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Lios Leamháin, Tigh Molaga

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Lios Leamháin, Tigh Molaga (school) (Lislevane, Co. Cork), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Conchobhar Ó Súilleabháin.

Original reference: 0318/6

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Cork schools

  1. Pósaithe (p. 111)
  2. Pósaithe (p. 111-112)
  3. Pósaithe (p. 112-113)
  4. Pósaithe (p. 113)
  5. Pósaithe (p. 113)
  6. Dá bhfaghainn-se mo chailín i ngáirdín na saraibh. (p. 114)
  7. Scéal (p. 114)
  8. Scéal (p. 115)
  9. Seanrann (p. 115)
  10. Scéal (p. 116)
  11. Scéal (p. 116-117)
  12. Scéal (p. 117-118)
  13. Butter-Making (p. 118)
  14. Old Castles (p. 119-120)
  15. There is a fort in Grange. (p. 120-121)
  16. Tá lios i n-aice mo thighe. (p. 121-122)
  17. Comharthaí na hAimsire (p. 122-123)
  18. Fadó ní leigeadh na daoine na ba amach oidhche Bealtaine ar eagla go dtiocfadh na sidheóga agus go gcrúdhfafh siad na ba agus ní bheadh aon rath aca an bhliain sin. (p. 123)
  19. Cad a théigheann suad nuair a thagann an fhearthainn síos. (p. 123)
  20. Tríú Lá is Fiche de Mheitheamh (p. 123-124)
  21. Long ago on May morning the people used to get up very early and race to the well to see who would get there first. (p. 124-125)
  22. Long ago when the old people used to be going to town they used to carry their shoes tied around their necks and then before they used reach town they used reach a few houses together and they used sit down near them and out them on. (p. 125)
  23. Long ago there was a great snow one night. (p. 125-126)
  24. Mr Jones, the landlord, lived near Ballinscarthy. (p. 126-127)
  25. Without title (p. 127)
  26. Lá amháin bhí an t-Athair Ó Dálaigh ag dul siar bóthar Gráinsighe agus do bhuail sé le Séamus Ó Colmáin. (p. 127)
  27. When sea-weed or 'weeds' was the only manure used on the land it was always watched for for fear it would come unknown to them. (p. 128)
  28. Place Names (p. 128-129)
  29. Major Longfield of Butlerstown was the first in the parish of Barryroe to have a motorcar. (p. 130)
  30. Flax was grown up to twenty years ago in the townland of Grange and Lehina. (p. 130)
  31. My grandfather Patrick madden of Lehina, has an old spinning-wheel. (p. 130-131)
  32. Bhí Easbog i gClanna Caoilte ar a glaodhadh Mr Ronaldson. (p. 131-132)
  33. My grandmmother (Mrs Hodnett) who lives in Ardfield has a spinning-wheel. (p. 132)
  34. Champions (potatoes) were brought to the district surrounding Clonakilty about 50 years ago. (p. 132-133)
  35. The Glen Road was completely wooded on both sides. (p. 134)
  36. There were several small houses between Brophy's public-house and Jamesy Whelton's, in Lislevane village. (p. 134)
  37. An O' Mahony family lived in one of the mud houses in Crois na Sean-Chábán. (p. 134)
  38. Barley was the principal crop (grain sold in Clonakilty) grown in Barryroe about 60 years ago. (p. 134)
  39. In Loving Memory of Daniel Murphy, Timoleague, who Died on the 10th February, 1950 (p. 135A)
  40. When the clothes of the dead are given away, the person who gets them always wets them in water to wash off any curse that the dead person may have been under. (p. 135)
  41. Some years ago people would not sell milk on May-day for fear they would be in want during the year. (p. 135)
  42. Cad is fiú Aifreann? (p. 135)
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Original reference: 0318/6

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