Ghráinseach, Cluain Meala

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from An Ghráinseach, Cluain Meala (school) (Grange, Co. Tipperary), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Séamus Ó Maolchathaigh.

Original reference: 0571/1

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Tipperary schools

  1. John Connors (p. 001c-003)
  2. Buried Gold (p. 004)
  3. Buried Gold (p. 004)
  4. Clais an Airgid (p. 004-005)
  5. Buried Gold (p. 006)
  6. Old Irish Ring Money (p. 006-007)
  7. Cures (p. 007-008)
  8. Cures (p. 008-009)
  9. Cures (p. 009-010)
  10. Cures (p. 010-011)
  11. Buried Gold (p. 012-013)
  12. Ghost Story (p. 014-016)
  13. Buried Gold (p. 016-017)
  14. Buried Gold (p. 017)
  15. Ghost Story (p. 018-019)
  16. Ghost Story (p. 019-020)
  17. Ghost Story (p. 020-021)
  18. Parish of Grange (p. 022-023)
  19. Townlands in Grange Parish (p. 024-034)
  20. Local Murder (p. 035)
  21. Local Tradition of John Barry's Murder (p. 036-037)
  22. Suggan Twisters in Use in this Parish (p. 038-040)
  23. Pre-Famine House (p. 041-043)
  24. Lisnamuck Fort (p. 044-045)
  25. Quilting - Croan, Parish of Newcastle, 50 Years Ago (p. 046)
  26. Spinning - Croan, Parish of Newcastle, 50 Years Ago (p. 047-049)
  27. Old Farm-House (p. 050-051)
  28. Game of Pegging Tops as Played in Newcastle Co. Tipperary 40 Years Ago (p. 052-053)
  29. Game of Pegging in a Ring (p. 053-056)
  30. Tricks with Tops (p. 056-057)
  31. Chopping Furze for Horses Etc. (p. 058)
  32. Forbes' Fort Monksgrange (p. 059)
  33. Peculiar Rock Hollows (p. 060-062)
  34. Crib for Catching Birds (Cleibhín) (p. 063-066)
  35. During the Famine (p. 067)
  36. Moancrea (p. 068-069)
  37. Crop Rotation (p. 070)
  38. How Potatoes Were Set in Bán Ridges Parish of Newcastle 40 Years Ago (p. 070-072)
  39. Glennaclohlea (p. 073-074)
  40. People used to be buried where the old Monastery was in Kilmalogue. (p. 075-076)
  41. Ghost Story (p. 077)
  42. Game of Burn Ball (p. 078-079)
  43. Threshing With a Flail (p. 080-083)
  44. Banshee Story (p. 084-085)
  45. Banshee Story (p. 086)
  46. Irish in Parish of Grange (p. 087-095)
  47. Irish Phrases Etc. (p. 096)
  48. Animal Calls (p. 097)
  49. Rough drawing of type of spade called "baisín" used for cutting "screith's" for fuel on mountain south of Newcastle. (p. 097)
  50. Surnames in Grange A. School (p. 098)
  51. Pipes (p. 099-100)
  52. Names of Fields Etc. (p. 101-102)
  53. Following Are Some Typical English Names (p. 103)
  54. Some Names of Cows (p. 104)
  55. Some Typical Names of Horses (p. 105)
  56. Small eggs called "fóirinéul's" used to be stuck in the thatch long ago. (p. 105)
  57. How Potatoes Are Sown in this Parish (p. 106)
  58. Sowing of Cabbage (p. 107)
  59. How Cows are Tied in Cow-House (p. 108)
  60. Parish of Grange (p. 109)
  61. Wake and Funeral Customs (p. 110-111)
  62. Parish of Grange (p. 112)
  63. Fish-Spear Used by Poachers in Spearing Salmon (p. 113)
  64. Trance (p. 114-115)
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Grange, Co. Tipperary
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GrangeAn GhráinseachGrangeTullaghmelanIffa and Offa WestTipperary
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Original reference: 0571/1

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