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Baile 'n tSléibhe (B.)

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Baile 'n tSléibhe (B.) (school) (Cuilleenirwan, Co. Roscommon), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Máirtín Mac Conchradha.

Original reference: 0269/3

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Roscommon schools

  1. There is no historical record to show what was the ruling family beyond on hundred or one hundred and twenty years... (p. 113-114)
  2. Famine 1847 (p. 115)
  3. There are two estates joining at the Ballintleva School... (p. 116-118)
  4. The people of two neighbouring townlands Curnalea and Culleenoola, frequently fought on Sunday evenings... (p. 119)
  5. Hurling matches were held in a place called Turrock Seventy or eighty years ago... (p. 120)
  6. Mataoir pronounced Mautheer is the nickname applied to the Fallon family... (p. 121-123)
  7. A battle is Supposed to have been fought in the immediate neighbourhood of the school... (p. 124-125)
  8. An old road was supposed to exist in ancient times leading from the Castle mentioned in 27... (p. 126)
  9. Weaving was common... (p. 127)
  10. Wooden ploughs were used... (p. 128)
  11. Wooden bed-steads and chairs were made by the local Carpenters... (p. 128)
  12. Townlands of Parish of Dysart (p. 129-131)
  13. Boxty bread was generally used in old times when the potatoes were partly unsound... (p. 132-136)
  14. Sweat-Houses (p. 137)
  15. Cure of the Cleheen (p. 138)
  16. Women with Loose Heads (p. 139)
  17. Ringworm (p. 140)
  18. Cancer (p. 141)
  19. Diseases of the Skin (p. 142)
  20. Treatment of Beggars (p. 143)
  21. Hedge-Schools (p. 144)
  22. Managers of School (p. 145)
  23. Teachers (p. 146)
  24. Holy Wells (p. 147)
  25. St Bridget's Eve (p. 148)
  26. New Year's Night - The Night of New Year's Day (p. 149)
  27. Feast of the Epiphany (p. 149)
  28. St John's Day (p. 150)
  29. St Martin's Day (p. 150)
  30. Graveyards (p. 151)
  31. Wake and Funeral Customs (p. 152-162)
  32. Marriage Customs (p. 163-170)
  33. Fairies (p. 171)
  34. There is no belief in Connection with water horses... (p. 172)
  35. High-Gates is the most common form of school game... (p. 172)
  36. There are several forts in the district. Some are longer than others... (p. 173)
  37. The ruins of an ancient castle are to be seen on the Fallon's land Miltown... (p. 174-175)
  38. Some of the Oldest Dated Tombstones in the Graveyard of Dysart (p. 176-177)
  39. There is a plain cut cross within about 120 yards of Dysart graveyard standing alone... (p. 178)
  40. About one hundred yards to the South of Michael Fallon's house is Culleenirvan... (p. 179)
  41. Tombstone (p. 179)
  42. Irish Piper (p. 180-181)
  43. List of Irish Words and Phrases (p. 182-183)
  44. Pisreoga and Other Beliefs (p. 184-191)
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Cuilleenirwan, Co. Roscommon
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1 chapter (vol. 269, p. 110-191)
Ireland--History--Famine, 1845-1852
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CornaleeCorr na LaoCornaleeCamAthlone SouthRoscommon
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Original reference: 0269/3

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