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Pádraig Naofa, Droichead Banndan

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Pádraig Naofa, Droichead Banndan (school) (Bandon, Co. Cork), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Pádraig Ó Faoláin.

Original reference: 0314/1

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Cork schools

  1. Surfeit Well (p. 003)
  2. Kilbrittain Castle (p. 004)
  3. Sore Eye Well (p. 005-006)
  4. Christmas Customs (p. 007)
  5. Tigh Molaige (p. 008)
  6. Old Head of Kinsale Lighthouse (p. 009-010)
  7. Haunted House (p. 011-012)
  8. Faction Fights (p. 012-013)
  9. Áit a' Chóiste (p. 013)
  10. I once heard of a young boy who lived near the sea so that it was customary for him to cross some fields to take him to the beach. (p. 014)
  11. Haunted Castle (p. 015)
  12. Kilbrogan Churchyard (p. 016)
  13. Seán Dearg Nash (p. 017)
  14. Ghost-Story (p. 018)
  15. There is a haunted house not far from Bandon. (p. 019)
  16. Holy Well (p. 020)
  17. Old Cures (p. 021)
  18. There are many stories told about fairies and their doings. (p. 022)
  19. Tobar na Súl (p. 023-024)
  20. Cill Cholmáin (p. 025)
  21. Gaggan (p. 026)
  22. Castlebernard (p. 027)
  23. At the back of my uncle's house there is an old fort. (p. 028)
  24. This is a story which is spoken of by the people of Bandon. (p. 029)
  25. Leigheasanna Áitiúla (p. 030)
  26. Ainmneacha Áiteanna Aitiúla (p. 031)
  27. Caisleán Uí Mhathúna (p. 032)
  28. Cill Mo Eassan (p. 033)
  29. Old Fairs and Markets in Bandon (p. 034)
  30. Tan-Yards (p. 034)
  31. Distilleries and Breweries (p. 034-035)
  32. Bandon River and Bandon (p. 036)
  33. Bandon Bridge was the name given to the new town by the English but the Irish would not listen to it. (p. 037)
  34. Cromwell in Bandon (p. 038)
  35. Seanscéal i dtaobh Tigh Molaige (p. 039)
  36. Aibítir (p. 040)
  37. Miss Mary Hickey now Mrs. Sullivan was evicted from her father's house in Kilbeg in her young days by the bailiffs. (p. 041)
  38. Poem (p. 041-042)
  39. Tannery and weaving were the chief industries in Bandon about 100 years ago. (p. 043-044)
  40. In the dealyard near the Dispensary was a stage coach (Bianconi) station. (p. 045)
  41. Tugtar "Síghle Muinnteardha" ar dhuine a bhíonn go mór le gach aoinne. (p. 046)
  42. Seanráite (p. 047)
  43. Scéalta (p. 048)
  44. Caoineadh (p. 049)
  45. Father Thomas Shinnick (p. 050-051)
  46. Cotton-Mills of Bandon (p. 052-054)
  47. Castlelack or Caisleán na Leachta (p. 055)
  48. Scéal (p. 056)
  49. Scéal (p. 057)
  50. Donchadh Dubh - Highwayman (p. 058-059)
  51. Old Preaching House or Unitarian Church, Bandon (p. 060-061)
  52. Charm (p. 062)
  53. Story (p. 062)
  54. Story (p. 063)
  55. In Caisleán na Leachta, Bandon in the lane leading to the house where Sean Dearg nash lived there is a large stone. (p. 064)
  56. Story (p. 065)
  57. Story (p. 066)
  58. About sixty years ago an old bróg fair was held annually in Ballineen. (p. 067)
  59. Bleach (p. 068)
  60. Factory Lane (p. 068)
  61. Story (p. 069)
  62. Paddy Gaffney was the first Catholic to live in Bandon. (p. 070)
  63. Bean a chailla céile. (p. 071)
  64. Paidir i gcomhair an Tromluí (p. 071)
  65. Seanráite Eile (p. 072)
  66. Uair amháin do dhein tailliúir clóca do cailín. (p. 073)
  67. Hanging Holiday in Bandon (p. 075-078)
  68. At Gallows' Hill (p. 078-079)
  69. Bandon and its Churches (p. 079-080)
  70. St Patrick's Catholic Church, Bandon (p. 080-081)
  71. Famous Bishop (p. 081-082)
  72. Distinguished Pastor (p. 083-084)
  73. Kilbrogan Church (p. 084-085)
  74. At Gurteen (p. 085)
  75. At an election of member of Parliament for the Borough of Bandon Bridge held in Courthouse, Bandon, on December 13th, 1832 the following persons voted. (p. 086-096)
  76. Legend of Downdaniel (p. 097-098)
  77. Barry Óg (p. 098-100)
  78. Biographical Sketches of Persons Remarkable in Local History - Daniel Maclise (p. 101-103)
  79. Kinalmeaky (p. 103-104)
  80. Bandon (p. 104-105)
  81. Pound (p. 105-106)
  82. Hatters' Lane (p. 106)
  83. Burial Scene in Bandon 1829 (p. 107-110)
  84. Scenes at an Election of MP for Bandon Borough (p. 111-113)
  85. St Peter's Church Bells (p. 113-114)
  86. Street Ballad (p. 114-116)
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