Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Eiscreach (school) (Eskeragh, Co. Mayo), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Seán Ó Raghallaigh.

Original reference: 0153/2

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Mayo schools

  1. Riddles (p. 103-105)
  2. Riddles (p. 105-106)
  3. Riddles (p. 106)
  4. Hedge-Schools (p. 107-109)
  5. Story (p. 110)
  6. Hidden Treasure (p. 111-112)
  7. Local Song (p. 113-116)
  8. Games at Wakes (p. 117-120)
  9. Graveyard (p. 121-122)
  10. Local Song (p. 123-125)
  11. Cures (Whose Practice Is Rapidly Lessening) (p. 126-131)
  12. Funeral (p. 132-134)
  13. Story (p. 135-137)
  14. Hedge-Schools (p. 138-139)
  15. Prayers (p. 140-141)
  16. Cures (p. 142-144)
  17. Story (p. 145)
  18. Hedge-Schools (p. 146-148)
  19. Hedge-Schools (p. 149-150)
  20. Hedge-Schools (p. 151-152)
  21. Story (p. 153-154)
  22. Old Houses (p. 155-156)
  23. Ghost Story (p. 157-159)
  24. Nicknames (p. 160-161)
  25. Snaidhm na bPéist (p. 162-164)
  26. Mr. John Gallagher, Eskeragh and others tell me that the western end of Eskeragh village (where this school is situated) was commonly called "Baile Thiar" some twenty years ago and the practice is occasionally observed yet by the old people. (p. 164-165)
  27. The same man told me about "the fairy breeze" (p. 165-166)
  28. George Carter, landlord, built the present Ballymunnelly School for the benefit of his tenants. (p. 167-168)
  29. About 60 years ago or more, Pat Cadden, who was an uncle of mine, lived where Martin Cairns lives now, that is, you know, on the south side of the road on your way home to Eskeragh, between Michael Donnelly's and Paddy Holmes'. (p. 169-171)
  30. About the year 1870 Mr Mervin Pratt, a father of the present Mr Joe Pratt, was landlord of this locality. (p. 168-169)
  31. When I was a gasúr, there was a woman in this district named Nóra Clár. (p. 171-172)
  32. Tobar Golias (p. 173-175)
  33. There was a man knocking around this district. I could not ascertain his name or any more information about him, beyond the fact that he did exist at any rate this man was the proud owner of a watch. (p. 176-177)
  34. There was once a man named Luke Connor from this district (around Moylaw). It is often I heard by father speak of him, God rest his soul. (p. 178-179)
  35. There is a woman living in Ballina Street, Crossmolina. Her name is Mrs. Cronin. She is a bone-setter. (p. 180)
  36. Pisreoga (p. 181-183)
  37. Sayings (p. 184-186)
  38. Game - The Priest Of The Parish (p. 187-188)
  39. Halfpenny Race (p. 189-194)
  40. Story of the Grabbins (p. 195-197)
  41. There's a holy prelate done from us/Through Ireland well known/One of the grandest bishops/that ever graced the church of Rome. (p. 198-201)
  42. Story (p. 202-205)
  43. Story (p. 206-208)
  44. About 20 years ago Pat Walsh and his brother Peter, and another boy called Tom Gallagher were joined in making poteen. (p. 209-210)
  45. Place Names (p. 211-212)
  46. Place Names (p. 213-214)
  47. Place Names (p. 215-216)
  48. Place Names (p. 217-218)
  49. Place Names (p. 219-220)
  50. Place Names (p. 221)
  51. Place Names (p. 222)
  52. Priests (p. 223-224)
  53. St John's Night (p. 225)
  54. Riddles (p. 226-228)
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Eskeragh, Co. Mayo
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1 chapter (vol. 153, p. 102-228)
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Original reference: 0153/2

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