Cill Liath

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Cill Liath (school) (Killeagh, Co. Cork), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Mícheál Ó Murchadha.

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In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Cork schools

  1. Long long ago there lived a man named Fineen Mac Carthy and his wife and children. (p. 213-214)
  2. A great many years ago there lived in the Townland of Dangan a poor labourer who with his wife and large family occupied a small mud cabin. (p. 215-216)
  3. About sixty years' ago a little more or less, a carpenter was working in a farm-yard at Ballyling, bounding Castle-Richard where the famous castle is. (p. 216-218)
  4. Long ago a party of men from Ballynua, heard how there was gold to be found in a rock in Castlerichard, near the old church yard. (p. 218-219)
  5. Steeple of Cloyne (p. 220)
  6. Mr John Canty (p. 220)
  7. Some years ago an old man hid a Crock of gold under a big tree. (p. 221)
  8. In a place called Castle Richard near the castle which was built by the Geraldines long ago, a graveyard was built in which the princes and nobles from the castle were interred, a crock of gold was buried. (p. 222-224)
  9. Long Long ago there lived a little girl about eleven years old she lived with her mother in a little village. (p. 225-227)
  10. Once there was a small farmer who had three sons, two of them were very clever, but the third was, what is commonly called a fool. (p. 227-228)
  11. Treasure was supposed to have been buried in Capel Island. (p. 228)
  12. Some years ago a family named Flemmings resided in a beautiful residance in Ballycurrigna. (p. 229)
  13. Aghadoe, Burgess, Bannafora... (p. 230-234)
  14. Funny Story (p. 236)
  15. Clever Fox (p. 237)
  16. Signs of Rain (p. 238-240)
  17. Three brothers went away to seek their fortunes. (p. 241)
  18. Ship Been Wrecked (p. 242)
  19. Shipwreck (p. 243)
  20. About seventy years ago a terrible disaster occured on the ocean mid-way between Joughal and the Ferry Point. (p. 244)
  21. About twenty five years ago a ship named the Tadorna was wrecked at Ballycrenane. (p. 245-246)
  22. In the year 1890 there came from the East, a big storm and blizzard. (p. 247-248)
  23. In the year 1887 a severe south-easterly gale swept over the south-east coast of Ireland, particularly the sea coast of Youghal, where a large gap was broken and it flooded the townland of Ballyvergan and the townlands adjoining. (p. 248-249)
  24. In the month of January in the year 1854 we had a great storm. (p. 249)
  25. There was once a man working for a farmer. (p. 250-251)
  26. There was a man in Gortrue, his father died in Youghal hospital. (p. 251-252)
  27. 40 years ago a man was living near Kildinan and he was a great drunkard. (p. 253)
  28. 70 years ago a man lived in Conna. (p. 253-254)
  29. A miserly farmer who lived near Mitchelstown hired a man to work for him. (p. 254-255)
  30. Funny Story (p. 256)
  31. Funny Story (p. 257)
  32. Funny Story (p. 258)
  33. A man from Killeagh went to England to seek for work. (p. 259)
  34. There was an old school in Killeagh in the year 1857. (p. 260)
  35. Mr Mc Grath was an old school-master and he kept an old school-house at Ballyferode in the year 1847. (p. 261)
  36. Near Bally-macoda in a place called Brownbog. (p. 262)
  37. Long ago there was a school in Ballyhonock. (p. 263)
  38. In a place called Gort which is situated near Fannisk a schoolhouse was built 90 years ago. (p. 263-264)
  39. Trades (p. 266)
  40. Old Trades (p. 267-268)
  41. Old Trades (p. 269-270)
  42. Old Trades (p. 271)
  43. Old Trades (p. 271-272)
  44. Weddings (p. 273)
  45. Weddings (p. 274-275)
  46. Weddings (p. 276)
  47. Weddings (p. 277)
  48. Poets of the Killeagh District (p. 278-279)
  49. Nellie Bán (p. 280-281)
  50. Dawning of the Day (p. 281-282)
  51. Pósadh an Páoraigh (p. 284)
  52. Old Cures (p. 285)
  53. Old Cures (p. 286)
  54. Old Cures (p. 287)
  55. Old Cures (p. 287)
  56. Old Games (p. 288)
  57. Old Games - Pitch and Toss (p. 289)
  58. Prayer (p. 291)
  59. Old Fairs (p. 293-294)
  60. Old Fairs (p. 295-296)
  61. Old Fairs (p. 297)
  62. Fairs (p. 298-299)
  63. Landlords (p. 300)
  64. Landlords (p. 300-301)
  65. Landlords (p. 301-302)
  66. Landlords (p. 302-303)
  67. Meals and Food (p. 304-305)
  68. Meals and Food (p. 306)
  69. Meals and Food (p. 307)
  70. Meals and Food (p. 308)
  71. Meals and Food (p. 309)
  72. Ancient Legend (p. 310-311)
  73. Gobán Saor (p. 312-313)
  74. Old Cabins (p. 314)
  75. Ancient Houses (p. 315)
  76. Old Cabins (p. 316)
  77. Old Cabins (p. 317)
  78. Fionn Mac Cumhaill (p. 318)
  79. Fenian Story (p. 319)
  80. Ightermurragh Castle (p. 321-328)
  81. Inchiquin Castle (p. 329-332)
  82. Castlerichard Castle (p. 333-338)
  83. Remarkable Subterranean River (p. 339-340)
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KilleaghCill IaKilleaghKilleaghImokillyCork
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Original reference: 0396/3

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