Clochar na Trócaire, Gort Inse Guaire

abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Clochar na Trócaire, Gort Inse Guaire (school) (Gort, Co. Galway), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Siúracha na Trócaire.

Original reference: 0050/1

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Galway schools

  1. Fairy Forts in Gort (p. 0001-0002)
  2. Fairy Story (p. 0003)
  3. Fairy Fort in Carrowgarriff (p. 0004-0005)
  4. Supper Served in a Fairy Fort in Templebanna near Tubber (p. 0006)
  5. Local Cures (p. 0007)
  6. Charitable Lady who Lived in the Vicinity (p. 0008-0009)
  7. Fairs in Gort in Ancient Times (p. 0009-0010)
  8. Ancient Graveyard (p. 0010-0011)
  9. Burning in Gort (p. 0012)
  10. Old Prayer to Our Lady (p. 0013)
  11. Burning in the District (p. 0014-0015)
  12. Potato Crop (p. 0015-0016)
  13. Buying and Selling in Olden Times (p. 0017-0018)
  14. Not Far from Ballyturn there is what the people of the place call a Dolmen (p. 0019)
  15. In a field in my father's land there is a large stone (p. 0019)
  16. On the slope of a hill near the Beagh River there is a clump of old hawthorn bushes and in the centre of these there is a pile of ... (p. 0020)
  17. Long ago they made bread named Boxty and this is how it was made (p. 0020)
  18. Beside the banks of the Shannon stands the ruins of a castle which Brian Boru built. (p. 0021)
  19. There is a blessed well in our parish in Kilmacdaugh. (p. 0022)
  20. Some people call the foxglove flowers throat-worth (p. 0023)
  21. Folklore - Buying and Selling (p. 0024)
  22. Old Houses (p. 0025-0026)
  23. Food in Olden Times (p. 0027-0028)
  24. Old Houses (p. 0029)
  25. About three miles from Gorrt there is a place called Rath-Cairn. (p. 0030)
  26. In the middle of Derrybrien graveyard there is a big rock and on it are two holes... (p. 0031)
  27. People long ago went miles to get Roses ... (p. 0032)
  28. Care of the Feet (p. 0033-0034)
  29. Churning (p. 0035-0036)
  30. Story Told by the Fireside on a Winter's Night (p. 0037-0041)
  31. Story about the Gobán Saor (p. 0042-0043)
  32. Down in the Coole there is stone with the prints of Saint Colmans' feet in it. (p. 0044)
  33. It is supposed that is a person sees a red fish in Daint Colman's wel that it is a cure for bad sight (p. 0045)
  34. There is a will called tobar na Naomh two miles north from Bailinruan school Co. Clare. (p. 0046)
  35. When Cromwell was passing by Kiltarta, Co. Galway all the way people rushed to the caves and brought the dogs with them (p. 0047)
  36. Long Black Hand (p. 0048)
  37. Story (p. 0049-0050)
  38. Local Cures (p. 0051-0052)
  39. Cures (p. 0053)
  40. Old Cures (p. 0054)
  41. Farm Animals (p. 0055-0056)
  42. Hurling and Football Matches (p. 0057-0058)
  43. Local Marriage Customs (p. 0059-0060)
  44. Inchi a part of the Coole Estate comprises approximately two hundred acres. (p. 0061)
  45. An old man who lived in Gort was a descendant of the great O'Shaughnessy's of Gort who had many castles in this district. (p. 0062)
  46. Gort - The Home of the Stranger (p. 0063-0065)
  47. Old Story - Fairy Magic in Tiernevan (p. 0066-0067)
  48. Ghost Story (p. 0068-0069)
  49. There is a well about the size of a basin in Tubber ... (p. 0070)
  50. Above Lough Cutra there is a little well named Tober Knockaire which is supposed to cure bad stomachs. (p. 0070)
  51. There was an old man living in Carrion and he had a cow which gave great milk. (p. 0071)
  52. Bit of Poetry about Bidneen Hehir's Sow (p. 0072-0073)
  53. Stroke of Luck (p. 0074-0075)
  54. Power of a Priest (p. 0076-0077)
  55. Ghost in Roxborough (p. 0078-0079)
  56. Haunted Castle (p. 0080)
  57. What Happened in Coole (p. 0081)
  58. Black Cats in Coole (p. 0082)
  59. Fairy Story (p. 0083)
  60. Visitors in Ballyturn (p. 0084)
  61. Strange Cure (p. 0085)
  62. Fairy Story (p. 0086)
  63. Weird Shave (p. 0087-0088)
  64. Respect the Priest (p. 0089-0090)
  65. Experience of a Mail Car Driver (p. 0091-0092)
  66. Power of Biddy Early (p. 0093-0094)
  67. Looking For Gold (p. 0095)
  68. Generous Bow (p. 0096)
  69. Leprechaun in Fiddane (p. 0097)
  70. Cruel Landlord (p. 0098-0099)
  71. Folklore (p. 0100)
  72. Looking for Gold (p. 0101)
  73. Superstitions (p. 0102)
  74. Local Marriage Customs (p. 0103-0104)
  75. Great Storm of 1902 (p. 0105)
  76. Old Crafts (p. 0106)
  77. Old Crafts (p. 0107)
  78. Toy-Making (p. 0108)
  79. Local Marriage Customs (p. 0109-0110)
  80. Basket-Making (p. 0111)
  81. Great Storm (p. 0112)
  82. White Birds (p. 0113-0114)
  83. Kingfisher Visits the Gort River (p. 0115)
  84. Birds (p. 0116-0117)
  85. Weather-Lore (p. 0118)
  86. Spinning (p. 0119)
  87. Strong Men (p. 0120)
  88. Strong Men (p. 0121)
  89. Strong Men (p. 0122)
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