Cúl Umha (Cailíní)

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Cúl Umha (Cailíní) (school) (Cooloo, Co. Galway), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Bríd Ní Mhurchú.

Original reference: 0081/4

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Galway schools

  1. Seanfhocla (p. 301)
  2. Comharthaí na hAimsire (p. 301-302)
  3. Place Names (p. 303-304)
  4. Place Names (p. 304-305)
  5. Toibreacha Beannaithe (p. 306-307)
  6. Arán (p. 308-309)
  7. Chuinneog (p. 310-312)
  8. Leigheasanna (p. 313-314)
  9. Seanfhocla (p. 315-316a)
  10. Proverbs (p. 316a-318)
  11. Cluichí (p. 319-321)
  12. Seanscéal (p. 322-323)
  13. Seanscéal (p. 324-325)
  14. Mo Cheantar Féin (p. 325-328)
  15. Scéalta Grinn (p. 328-329)
  16. Bhean Fhalsa (p. 329)
  17. There once lived in England a boy who was very poor. (p. 329-330)
  18. One day a girl was going to Confession. (p. 330-331)
  19. Scéalta - Fairy Tales (p. 332-334)
  20. Paidreacha (p. 334-336)
  21. Paidreacha (p. 337-338)
  22. Paidreacha (p. 338-340)
  23. Rainn (p. 341-347)
  24. I dtorthann na tslabradh bualadh na gcinn (p. 348)
  25. Tomhaiseanna (p. 348-350)
  26. Tomhaiseanna (p. 350-353)
  27. Tomhaiseanna (p. 354-355)
  28. Tomhaiseanna (p. 356-362)
  29. Reilig (p. 363-366)
  30. Daoine Cáiliúla (p. 367-371)
  31. Fir Cháiliúla (p. 372-373)
  32. Story (p. 374-378)
  33. One night two boys went into an orchard and stole two bags of apples and they did not know where they would go to count and divide them so they were passing by a graveyard and they said they would count them on a tombstone. (p. 379-380)
  34. There was once a tailor and he was engaged to a girl and her father was very selfish and begrudging. (p. 380-382)
  35. There was once a rich man and he had a daughter and he said he would give his daughter to any man who would tell him a story that would last for ever. (p. 382-383)
  36. One day a painter was painting a church and he was whistling a fast tune but still he was working and when the priest heard him he came out and said "Oh, it is not right to be whistling in a church, why don't you sing a hymn. (p. 383)
  37. Áitainmneacha (p. 384-385)
  38. Seanscéal (p. 386)
  39. Cúram na gCos (p. 387-388)
  40. Áitainmneacha (p. 389)
  41. Seanscéal (p. 390)
  42. Rainn (p. 391)
  43. Ainmhithe na Feirme (p. 392-394)
  44. Luibheanna (p. 394-396)
  45. Amhrán (p. 396-397)
  46. Amhrán Eile (p. 397-398)
  47. Béilí na Seanaimsire (p. 399-402)
  48. Tithe na Seanaimsire (p. 403-404)
  49. Chuigeann (p. 405-406)
  50. Paidreacha (p. 407)
  51. Seanfhoirgnithe (p. 408-409)
  52. Bia na Seanaimsire (p. 410-411)
  53. Leipreacháin (p. 412-413)
  54. Na Tiarnaí Talún (p. 414-416)
  55. Mo Cheantar Féin (p. 417-418)
  56. Man Who Got Riches From a Ghost (p. 419-423)
  57. Scéal (p. 423-424)
  58. Gabha agus an Cheárta (p. 425-426)
  59. Éadaí (p. 427-428)
  60. Lucht Siúil (p. 429-431)
  61. Story of an Old Scholar (p. 432-434)
  62. Miller of Kernborn (p. 434-439)
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Cooloo, Co. Galway
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1 chapter (vol. 81, p. 299-439)
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CoolooCúil LúCoolooMoyloughTiaquinGalway
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Original reference: 0081/4

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