Dataset comprising photographic documentation of 444 buildings in Dublin, Ireland

Photographic data regarding 444 builings in Dublin, Ireland, comprising primarily multi-layer images in Adobe PhotoShop (PSD) format. The majority of images consist of one or more photographic images that have been manpulated to create a single ortorectified image of a structure; a structure may be represented by more than one PSD file, such that 516 images in total are included in the dataset.

still image

16 Wicklow Street, Dublin: photographic data

Consists of an orthorectified image of the structure in Adobe PhotoShop (PSD) format. The orthorectified image has been derived from one or more photographic images that are included as layers in the original Adobe PhotoShop (PSD) file. The composite and all other image layers have been extracted and saved in TIFF image files, and JPEG files in various resolutions have been derived from the flattened image layer to facilitate inspection.

still image

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