West Waterford Branch I.N.T.O

abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from West Waterford Branch I.N.T.O (school) (Coshmore and Coshbride, Co. Waterford), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher James Cashman.

Original reference: 0640/2

In collection The Schools’ Collection : Waterford county schools

  1. St Gileon's Well (p. 23-26)
  2. Tobar na Glóire (p. 26-28)
  3. Tobar San Dóráin nó Tobar 'n Dóráin - St Doran's Well (p. 29-30)
  4. Tobar Cuda Naofa (p. 30-31)
  5. Boiling Well, Tallow, Co. Waterford (p. 31)
  6. Tubber na Hulla, Ballyduff, Co. Waterford (p. 32-34)
  7. St Brigid's Well Tallow (p. 35)
  8. Holy Wells in Parish of Glendine Co. Waterford near Youghal (p. 35)
  9. Holy Well in Parish of Inch, Youghal (p. 36)
  10. Holy well in farm owned at present by John Beausang, Corneveigh, Youghal. (p. 36-38)
  11. Local Belief and Customs - Bonfire Night (p. 39)
  12. Local Belief and Customs - Easter (p. 39)
  13. Local Belief and Customs - Candles (p. 39)
  14. Local Belief and Customs - Christmas (p. 39)
  15. Local Belief and Customs - New Year (p. 40)
  16. Local Belief and Customs - St Brigid's Day (p. 40)
  17. Local Belief and Customs - St Patrick's Day (p. 40-41)
  18. Local Belief and Customs - 14th June, Feast of Sacred Heart (p. 41-42)
  19. Local Belief and Customs - Good Friday (p. 42)
  20. Local Belief and Customs - St Martin's Day (p. 42)
  21. Local Belief and Customs - Novembers' Eve, All Souls Night (p. 43)
  22. Local Belief and Customs - Holy Souls (p. 43)
  23. Local Belief and Customs - Death and Wakes (p. 43-44)
  24. Local Belief and Customs - Tobar Micheal (p. 45)
  25. Local Belief and Customs (p. 45)
  26. Local Belief and Customs (p. 45)
  27. Omens (p. 46)
  28. Ballyduff Castle, Co. Waterford (p. 47)
  29. Mocollop Castle (p. 47-48)
  30. Ballyduff, Co. Waterford (p. 49-51)
  31. Ballyduff Races (p. 51-53)
  32. Faction Fights in Ballyduff, Tallow, Co. Waterford (p. 53-55)
  33. Ballyduff Co. Waterford - The Fenians (p. 55-56)
  34. Ballyduff Co. Waterford - Old Stories (p. 56-58)
  35. Ballyduff Co. Waterford - Crann an tSagairt (p. 59-60)
  36. Ballyduff Co. Waterford - Ghost Story (p. 60-62)
  37. Camphire, Lismore Co. Waterford (p. 63-64)
  38. Camphire, Lismore Co. Waterford - The Widow's Curse (p. 64-65)
  39. Camphire, Lismore Co. Waterford - Ghost Story (p. 65-66)
  40. Camphire, Lismore Co. Waterford - Strancally Castle (p. 66-68)
  41. Camphire, Lismore Co. Waterford - Rock House (p. 68-69)
  42. Camphire, Lismore Co. Waterford - How Camphire Got its Name (p. 70)
  43. Camphire Co. Waterford - The Widows Curse (p. 71-72)
  44. Camphire, Lismore Co. Waterford - The Grovín (p. 72-73)
  45. Camphire, Lismore Co. Waterford - Tobar an Táilliúra (p. 73-74)
  46. Camphire, Lismore Co. Waterford (p. 74-75)
  47. Camphire, Lismore Co. Waterford (p. 75-76)
  48. Camphire, Lismore Co. Waterford - The Liosín (p. 76-77)
  49. Aglish, Cappoquin Co. Waterford (p. 78-79)
  50. Aglish, Cappoquin Co. Waterford - Customs (p. 79-89)
  51. Tallow Co. Waterford - Tobar Mo Cuda (p. 89-90)
  52. Tallow Co. Waterford - Lisfinny Castle (p. 90-94)
  53. Shean Castle, Tallow Co. Waterford (p. 94-97)
  54. Tallow Co. Waterford - Crosaire na Gé (p. 98)
  55. Lismore Co. Waterford - Daniel O'Connell - Meeting at Lismore (p. 99-100)
  56. Aglish, Cappoquin Co. Waterford - Card Playing (p. 101)
  57. Aglish, Cappoquin Co. Waterford (p. 101-102)
  58. Aglish, Cappoquin Co. Waterford - Crossing Shovels over a Grave (p. 102-103)
  59. Petticoat Lewis (p. 104)
  60. Aglish, Cappoquin Co. Waterford - Making Butter (p. 105)
  61. Modeligo, Cappoquin Co. Waterford - Slua Mág Deilge (p. 106)
  62. Aglish, Cappoquin Co. Waterford - The Dead Cow (p. 107)
  63. Aglish, Cappoquin Co. Waterford - Story (p. 108)
  64. Aglish, Cappoquin Co. Waterford - Story (p. 108-109)
  65. Aglish, Cappoquin Co. Waterford - Story (p. 110)
  66. Aglish, Cappoquin Co. Waterford - Story (p. 110-111)
  67. Aglish, Cappoquin Co. Waterford - Story (p. 111-112)
  68. Aglish, Cappoquin Co. Waterford - Story - The Devil (p. 112)
  69. Aglish, Cappoquin Co. Waterford - Story - Lios and Fairies (p. 113)
  70. Aglish, Cappoquin Co. Waterford - Finding Gold (p. 114)
  71. Knockanore, Tallow Co. Waterford - Beliefs in Creatures of the Earth (p. 115)
  72. Dearg an Diabhail (Daol) (p. 116)
  73. Scéal grinn isead é seo a tugtaí dos na leanbhaí fado nuair a bhíodh siad mór thimceall na teine um thráthnóna. (p. 117-118)
  74. Petticoat Lewis (p. 118-120)
  75. A famous character in the folklore of Youghal district is a man called Seamus na Staile. (p. 121-124)
  76. Long ago in the parish of Glendine there lived a man named Keily. (p. 125-126)
  77. The following anecdotes regarding hares come from Glendine district. (p. 127)
  78. Bóithrín Sasanaigh (p. 128-129)
  79. Blood Will Out (p. 130)
  80. There is a holy well in Killwaterway, Tallow called Tobar na Crocnuighe. (p. 131)
  81. Tallow Co. Waterford (p. 132-133)
  82. There is a well on the quay road near the left bank of the river Bride. (p. 133-134)
  83. Tallow Co. Waterford (p. 134)
  84. Tallow Co. Waterford - Headless Coach (p. 135)
  85. The headless coach is supposed to be a track with two headless horses drawing it and a headless man driving. (p. 135-136)
  86. Tallow Co. Waterford (p. 137)
  87. Tallow Co. Waterford (p. 138)
  88. Tallow Co. Waterford (p. 139)
  89. Tallow Co. Waterford (p. 140-141)
  90. Tallow Co. Waterford (p. 141-142)
  91. The following is another story told to show how witty the old native speakers were. (p. 143-144)
  92. The most famous of all the poets in the district was a man named Pádruig de Faoithe (Patrick White). (p. 144-147)
  93. Tallow Co. Waterford (p. 147-148)
  94. Tallow Co. Waterford (p. 149-150)
  95. Inch Killeagh Co. Cork (p. 150-151)
  96. About 50 years a man was buried in Ardagh graveyard, about 6 or seven mile from Youghal. (p. 151-152)
  97. Some years ago a man named Richard Neville, who is still living, and his mother lived at a place called Carrignassa, Inch, Killeagh, Co. Cork. (p. 152-154)
  98. The following is a true story which may still be confirmed if tact would be used in approaching it. (p. 154-156)
  99. Long ago the cock, which was considered a sacred animal, was always kept in the kitchen at night. (p. 157-158)
  100. There is still the ruins of a house in Ballycordon Commons, Youghal. (p. 158-159)
  101. There is a river flowing through the parish of Glendine near Youghal, Co. Cork. (p. 160-161)
  102. The belief of the evil eye or that people would curse you must have been very prevalent. (p. 162-163)
  103. Other cures of this soreness is recorded. (p. 163-164)
  104. Still another case of the same nature happened to a Thomas Cashman about 50 years ago. (p. 164-165)
  105. There is still another case recorded which shows that the origin of these is probably due to some supernatural reasons. (p. 165-166)
  106. Local Recognised Times for Milking or Digging Crops (p. 167-168)
  107. On the Tallow Youghal road at the place called Redforge a man named John Connors one lived. (p. 169-170)
  108. On the Youghal Tallow road there is the townland of Garryduff. (p. 171-174)
  109. The following interesting story was told by my father to illustrate the great power of the priests. (p. 175-176)
  110. The following story is also told to show the power of the priest. (p. 177-178)
  111. In the time of the evictions a certain landlord got one of his tenants evicted. (p. 178-180)
  112. Long ago in the place called Mountuniush, near Killagh Co. Cork football used be played at night in a certain field by the dead. (p. 180-181)
  113. A similar story comes from the district of Castleboyle near Youghal. (p. 181)
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Coshmore and CoshbrideCois Abha Móire agus Cois BhrídeWaterford
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