Yellow Furze

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Yellow Furze (school) (Yellow Furze, Co. Meath), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Síle, Bean Uí Leamhain.

Original reference: 0684/2

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Meath schools

  1. Hidden Treasure (p. 169-170)
  2. Hidden Treasure (p. 171)
  3. Place Names (p. 172)
  4. Marriage Customs (p. 173-174)
  5. Marriage Customs (p. 175)
  6. Old Customs (p. 176a)
  7. Thatching (p. 176)
  8. Old Crafts (p. 177)
  9. Old Crafts (p. 178)
  10. Old Crafts (p. 179)
  11. My Native Townland (p. 180)
  12. Stones (p. 181-182)
  13. Painestown and Dollardstown both derive their names from families... (p. 183-184)
  14. Poll Mór (p. 185)
  15. Outside Ardmulchan grave-yard there is supposed to be church treasure and gold buried. (p. 186-187)
  16. Holy Well (p. 188)
  17. Ardmulchan & Dunmoe (p. 189-191)
  18. There was a great musician living in this part of the country long ago named Stevenson. (p. 191-192)
  19. There is a corner in Painstown churchyard called "the turn coat corner"... (p. 193)
  20. Folklore (p. 194)
  21. Folklore (p. 195)
  22. Folklore (p. 195)
  23. Old Trades (p. 196)
  24. Old Trades (p. 197)
  25. Old Trades (p. 197)
  26. St Finian's Coll. Mullingar (p. 198a-198)
  27. When Fr. Sheridan was P.P. in te Yellow Furze parish... (p. 199-200)
  28. Marriage Customs (p. 201-202)
  29. Old Customs (p. 203)
  30. Parish I Live In (p. 205)
  31. Old Games (p. 206-207)
  32. Another Game - "Buttons" (p. 208-209)
  33. Jack Stones (p. 209-210)
  34. Tops (p. 210)
  35. Changing School Customs (p. 211-213)
  36. Travelling Dealers (p. 214-215)
  37. The Banshee was heard in Deanhill not later than March 1934... (p. 217-218)
  38. A man called Jack Bowens, a son of Mr Thomas Bowens had the experience one night... (p. 219-220)
  39. Old Cures (p. 221-223)
  40. Bone-Setters (p. 225)
  41. Other Interesting Landmarks (p. 227)
  42. In Dollardstown there is a lovely cave. (p. 227-228)
  43. Marsh Mallows was greatly in favour in the case of sprains or hurts because it kept down swelling. (p. 229-230)
  44. Other Cures (p. 231-232)
  45. Priest's Cave (p. 233-234)
  46. Old Chapel Field (p. 235)
  47. Old Cures (p. 236-238)
  48. One the Stackallen (round) road there is a wood names "Coyle's Wood"... (p. 239)
  49. It is said that a woman called Mrs Byrne who lived in the Cotton Mills used to cure the "Thrush"... (p. 240)
  50. In Miss Dunne's proud possession is a very precious and wonderful relic. (p. 241)
  51. Old Graveyards (p. 242)
  52. The interesting old cave which is in the land of Rollenstown was a priest's hiding place in the Penal Days. (p. 242-243)
  53. This is Stanley Hill. (p. 243-244)
  54. Local Place Names (p. 245)
  55. How Our Great-Grandmothers Looked (p. 246-247)
  56. Mrs Tully Johnstown who was married about the year 1870... (p. 248-249)
  57. Travelling Folk - Lady Ahern (p. 250)
  58. This is a piece taken from a home - woven linen sheet - one of a set... (p. 251)
  59. Last of the Caonaí (p. 252-253)
  60. Travelling Folk (p. 254-256)
  61. Travellers (p. 257-261)
  62. Perhaps it would be interesting to hear something about a most peculiar old man... (p. 262-264)
  63. Storied Family (p. 265)
  64. Funny Story (p. 266-267)
  65. Since I wrote about "Tops" as a fame which held a very important place in boys' lives long ago... (p. 268)
  66. If one went to Navan to day she would not see the sights... (p. 269-271)
  67. Strange Customs in a Forge (p. 272)
  68. Fairy-Lore (p. 273-275)
  69. Food in Olden Times (p. 276)
  70. Easter Sunday Custom (p. 277-278)
  71. Lucky and Unlucky (p. 278-279)
  72. About 6 years ago a old woman named Biddy Sheridan lived alone... (p. 280)
  73. In Croboy where the Oakes now live there was a farmer... (p. 281-282)
  74. Hill of the Carn (p. 283)
  75. Funny Story (p. 284-285)
  76. Mrs Tully's Story (p. 286)
  77. Another Funny Story (p. 288-289)
  78. Once a boy in this parish went to England and returned after a few years. (p. 290)
  79. One night about 25 or 30 ears ago my grandmother and aunt were sitting... (p. 290-291)
  80. The "Windmill Road" along which I come to school is really only a by road... (p. 291-292)
  81. Old stories tell us that St. Patrick on his way from Tara to Slane... (p. 293)
  82. Unpublished "village poetry" written by Johnstown Bard about year 1875 (p. 294)
  83. This "poet" taught Johnstown N.S. Navan for 43 years retiring about 1892. (p. 295)
  84. Pike - head (actual size shown) which is in the possession of Miss Brigid Dunne, Painestown... (p. 296-297)
  85. Last Odds and Ends (p. 298-299)
  86. Miss Dunne's Stories (p. 300-303)
  87. After the famine when cholera raged in Co Meath... (p. 304-305)
  88. In a field in Brownstown there lies a stone that connects us with the "Stone Age" of Ireland. (p. 307-308)
  89. Another interesting idea was discussed in the school this week also. (p. 309)
  90. How the Parish Church of Knock-Common Came to be Built (p. 310-313)
  91. Old Graveyard (p. 314)
  92. Religious Stories (p. 315-316)
  93. Another True Story (p. 317)
  94. A house now owned by Mr Loughran Navan and called "Kilcairne House"... (p. 318)
  95. Hospitality (p. 319)
  96. Where Peter Waters now lives a family named Murtagh resided about 65 years ago. (p. 320-321)
  97. Interference with Milk Supply (p. 322-323)
  98. Absolutely Authentic Account of Material for Drama in 3 Acts (p. 324-325)
  99. Story of Fenian Rising 1867 (p. 326-327)
  100. Funny Stories (p. 327-328)
  101. Funny Stories (p. 328)
  102. Stories of Local Poets (p. 329-330)
  103. Poets (p. 331-332)
  104. Story Sod (p. 333-334)
  105. Funny Stories (p. 334-335)
  106. In Miss Dilnne's proud possession is a very precious and wonderful relic. (p. 336-339)
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Yellow FurzeAn Aitinn BhuíYellow FurzePainestownDuleek LowerMeath
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Original reference: 0684/2

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