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St Mary's, Buncrana

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from St Mary's, Buncrana (school) (Buncrana, Co. Donegal), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Máire, Bean Uí Bhraonáin.

Original reference: 1111/4

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Donegal schools

  1. Weather Signs (p. 363-364)
  2. Marriage Customs (p. 365-366)
  3. One Early Morning (p. 367)
  4. Riddles (p. 368-369)
  5. Riddles (p. 370-371)
  6. Old Cures (p. 372-373)
  7. Led Astray (p. 374-375)
  8. Taken Away by Fairies (p. 376-377)
  9. Meals of the People Long Ago (p. 378-380)
  10. Superstitions (p. 381-382)
  11. Superstitions (p. 383-384)
  12. Grinding of the Corn (p. 385-386)
  13. Flax (p. 387-389)
  14. Story (p. 390-394)
  15. Thatching (p. 395-396)
  16. Holy Wells and Mass Rocks (p. 397-400)
  17. Sloke (p. 401-402)
  18. Old Age Pensioners (p. 403-405)
  19. Proverbs (p. 406-407)
  20. Festival Customs (p. 408-409)
  21. Old Methods of Cooking (p. 410-411)
  22. Conundrums (p. 412-414)
  23. Turas (p. 415)
  24. Gentle Bushes (p. 416-417)
  25. Caves (p. 418-419)
  26. Fair Day Long Ago (p. 420-421)
  27. Landlord Days (p. 422-423)
  28. My First Shoes (p. 424-425)
  29. Famine (p. 426-429)
  30. Churning (p. 430-432)
  31. Long ago there were coats named walecoats and these were worn by the Donegal men when going up to Devy to beat the Orangemen. (p. 433-435)
  32. Grandma's Games (p. 436-437)
  33. Local Forts (p. 438-439)
  34. Story (p. 440-441)
  35. Buncrana and the District (p. 442-443)
  36. My Grandfather's Schooldays (p. 444-445)
  37. Local History (p. 446-448)
  38. Story (p. 449-451)
  39. Folklore (p. 452-453)
  40. Where Bricks Were Made (p. 454-455)
  41. Story (p. 456-459)
  42. Story (p. 460-461)
  43. Story (p. 462-463)
  44. The church at Cockhill is not built on the site where the foundation stone was first laid. (p. 464-465)
  45. The above mentioned lady says she always believed that a source of bogbean in Spring kept sickness and the doctor away for the rest of the year. (p. 466-467)
  46. It was believed in my young days that certain people could take the butter from the neighbours' milk, and put it in their own. (p. 468-469)
  47. She often heard strangers coming to this place talk about the bushes that are growing here and there through the fields. (p. 470-471)
  48. A few evenings ago I paid a visit to the house of the above named lady. She showed me a stone and asked me to observe it carefully. (p. 472-473)
  49. Olden Times (p. 474-475)
  50. Story (p. 476-477)
  51. When my Mother was a young girl she began, she and three neighbour girls were out walking on a Sunday evening. (p. 478-479)
  52. Castle - Buncrana (p. 480-481)
  53. Few Hours with the Old People (p. 482-483)
  54. Old Sayings (p. 484-485)
  55. When my Grandmother got married sixty-five years ago she went to live in a little house about a couple of miles from town. (p. 486)
  56. Story (p. 487)
  57. The old people took great care of their feet and seldom or never had corns. (p. 488-490)
  58. Story (p. 491-492)
  59. About seventy years ago two families lived in Slavery. (p. 493-494)
  60. Rambler from Clare (p. 495-497)
  61. There were two kinds of travellers many years ago. (p. 498-500)
  62. Local Poets (p. 501-503)
  63. Local Ruins (p. 504-505)
  64. Landlord Days in Ireland - Eviction of a Donegal Priest (p. 506-509)
  65. Somewhere in Donegal there is a hill where Fionn Mac Cumail and his best warriors are supposed to be sleeping. (p. 510-511)
  66. When he was a small boy he said he was hired and had to work very hard. (p. 512-514)
  67. Long ago there were many industries in this country. (p. 515-516)
  68. Long ago some people kept game cocks, and these were put to fight in certain places. (p. 517-518)
  69. At the Fireside (p. 519-521)
  70. Local Industries (p. 522)
  71. We often hear people say "Oh there is no fasting now" said an old lady and gave a description of her early time with regard to fast. (p. 523-524)
  72. Some of the names of the places around here are Irish and have some meaning. (p. 525-526)
  73. Long Ago (p. 527-528)
  74. Great Man Remembered (p. 529-530)
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Buncrana, Co. Donegal
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BuncranaBun CrannchaBuncranaFahan LowerInishowen WestDonegal
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Original reference: 1111/4

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