacksmith. He gave himself up to the devil. (p. 184-185)
  80. In old times it was a custom of the people to tie the thumbs and big toes of a person together when they would be dead. (p. 186)
  81. One morning very early a man from Maghera was fishing in the Lougherous Point when he saw a mermaid sitting on a rock combing her hair. (p. 187)
  82. One day a number of men from Cairn were out at the bar for rack. (p. 188)
  83. One day St Colmcille was passing through Churchill and being very hungry he asked for some apples as apples were very plentiful in that place. (p. 189)
  84. One day Saint Colmcille was crossing at a boathouse near Loughveagh castle. (p. 189)
  85. St Colmcille (p. 190)
  86. St Colmcille (p. 191)
  87. Our Local Saint (p. 192)
  88. Our Local Saint (p. 192-193)
  89. Hedge-Schools & Master (p. 194-195)
  90. Famous People (p. 196)
  91. Famous People (p. 196)
  92. Customs - St Brigid's Eve (p. 197)
  93. Customs - St John's Eve (p. 198)
  94. There once lived in Maghera aged 20 years a woman named Nancy McHugh. (p. 199)
  95. There once lived in Kentucky a man named James M McHugh. (p. 199)
  96. Old Guesses (p. 200)
  97. Herbs (p. 201)
  98. Herbs (p. 201)
  99. Herbs and Weeds (p. 202)
  100. Herbs (p. 203)
  101. Local Traditions (p. 204-205)
  102. Forts (p. 206)
  103. Place Names in the Townland of Tullymore, Ardara, Co. Donegal (p. 207)
  104. Place Names (p. 208)
  105. Place Names (p. 209)
  106. Place Names (p. 209)
  107. Irish Sayings and Phrases (p. 211-215)
  108. Rann (p. 216)
  109. Rannta Eile (p. 217-219)
  110. Seantomhasanna (p. 220)
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Original reference: 1048/2

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