Cill Choinnigh

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Cill Choinnigh (school) (Kilkenny, Co. Donegal), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Séamus Mac Giolla Eoin.

Original reference: 1053/2

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Donegal schools

  1. Wild Animals (p. 201-202)
  2. Penal Days (p. 203-204)
  3. Cures (p. 205-206)
  4. My Own District (p. 207)
  5. Christmas (p. 208)
  6. Churning (p. 209-210)
  7. Marriages (p. 211-212)
  8. Holy Well (p. 213-214)
  9. Storms (p. 215)
  10. Signs of the Weather (p. 216-217)
  11. Hidden Crocks of Gold (p. 218-219)
  12. Candle-Making (p. 220)
  13. Lent (p. 221)
  14. Fairs (p. 222)
  15. Forges (p. 223)
  16. Games (p. 224)
  17. Easter Sunday (p. 225)
  18. Travelling People (p. 226)
  19. Burning of Lime (p. 227)
  20. Hallow Eve (p. 228)
  21. Potatoes (p. 229)
  22. Bread (p. 230)
  23. Houses Long Ago (p. 231)
  24. Ploughs and Gates (p. 232)
  25. Clothing (p. 233-234)
  26. Graveyards (p. 235-236)
  27. Cows (p. 237)
  28. Schools (p. 238-239)
  29. Rope-Making (p. 240)
  30. Fairies (p. 241-242)
  31. Cures (p. 243)
  32. Games (p. 244)
  33. Wake (p. 245)
  34. Hosiery Industry (p. 246-247)
  35. Furniture (p. 248-249)
  36. An old custom is to make rush crosses on Saint Bridget's Eve. (p. 250-251)
  37. Industries Long Ago (p. 252)
  38. Foods (p. 253)
  39. Inniskeel Island (p. 254-255)
  40. Things for which the People Have a Certain Regard (p. 256-257)
  41. It was said it was unlucky to begin work on a Saturday because it would never be finished. (p. 258)
  42. Long ago the people made crosses on Saint Bridget's eve. (p. 259)
  43. Games (p. 260)
  44. Tailors (p. 261)
  45. John Gallagher used to swim for six miles. (p. 262)
  46. Roads (p. 263)
  47. It is unusual for the children to go bare footed in Summer but not in Winter. (p. 264)
  48. Marriages (p. 265)
  49. Games (p. 266)
  50. Weather Signs (p. 267)
  51. Weather Signs (p. 268)
  52. Wild Animals (p. 269)
  53. Cures (p. 270)
  54. Cures (p. 271)
  55. My Own District (p. 272)
  56. Holy Well (p. 273-274)
  57. Hidden Crock of Gold (p. 275-276)
  58. Potatoes (p. 277)
  59. Bread (p. 278)
  60. Scéal (p. 279-282)
  61. Fairies (p. 286-287)
  62. Fairs (p. 288-289)
  63. Mass Rocks (p. 290)
  64. Dishes Not Now Made (p. 291)
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Kilkenny, Co. Donegal
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1 chapter (vol. 1053, p. 200-291)
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KilkennyCill ChainnighKilkennyInishkeelBoylaghDonegal
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Original reference: 1053/2

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