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Cill Mháille (C.), Inis

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Cill Mháille (C.), Inis (school) (Kilmaley, Co. Clare), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Nóra Ní Asaoid.

Original reference: 0608/4

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Clare schools

  1. St Maley (p. 235-239)
  2. Ruins (p. 240-241)
  3. Pisrogues (p. 242-243)
  4. Making Butter (p. 244-251)
  5. Diarmuid and Grania while on their flight... (p. 252-253)
  6. Uí Chormac was the inheritance of the O'Hehirs. (p. 253-254)
  7. Ruling Irish Family or Clan (p. 254-255)
  8. At Coor Spa near Ennis in the bed of the Inch river... (p. 255-256)
  9. At the west side of the Ennis and Kilrush road about one mile and a half west... (p. 256)
  10. Northwards the Inch river from Mahonburg bridge... (p. 256-257)
  11. Folk Cures for Consumption (p. 257-258)
  12. Folk Cures and Charms (p. 258-271)
  13. It is not right to meddle with a fort as you may suffer. (p. 271-273)
  14. Banshee (p. 273-274)
  15. When the Mc Namara's built their house in Tortville, Kilmaley... (p. 274)
  16. Mermaid (p. 274)
  17. Mermaid at New Hall (p. 275)
  18. Crying is heard before a person dies... (p. 276-277)
  19. Legends (p. 278)
  20. St Joseph's Well Loughburke (p. 278)
  21. Holy Wells (p. 279-281)
  22. The belief that gold was hidden in Ballymacooda has persisted for centuries... (p. 282-285)
  23. Bandle Cloth Shirts (p. 285-286)
  24. Frieze (p. 286-289)
  25. Oíche Fhéile Bríde (p. 290-293)
  26. The Church in Kilmaley graveyard was supposed to be knocked down... (p. 293-294)
  27. Cnoc an Aodhaire overlooking Ballymacooda lake where the Hogans and Flannerys live at present. (p. 294-295)
  28. Old Marcus Keane evicted 14 families from Beechpark... (p. 295-296)
  29. Hurling Tournament (p. 296-298)
  30. Cúl an Each (Cullinagh nó Cullinach) a part of the townland... (p. 299)
  31. Teachers (p. 299)
  32. Father Lynch a native of Kilmaley built the present chapel... (p. 299-300)
  33. Fair of Connolly 13th June,(revived again now), Races of Connolly in summer (p. 300-301)
  34. The Friars hid books in Michael Sheedy's place... (p. 301)
  35. At a funeral the coffin must be brought out... (p. 301)
  36. Giving the New Year (p. 301-302)
  37. Lighting the Christmas candles... (p. 302-304)
  38. There is a great Giodam on you... (p. 305)
  39. Mícheál Fhlainn - The Neylon family (p. 305)
  40. Oidhche inide gan feóil lá nodhlag mór gan ím... (p. 306-308)
  41. Thomas Sullivan who was the parish clerk in Kilmaley... (p. 308-309)
  42. Tuar a' toileáin in Knockatona Kilmaley, Co Clare... (p. 310-312)
  43. There used to be famous races at Ballycoree... (p. 312-313)
  44. To find a horseshoe is lucky... (p. 313)
  45. In this parish an old shoe is tied to the car... (p. 314)
  46. The corpse was washed by some neighbouring woman. (p. 314-318)
  47. When the digging of the potatoes was finished the largest were picked. (p. 318-320)
  48. On Easter Sunday morning each man used to eat 4 eggs. (p. 320-323)
  49. Beggars were never turned away from the houses especially in Kilmaley (p. 323-324)
  50. No harpers but pipers - Noonan, Clery, Stack Píobaire na Prairithe... (p. 324)
  51. May Day etc. (p. 325-326)
  52. Funny Story (p. 327)
  53. Long ago there lived in this parish a very old Parish Priest. (p. 328)
  54. Riddles (p. 329-330)
  55. Signs of the Weather (p. 331-333)
  56. Famous Men (p. 334-335)
  57. Folklore (p. 336-337)
  58. Troubles (p. 337-339)
  59. Storms (p. 339-341)
  60. Storms (p. 341-344)
  61. Old Schools (p. 344-346)
  62. Old Trades (p. 346-347)
  63. Marriages (p. 348-349)
  64. Penal Days (p. 349-351)
  65. Mo Cheantar Féin (p. 352-354)
  66. Laethanta Áirithe (p. 355-357)
  67. Féilí na Bliana (p. 358-365)
  68. Ráthanna agus Liosanna (p. 365-368)
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KilmaleyCill MháilleKilmaleyKilmaleyIslandsClare
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Original reference: 0608/4

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