Cluain Uí Chuinn

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Cluain Uí Chuinn (school) (Cloonyquin, Co. Roscommon), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Mícheál Mac Floinn.

Original reference: 0250/4

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Roscommon schools

  1. List of Words Locally Used (Phonetic Spelling) (p. 257-260)
  2. Ethnographic 1934-1937 (p. 261)
  3. Classification Colour of Hair 1934-1937 (p. 262)
  4. Classification Colour of Eyes 1934-1937 (p. 262)
  5. The local tradition of Fionn makes him out as a giant and a kind of a buffoon. (p. 263)
  6. There is a tradition of Sarsfield around here. (p. 263-264)
  7. I heard my Grandfather tell of the Famine times. (p. 265)
  8. The local estate belonged to the French family. (p. 265-266)
  9. Faction Fights (p. 267)
  10. There is scarcely a family around but has a nickname, although the most of them are English appellations. (p. 267-268)
  11. The most interesting historical place near the school is the Mass hole (p. 269)
  12. There once existed a monastery at Lahask about a mile and a half to the East of the school here. (p. 270-271)
  13. Topographic (p. 272)
  14. Herbal Remedies (p. 273)
  15. Charms (p. 273)
  16. Families Where Cures Existed (p. 274)
  17. There are several traditions locally of St. Patrick. (p. 275-276)
  18. The local saint is St. Eithne (Ina). (p. 277-279)
  19. Folk Prayers - Charms (p. 280-281)
  20. There are many ceremonies still observed on festivals although many have died out in recent memory. (p. 283-284)
  21. There are two stories of friars which I heard from a very old man since deceased. (p. 284-286)
  22. There were ruins of monasteries at Lahask and Roinn na Ruaige up to recent times but the stones have been removed to make road material etc. (p. 287)
  23. Danes Butter in little casks perfectly preserved has been found in recent years at Carrigeen about two miles from here. (p. 287)
  24. Many people believe in pistrogues as they are called locally. (p. 288-292)
  25. List of Irish Place Names (p. 293)
  26. Crafts (p. 295-296)
  27. Wake and Funeral Customs (p. 297-298)
  28. Wake (p. 299-301)
  29. Wake Games (p. 302)
  30. Fat Hen (p. 303-304)
  31. Traditional School Games (p. 305-307)
  32. Traditional School Games - Jack Stones (p. 308)
  33. Fairies (p. 309-310)
  34. Black Pullet's Egg (p. 311)
  35. Melting Lead and Alum (p. 311)
  36. Well (p. 312)
  37. November's night was especially connected with movements of the fairies. (p. 312-315)
  38. St Martin's Eve (p. 316)
  39. Mary Bushes (p. 316)
  40. In old times fairies were often seen kicking football and people used to play with them. (p. 317-318)
  41. A Protestant family gave a dinner and invited a wandering friar to come. (p. 319)
  42. People with the proper faith get cured there of ailments. There was a monastery also at Lahask near this school. (p. 320-324)
  43. About half way to Strokestown from the School is a district called Drimmin. (p. 325-326)
  44. There is another story of bad luck following lands at Larchgrove not far from the same place. (p. 327)
  45. A story comes to hand from Clonmacnoise which may be worth including. (p. 328-329)
  46. This woman also told a strange tale of an orchard they owned at the same farm. (p. 329-330)
  47. There are many stories current regarding strange animals which have their dwelling in the lakes around the district, but many accounts are vague, and no one seems to have actually seen the creatures. (p. 331-333)
  48. Folk-Tales (p. 335-336)
  49. Wake Customs - The Nine Daughters and Middle Man (p. 337-338)
  50. Household Utensils (p. 339)
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CloonyquinCluain Uí ChoinnCloonyquinElphinRoscommonRoscommon
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Original reference: 0250/4

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