Druim Mór

abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Druim Mór (school) (Dromore, Co. Sligo), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Seosamh Ó Catháin.

Original reference: 0167/2

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Sligo schools

  1. Áth na Buaibh (p. 201-202)
  2. Roofing of Catholic Church of Kilmacshalgan, Dromore West (p. 203-205)
  3. Crock of Gold (p. 206-207)
  4. Another Mysterious Crock of Gold (p. 208-209)
  5. Origin of the Tuirne Mháire (p. 210-212)
  6. Bringing Back of Butter which was Taken (p. 213-215)
  7. Another Butter Story (p. 216-217)
  8. Butter (third) (p. 218-219)
  9. Butter (Fourth) (p. 219-220)
  10. Fenian Tale (p. 221-222)
  11. Fireside Stories (p. 223-231)
  12. Fireside Stories (p. 231-242)
  13. Fireside Stories (p. 242-247)
  14. Fireside Stories (p. 247-258)
  15. Fireside Stories (p. 259-267)
  16. Daniel O'Connell and the Three Colonels (p. 268-269)
  17. Daniel O'Connell (p. 270-271)
  18. 1798 (p. 272-274)
  19. Moses and Abraham (p. 275-276)
  20. I wandered by a cottage door... (p. 276-277)
  21. Old Custom (p. 277)
  22. Gentleman without a Trade (p. 278-283)
  23. Felim Waters and the Fairies (p. 284-286)
  24. Love is Costly (p. 287-289)
  25. Fenton of Castletown and Jordan (p. 290-291)
  26. Fairy Fair (p. 292-293)
  27. Sweet Poteen (p. 294)
  28. First Men in the Gleann, Dromore West (p. 295)
  29. Fairy Child (p. 296-297)
  30. Pedlar in Lugdoon (p. 298)
  31. Man who Never Went to Mass (p. 299)
  32. Manus Bán (p. 0400)
  33. What Makes People Afraid (p. 0400-0401)
  34. Dean Swift and the Coachman (p. 0402-0404)
  35. Landlord and the Robber (p. 0404-0406)
  36. Willie Brennan the Highwayman (p. 0406-0410)
  37. Bohannon and His Adventures (p. 0410-0416)
  38. Flying Ship (p. 0417-0419)
  39. Biorán and his Paidrín Mare (p. 0420-0421)
  40. Jack Neary and the Fairies (p. 0422-0423)
  41. Shooler and the Ghost (p. 0424-0427)
  42. Knight of Glin (p. 0428-0431)
  43. Three Advices (p. 0432-0434)
  44. Trade He Knows Best (p. 0435-0439)
  45. Johnny in Tír na nÓg (p. 0440-0446)
  46. Lawyer and the Calf (p. 0447-0448)
  47. Mike Egan and the Princess (p. 0449-0450)
  48. Some years ago in a certain landlord's house was a servant boy named Paddy. (p. 0451-0453)
  49. Ship that Would Sail without Air or Water (p. 0454-0458)
  50. One day when the son of a landlord was playing handball in his own private ball alley, a little man came to him and asked him for a game. (p. 0458-0466)
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Dromore, Co. Sligo
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1 chapter (vol. 167, p. 198-466)
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DromoreAn Droim MórDromoreKilmacshalganTireraghSligo
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Original reference: 0167/2

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