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Muine an Mheadha

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Muine an Mheadha (school) (Monivea, Co. Galway), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Pádraic S. Ó h Óbáin.

Original reference: 0079/1

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Galway schools

  1. Story (p. 002)
  2. Story (p. 003)
  3. Story (p. 004)
  4. Customs (p. 005)
  5. Customs (p. 006)
  6. Customs (p. 007)
  7. Rhymes (p. 008)
  8. Rhyme (p. 009)
  9. Rhymes (p. 010)
  10. Rhymes (p. 011)
  11. Riddles (p. 012)
  12. Riddles (p. 013)
  13. Riddles (p. 014)
  14. Old Customs (p. 015)
  15. Old Prayers (p. 016)
  16. Cures (p. 017)
  17. Story (p. 018)
  18. Sayings (p. 019)
  19. There was once a woman living in Monivea and she was always going to the neighbours for milk... (p. 020)
  20. Folklore Customs (p. 021)
  21. Customs (p. 022)
  22. In the village of Ballyskeagh there is a hill... (p. 023)
  23. About a mile from here there is a spring well called Tóbhair Geall. (p. 024)
  24. Folklore Story (p. 025)
  25. Long ago there was a custom when a person would be dead they would put the coffin out on the cart... (p. 026)
  26. In the village of Roundfield there is a fort and it is said that there a pot of gold in it... (p. 027)
  27. There once was a man and he was very poor. (p. 028)
  28. In the village of Monivea there is an old bush... (p. 029)
  29. It is said that there was a sand pit in the village of Roundfield a very long time ago... (p. 030)
  30. There is a bully stone outside Killmoy graveyard... (p. 031)
  31. There once was a man living near Athenry and he was very poor... (p. 032)
  32. There once lived in Roundfield a poor girl and her father was dead... (p. 033)
  33. There is an old hill in the village of Ballyskea and it is called Biddey Earls hill... (p. 034)
  34. There was a old hawthorn bush in the village of Roundfield... (p. 035)
  35. There once was a man and he was coming from a visit and he met a man on the road... (p. 036)
  36. There once lived an old woman near Ryehill who was very poor. (p. 037)
  37. It is said that there was a big stone in Currintarmidh and that a man tried to dig it up but he failed... (p. 038)
  38. Long ago when the people used to see the blue lights in the fire they used to say that it was the sign of bad weather... (p. 039)
  39. Long ago the old people used to go up to the bogs and they used to pick rushes... (p. 040)
  40. Long ago the people used to make mats of straw for the doors when the wind would be blowing. (p. 041)
  41. In the village of Ballyskea there are a lot of furze growing and in the middle of them there is a lis and there are no furze growing on it. (p. 042)
  42. Long ago the women used to be going for water... (p. 043)
  43. Long ago when the people would be going to the town they would carry their shoes under their arms... (p. 043)
  44. When Knock Moy Abbey was building the people said that it would last for hundreds of years. (p. 044)
  45. Customs (p. 045)
  46. Long ago when the people used to be eating... (p. 046)
  47. Place Names (p. 047)
  48. Customs (p. 048)
  49. Old Sayings (p. 049)
  50. In the village of Ballyskea there is a field... (p. 050)
  51. It is an old custom when a woman would be setting eggs to make the sign of the cross on the eggs with a burned stick... (p. 051)
  52. Old Sayings (p. 052-053)
  53. Old Rhymes (p. 054)
  54. Old Rhymes (p. 054)
  55. Rhymes (p. 055)
  56. The 15th. July is called St Seden's day... (p. 056)
  57. Customs (p. 057)
  58. Long ago there was an old tree around Monivea... (p. 058)
  59. In Ireland in the penal times. (p. 059-060)
  60. Old Sayings (p. 061)
  61. Cures (p. 062)
  62. Old Saying (p. 063)
  63. Folklore Story (p. 064-066)
  64. Story (p. 067)
  65. Customs (p. 068)
  66. Story (p. 069)
  67. Story (p. 070)
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Monivea, Co. Galway
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1 chapter (vol. 79, p. 1-70)
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MoniveaMuine MheáMoniveaTiaquinGalway
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Original reference: 0079/1

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