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Baile Ard

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Baile Ard (school) (Ballard, Co. Clare), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Tomás Ó Floinn.

Original reference: 0627/1

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Clare schools

  1. Seanscoileanna (p. 001-002)
  2. Old Hedge-Schools of Long Ago (p. 003-007)
  3. Cistí Óir i bhFolach (p. 008-009)
  4. There was a man living in Moyasta long ago. One night he had a dream and he thought he saw a small man dressed in red clothes at the foot of the bed. (p. 010-011)
  5. Funny Story / Scéal Grinn (p. 014-016)
  6. Long ago there was a man living in this district named John Reilly. He was very poor and when he was about twenty seven years he went to England and after a couple of years he came home and he built a big house in Glascloune. (p. 017-020)
  7. Folktale about a Man (p. 021-024)
  8. Funny Story (p. 025-027)
  9. Seanscéal (p. 028-030)
  10. Pot of Gold in Hide (p. 031-037)
  11. Folktale (p. 038-053)
  12. Tomhais (p. 048-051)
  13. Tomhais (p. 054-055)
  14. Leigheasanna (p. 056-058)
  15. Cures (p. 059-071)
  16. Arán na Seanaimsire (p. 072-073)
  17. Toibreacha Beannaithe (p. 074-077)
  18. Paróiste Chill Ard - An Dún Beag (p. 078-091)
  19. Old Sayings (p. 092)
  20. Tobar Beannaithe (p. 093-095)
  21. Tobar Credaun (p. 096-098)
  22. Arán (p. 099-100)
  23. Lakes (p. 101-105)
  24. Éadaí / Clothes (p. 106-109)
  25. Amhrán - Binsín Luachra (p. 110)
  26. Aonach Chille Dísirt (p. 111-112)
  27. Paddy Néill - file a bhí sa cheanntair seo fadó. (p. 113)
  28. Seo thíos caoineadh mná ata i ngrádh. (p. 114)
  29. Iarthar Chontae an Chláir (p. 115)
  30. Tithe na Seanaimsire (p. 116-119)
  31. Seanfhoirgnimh (p. 120-122)
  32. There are three old ruins of castles in this parish. (p. 123-125)
  33. Paidreacha (p. 126-128)
  34. Reilig (p. 130-133)
  35. Piseoga (p. 134-137)
  36. Bread Superstitions (p. 138-139)
  37. Piseoga (p. 140-141)
  38. Buying and Selling (p. 142-144)
  39. Lucht Siúil (p. 146-147)
  40. Piseoga (p. 148-150)
  41. Weather Legends (p. 152)
  42. Naomhphátrún an Cheantair (p. 154-159)
  43. The Queen Elizabeth daughter of Henry VIII king of England laving obtained possession of Ireland and having chased away princes O' Neill and O' Donnell who in defence of the faith had taken up aims against princes she put forth her efforts to exterminate the Catholic faith in Ireland as she had done in England. (p. 160-163)
  44. About a mile from this school is the Bealaha fort where 'cailleach Bhéal Átha' lived. (p. 165-167)
  45. Folktale (p. 168-173)
  46. Funny Story (p. 174-179)
  47. Lúibín (p. 180)
  48. Seanfhocail (p. 181-185)
  49. Description of How the Rounds (Turais) Are Made at Molagha St Senan's Birthplace near Kilrush Co. Clare (p. 186)
  50. On New Year's Day beginning with the first of the year the character of the coming year is with regard to good or bad fortune is foretold by the appearance of things on the morning of the New Year (p. 187-190)
  51. Moladh Mhóra Móire (p. 192-195)
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BallardAn Baile ArdBallardKillardIbrickanClare
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Original reference: 0627/1

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