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Signs of Death

Abstract: Story collected by Mary Gannon, a student at Cathair Loisgreáin (C) school (Caherlustraun, Co. Galway) from 4 informants.

Original reference: 0022/3/53

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County The Schools' Manuscript Collection : County Galway Schools

Gannon, Mary

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Signs of Death [duchas:4561974]

1. Before Thomas Comber died in Cloonbar (many years ago) the dog stayed three days crying on the top of a hill outside the door. 
2. There was an old man, Ml. Egan, in Shaughloon about 20 years ago. When he came home from visit one night he heard a knock at the window and the next day he got word that his first cousin was dead. 
3. A long time ago, between 1 and 2 o'clock at night, my Uncle, Michael Roche was coming from Carragh. HE came through the bog, and when he came near Caile Nua, he heard the bean side crying on the top of the lisheen, and after a while he heard her beetling slothes, WHen he came home to his parents, they told him his brother Pat was dead in England. They had got word that night. 
4. A few years ago, my Mother heard a knock at the window late at night, and the next day, she got word that her sister was dead.
5. One morning when my Mother was getting up the Holy Family picture fell to the ground, and she got word in the evening that her brother was dead.

Signs of Death [duchas:4561975]

6. There was a man in the old castle at Fahy's Beaghmore, about 60 years ago, and his name was Thomas Murphy. He was one day down in the bog, and he saw a lot of weasels and birds together, and two days after his mother died. 
7. A man from Cloonascragh, John Shaughnessey was coming home from his visit one night. He heard the bean-sidhe crying and after a while he saw her coming after him, and she followed him home. His son died two days after. 
 Nora Roche 17/1/38
Nos. 1,2,3 told by Thos. Roche (Red) Emone
Nos. 4,5 told by her mother, Mrs. Thos Roche (Pat) Emone.
Nos. 6,7 told by her father Thos. Roche (Pat) Emone.

About a week before Father Ml. Heaney (Caherlistrone) died, five magpies were seen flying around his house and that was the sign that there would be a death there.

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Caherlustraun, Co. Galway
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p. 0523-0524
Volume 0022
Collected as part of the Schools' Folklore scheme, 1937-1938, under the supervision of teacher Máire Nic Aodha.
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Supernatural and legendary beings--Neacha neamhshaolta agus osnádúrtha
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CaherlustraunCathair LoistreáinCaherlustraunDonaghpatrickClareGalway
University College Dublin. National Folklore Collection UCD .

Original reference: 0022/3/53

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Collected as part of the Schools' Folklore scheme, 1937-1938, under the supervision of teacher Máire Nic Aodha.
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