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Ráth Séideóg

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Ráth Séideóg (school) (Rashedoge, Co. Donegal), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Brighid Ní Dhomhnaill.

Original reference: 1104/2

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Donegal schools

  1. Without title (p. 19)
  2. Without title (p. 19)
  3. Without title (p. 19-20)
  4. Stubble Moon (p. 21-23)
  5. My Childhood's Happy Home (p. 24-25)
  6. Biddy's Answer (p. 26-27)
  7. Without title (p. 28)
  8. Without title (p. 28)
  9. Without title (p. 28-29)
  10. Without title (p. 30-31)
  11. Stories of Colm Cille (p. 32-33)
  12. Story (p. 34)
  13. Story (p. 34-35)
  14. Without title (p. 36)
  15. St Colm Cille (p. 36)
  16. Story (p. 36-37)
  17. Story (p. 37-38)
  18. Without title (p. 39-41)
  19. Hills of Donegal (p. 43-45)
  20. Banks of Finn (p. 45-47)
  21. Without title (p. 48)
  22. Give Him Welcome (p. 50-52)
  23. Blight (p. 53-55)
  24. Poet of Glenswilly (p. 56-57)
  25. Why I'm Sad (p. 59-61)
  26. Bí Do Thost (p. 61-63)
  27. Exodus (p. 64-66)
  28. Beastings (p. 67)
  29. Old Fair of Sraith Séideoige (p. 67-68)
  30. Some Local Industries (p. 68-69)
  31. Old Customs (p. 69-70)
  32. Sowens (p. 70-71)
  33. Old Customs (p. 72-73)
  34. Old Customs (p. 75)
  35. Without title (p. 76)
  36. Without title (p. 76)
  37. Blight (p. 77-79)
  38. Dreams (p. 80)
  39. Story (p. 81)
  40. When you see the new moon you should say. ¶ I see the new moon ¶ And the new moon see's me (p. 81)
  41. Whatever you have in your hand when you see the new moon first; you will have plenty of that before the next new moon comes. (p. 81)
  42. Guesses (p. 82)
  43. Cures (p. 83)
  44. Colm Cille prophecied that there would be a Battle fought in a field called (Drowlin) which is in Drimacanoo... (p. 84)
  45. There is a story told that a man was digging in a hill and he found a pot of gold. (p. 84)
  46. There is a man the name of James Harkin living in Tullyhullion. He has found a number of stone instruments in his moss. (p. 84)
  47. Another time while men were cutting turf in a hill called "Greagory" they discovered a crock of butter. (p. 85)
  48. There is a rock in Glenkeeragh called the "Altar Lea" where Mass was said in the Penal Days. (p. 85)
  49. If a cat washed her face it is said to be a sign of rain. (p. 85)
  50. Banshee's wail is a crying which follows some families of people. (p. 85)
  51. There was a man in Fahykeen found a bell while scattering clay in his field. (p. 85)
  52. True Story (p. 85-86)
  53. Holy Wells (p. 87)
  54. Signs of Weather (p. 87-88)
  55. Unlucky and Lucky Things (p. 88-89)
  56. Mass Rocks (p. 89)
  57. Ghost Stories (p. 90)
  58. Old Dwellings (p. 90-91)
  59. Cures (p. 92-93)
  60. Old Story (p. 93-94)
  61. Cures (p. 94)
  62. Old Saying (p. 94-95)
  63. Potato Bread (p. 96)
  64. Cures (p. 97)
  65. Battle of Springburn (p. 98)
  66. John Boyle O'Reilly, Died in Massachusetts August 10 1890 (p. 100-103)
  67. To Father Mc Fadden in Prison (p. 103-106)
  68. Two singers to an early tomb ¶ Did doleful Death ingather ¶ And all the land is set in gloom ¶ For these two dead together. (p. 106-109)
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Rashedoge, Co. Donegal
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RashedogeRáth SeideoigeRashedogeConwalRaphoe SouthDonegal
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Original reference: 1104/2

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