Clochar, Neidín

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from An Clochar, Neidín (school) (Kenmare, Co. Kerry), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Brighid Ní Lochlainn.

Original reference: 0461/4

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Kerry schools

  1. Tales of a Grandmother Born 1830 (p. 327-354)
  2. True Experience of the Famine Years (p. 355)
  3. Use of Score Sticks (p. 356)
  4. How Starch Was Made From Potatoes (p. 357)
  5. Firing (p. 358)
  6. Homemade Instrument for Twisting Súgáns (p. 360)
  7. Anecdote of Eoghan Rua (p. 360-361)
  8. All the fields etc. on our farm had Irish Names. Here are some of them - (p. 361-362)
  9. Claydagh Flood (p. 362-365)
  10. I and My Husband Were at the Fueral of My Godmother Who Was Buried in Kenmare About Forty or Fifty Years Ago. (p. 366-369)
  11. Piseoga (p. 370-372)
  12. Seanamhrán Pháid Buí (p. 373-376)
  13. Nósanna atá ag na Daoine (p. 377-380)
  14. Paidreacha (p. 381-384)
  15. The holdings of the farmers at Castlegregory were small and it became clear after the famine years that the people could not live on as they had managed to do at the time. (p. 385-386)
  16. Seanscéalta - An tUltach agus an Sugursúnach (p. 387-388)
  17. Dhá Theistiméireacht (p. 388-390)
  18. Seanscéal (p. 391-396)
  19. Story Told of a Local Lios (p. 396-398)
  20. Nósanna (p. 399)
  21. Toibreacha Beannaithe (p. 400)
  22. Seanmhuileann (p. 401)
  23. Tíos - Cionnas Putóga Fola do Dhéanamh (p. 402-403)
  24. Custom (p. 404)
  25. Landlords (p. 405-408)
  26. Land Agitation (p. 408-410)
  27. Story (p. 411-412)
  28. Sayings about Marriage (p. 413)
  29. Sayings about the Weather (p. 413-414)
  30. Tíos - Lispíní Tuaithe (p. 415)
  31. Bhean Sí (p. 416-417)
  32. Card-Playing (p. 418-419)
  33. Spirit (p. 420)
  34. Ghost and the Priest (p. 420)
  35. Story of the Man and the Devil (p. 421-422)
  36. Banshee (p. 422-423)
  37. Scéal - Insín an Áir (p. 424-425)
  38. Na Daoine Maithe (p. 426)
  39. Cloch Rock (p. 426-427)
  40. Two Riders at the Mass Rock (p. 428-430)
  41. Evil Spirit (p. 428-429)
  42. Na Coisithe (p. 432-434)
  43. Some Remarks about Castlegregory (p. 435-437)
  44. The following items, though concerned with Ireland were gleamed by the writer when living in Manchester. (p. 438-439)
  45. Lighting (p. 440-441)
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Kenmare, Co. Kerry
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1 chapter (vol. 461, p. 326-441)
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University College Dublin. National Folklore Collection UCD .

Original reference: 0461/4

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