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Ladhar an Chrompáin

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Ladhar an Chrompáin (school) (Lyracrumpane, Co. Kerry), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Pádraig Ó Súilleabháin.

Original reference: 0407/2

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Kerry schools

  1. Piseoga (p. 201-209)
  2. Piseoga (p. 210-212)
  3. If the cock stands on the step of the door and croos it is said that a friend is going to die. (p. 213-214)
  4. To dream of red meat it is believed that you hear of a friend's death. (p. 215-222)
  5. Scéalta - The Black Thief (p. 223-228)
  6. Scéalta - Willie the Wisp (p. 229-230)
  7. Scéalta - Hidden and Dudden ,and Donal Leary (p. 231-234)
  8. Scéalta - Billy Joyce (p. 235-236)
  9. Scéalta - A Good Trade (p. 236-238)
  10. Little Cane Do Your Duty (p. 239-240)
  11. Cam is Díreach (p. 241-242)
  12. Farmer's Son (p. 242-243)
  13. Long ago there lived in Ireland a farmer who had three sons. (p. 243-245)
  14. Not many years ago there lived in Ireland a Protestant woman. (p. 245-246)
  15. Mark of the Priest (p. 246-247)
  16. Conversion of Protestants (p. 247-248)
  17. Long ago there lived a young man named Jack. (p. 249-252)
  18. Almost thirty years ago there lived two brothers, Michael and Pat Callahan in a place called Ballylongford. (p. 252-253)
  19. Story of Fionn Mac Cumhaill in Kerry - His Last Great Fight, Athletic Feat and His Burial (p. 254-258)
  20. There was a widow in this place who had three darling sons... (p. 259-262)
  21. Young Willie (p. 263-264)
  22. Country I'm Leaving Behind (p. 264-265)
  23. Ar Éirinn Ní Neosfainn Cé Hí (p. 266-267)
  24. In Lone Canadian Woods (p. 267-269)
  25. Ancient Castle of Listowel (p. 270-272)
  26. Slave's Dream (p. 272-273)
  27. Eileen Mc Mahon (p. 274-275)
  28. There's a Mountain in Sligo (p. 276)
  29. My grandmother lived in a house in the bog... (p. 277-279)
  30. Upper Cloghane - Clahane (p. 279-282)
  31. On the side of a hill near a lake in Sligo many years ago a young boy named Seamus, lived with his mother in a small cabin, fir they were very poor. (p. 282-285)
  32. Scéal Eile (p. 285-287)
  33. There lived a man long ago who was very poor. (p. 288-290)
  34. Moran's Necklace (p. 291-293)
  35. Once upon a time there lived a man with his wife and children. (p. 293-294)
  36. Once upon a time a young bachelor went match-making to a young lady's house. (p. 295-296)
  37. There was once a king who had three sons and they were very fond of game. (p. 297-400)
  38. Once upon a time a man and his family were seated around a fire. (p. 400-401)
  39. Bóthar na gCat (p. 401-403)
  40. Glenalema means the glen of the jump. (p. 403-404)
  41. Hidden Treasure (p. 405-406)
  42. Weather-Lore (p. 406-407)
  43. Old Crafts (p. 407-408)
  44. Thatching (p. 409-410)
  45. Hedge-Schools (p. 410-411)
  46. Local Happenings (p. 411-412)
  47. Travelling Folk (p. 412-413)
  48. Local Fairs (p. 413-414)
  49. Landlord (p. 414-415)
  50. Tale of the Fianna (p. 415-416)
  51. Story of a Priest Pursued by Soldiers (p. 416-417)
  52. My Home District (p. 417)
  53. Old Story (p. 418-425)
  54. Local Place Names (p. 425-426)
  55. Bird-Lore (p. 426-427)
  56. Local Cures (p. 428)
  57. Poets (p. 428-429)
  58. Old Roads (p. 429-430)
  59. Potato Crop (p. 430-431)
  60. Festival Customs (p. 432)
  61. Saint Bridget's Day (p. 432)
  62. Care of Farm Animals (p. 433-434)
  63. Weather-Lore (p. 435)
  64. Old Crafts (p. 436-437)
  65. Lime-Burning (p. 437-438)
  66. Severe Weather (p. 438)
  67. Old Schools (p. 438-439)
  68. Marriage Customs (p. 439-440)
  69. Lore of Certain Days (p. 440)
  70. Travelling Folk (p. 441)
  71. Games I Play (p. 441)
  72. Fairy Forts (p. 442)
  73. Clothes Made Locally (p. 442)
  74. Local Fairs (p. 443)
  75. Bread (p. 443-444)
  76. Funny Story (p. 445-446)
  77. There once lived three sisters in the same house. (p. 446-447)
  78. There once lived a man and his wife and the wife was carried off by the 'Good People'; once there was a ghost-woman put in her stead. (p. 447-448)
  79. There were two boys who robbed an orchard and they said they would divide them in the graveyard. (p. 449)
  80. Hidden Treasure (p. 449-450)
  81. Two boys lived together. (p. 451-452)
  82. There was once a man named James. (p. 452-453)
  83. Weather-Lore (p. 453-454)
  84. Old Crafts (p. 454-455)
  85. Bread (p. 455-456)
  86. Local Cures (p. 456-457)
  87. Old Houses (p. 457-458)
  88. Landlord (p. 459-461)
  89. Landlord (p. 461-463)
  90. Local Marriage Customs (p. 463-464)
  91. I stand on a land of roses... (p. 465)
  92. Sean-tsráid: Long ago a street of small huts was built in a field called the sean-tsráid... (p. 466-467)
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Original reference: 0407/2

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