Tullogher, Ros Mhic Treoin

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Tullogher, Ros Mhic Treoin (school) (Tullagher, Co. Kilkenny), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Mrs Winnie Murphy.

Original reference: 0846/4

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Kilkenny schools

  1. Ethnographic (p. 301)
  2. Hair Colour (p. 302)
  3. Managers of Tullogher School (p. 303)
  4. Parish Priests of this Parish (p. 303)
  5. Principal Teachers of this School (p. 304)
  6. Social - Food on Easter Sunday - Eggs (p. 305)
  7. Legends of St Martin's (p. 305-307)
  8. Legends of St Martin's (p. 308-310)
  9. Food (p. 310-372)
  10. Religious - St Moling (p. 313-314)
  11. Legend of St Patrick - Why Rushes are Withered at the Top (p. 315)
  12. Charms or Cures (p. 316-317)
  13. The bad eye is believed in here as well as in Co Sligo and other parts of the country. (p. 318)
  14. Archaeological and Buried Treasure (p. 319)
  15. Monument Sceachs (p. 320)
  16. Ancient Ruins (p. 320-322)
  17. Herbs and Cures (p. 323-326)
  18. Fairies and Ráths (p. 327-329b)
  19. Bean Sí (p. 329b-329)
  20. Another night some fishermen of Killeen, heard and saw the beansidhe, and one of them snatched her comb. (p. 329-330b)
  21. Fairies (p. 330-331)
  22. Story of a Ghost - A Bad Spirit (p. 331-336)
  23. Unofficial Names in the Townland of Brownsford (p. 337)
  24. Herbs and Cures (p. 338)
  25. Landlord of Brownsford, Clearances, Emigration (p. 339-372)
  26. Drowning Fatality (p. 341-381)
  27. Irish Words in Use (p. 343)
  28. Funny Story - Irish Word Teith (p. 344-346)
  29. Topographic - Phonetic Form (Irish Pronunciation) is Given to Local Place Names (p. 345-346)
  30. Irish Names on Fields etc. (p. 347-348)
  31. Sites of Historic Interest (p. 349-350)
  32. Foley's Court (p. 351)
  33. Ghost Story (p. 352)
  34. Ghost Story - Bean Sí (p. 353-354)
  35. Where I Live (p. 355-356)
  36. Where I Live (p. 357)
  37. Mass Path (p. 358-363)
  38. Where I Live (p. 359)
  39. Where I Live (p. 360)
  40. Where I Live (p. 360-363)
  41. Cooleen (p. 364-366)
  42. Ballyneale (p. 367-368)
  43. Famine (p. 373-374)
  44. Customs in Locality (p. 375-381)
  45. Drowning of Andy Lahey (p. 381-383)
  46. Herbs and Cures (p. 384-389)
  47. Signs of Good Luck and of Bad Luck (p. 386-388)
  48. Potato Crop (p. 390-392)
  49. Old Songs or Ballads - The Burning of Boolavogue Chapel (p. 393-399)
  50. Tithe Law (p. 399-401)
  51. Ballad - The Wife of a Bold Tenant Farmer (p. 402-403)
  52. Ballad - Neddy Anderson (p. 404-405)
  53. Ballad - The White Feet (p. 406-409)
  54. The White Feet were a political party - somewhat like the Sinn Feiners: (p. 409-410)
  55. Notes on Great Famine (p. 410-411)
  56. Incident of '98 (p. 411-412)
  57. There is a legend that the men of Kilkenny were coming to join the Boys of Wexford on that day. (p. 412-413)
  58. A few months ago I was buying a paper in a newsagents in Ross, and the owner asked me if I had heard anything of the '98 celebrations. (p. 413-414)
  59. Story - Holy Well (Listerlin) (p. 414)
  60. Proverbs and Sayings (p. 415-418)
  61. Rhyme for Children (p. 418-447)
  62. Irish Words Used In Ordinary Conversation (p. 419)
  63. Note on Herb Cures (p. 420)
  64. There is a great herb-doctor in Belfast at the present time; (p. 420)
  65. Another Strange Cure (Charm) (p. 421)
  66. In the West (Co. Sligo) when a person got sick, (p. 421)
  67. Riddles and Rhymes (p. 422-424)
  68. Brownsford Ráth (p. 425)
  69. Unoficcial Names on Districts (p. 426-427)
  70. Irish Names of Fields (p. 427-428)
  71. Irish Words and Phrases Used in Conversation (p. 428)
  72. Rhyme (p. 428)
  73. Strong Men (p. 429-430)
  74. Old Prayer - Passion of Jesus (p. 431-432)
  75. Weather-Lore (p. 433)
  76. Strong Men (p. 434-435)
  77. Local Ghost Story (p. 436-437)
  78. Priests used to go to the houses to marry people in their homes, and used to stay a while at the wedding. (p. 437-438)
  79. Great Funeral (p. 438)
  80. Ghost Story (p. 439)
  81. There was a landlord in Listerlin named Pender (short for Prendergast), an Englishman, (p. 440)
  82. Irish Words in Use (p. 440)
  83. Touch Not The Lord's Anointed (p. 441-442)
  84. A farmer in this locality was also a guardian (p. 442-443)
  85. Sowing of Potatoes (p. 444-447)
  86. Place Names Along the River Nore (p. 448-450)
  87. Drowning Fatality(1930) (p. 451-453)
  88. Proverbs and Sayings (p. 454-455)
  89. Our Farm Animals (p. 456-460)
  90. Funerals and Wakes (p. 461-466)
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Original reference: 0846/4

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