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Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Allenwood (school) (Allenwood, Co. Kildare), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Seán Ó Clúmháin.

Original reference: 0774/2

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Kildare schools

  1. Story (p. 117)
  2. Story (p. 117)
  3. A plant called stinking Rodger grows at the edge of the ditch. (p. 118)
  4. Riddles (p. 118)
  5. When ducks are eating one duck says to another "You got more than me". (p. 118-119)
  6. Story (p. 119-124)
  7. Edenderry Cunaberr kiss a man in Carbury Hightown Lowtown Kinnegad and Bogtown - Spell it in 2 letters. (p. 124-125)
  8. Flea flea you are now betrayed. (p. 125)
  9. Once upon a time a mouse fell into a barrel of porter (p. 125-126)
  10. There is an old gate in Allenwood called Geata na Coille gate. (p. 127)
  11. Druimfionn donn dilis was got dead in the grass. (p. 127)
  12. In the penal times a man was riding an ass. (p. 127)
  13. Old Rhyme Said before Meals and after (p. 128)
  14. Ireland was Ireland when England was a pup and Ireland will be Ireland when England is done up, (p. 128)
  15. Story (p. 128-129)
  16. Story (p. 129-130)
  17. After the sun comes the rain. (p. 130)
  18. As I looked out my window I saw a wonderful thing. (p. 131)
  19. As I went out a guttery gap I met my uncle Barry. (p. 131)
  20. What is full and holds more? (p. 131)
  21. Thatcher's Song (p. 132)
  22. Big leaves grow on top of the water in the Canal and old people say if you fell in where they are they would pull you down and drown you. (p. 132)
  23. Long ago a duck and a hen got a bit of meat each and when the hen got her bit she ate it and when the duck got it she greased herself with it and then ate it and that is why the water runs off the duck's back when she gets wet. (p. 132-133)
  24. A man named Stapleton lived in Allenwood. (p. 133-134)
  25. To see the new moon for the first time through glass is unlucky. (p. 134)
  26. A Protestant asked a priest to dinner on a Friday. (p. 135)
  27. A bishop named O' Keeffe lived in the lane called bóithrín Ó Keefe between Allenwood and Kilmeague in penal times. (p. 135)
  28. We have a dash churn at home 22 inches high and 17 inches wide. (p. 135)
  29. As black as soot, as hard as the hob of hell, as white as the driven snow, as cross as a briar, as straight as a die, big talk won't boil the pot (p. 135-136)
  30. What is the loudest thing in the world? (p. 137)
  31. There is a little thing that is smaller than a mouse. (p. 137)
  32. High I stand far I see a blackbird on a hollytree. (p. 137)
  33. Did you ever see the half of a pig's head with 2 eyes? (p. 137)
  34. Six tea (sixty) cups on a shelf, one fell down, how many were left? (p. 137)
  35. A Catholic girl was working in a Protestant house. (p. 138)
  36. St Peter and Our Lord were walking through the fields. (p. 138)
  37. It grows in the wood, it sounds in the town, it gets its master many a pound. (p. 139)
  38. A lazy old woman, a hardworking man, twelve little niggers and they all looking on. (p. 139)
  39. How many feet have 20 sheep, a shepherd and his dog? (p. 139)
  40. How is it that a man never shaves the 2 sides of his face? (p. 139)
  41. Which side of an ass is the most hair on? (p. 139)
  42. Story (p. 139-141)
  43. I live in the townland of Derrymullen in the parish of Allen and the barony of Connell. (p. 141-142)
  44. Once a man and his wife and son were at the fire talking. (p. 142)
  45. Story (p. 143)
  46. Story (p. 143-144)
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Allenwood, Co. Kildare
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Original reference: 0774/2

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