Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Ardnagrath (school) (Ardnagragh, Co. Westmeath), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher M. Ní Mhaoldhomhnaigh.

Original reference: 0747/3

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Westmeath schools

  1. Surnames of Pupils on Rolls (p. 267)
  2. Classification of Pupils According to Hair Colour (p. 268)
  3. Classification of Pupils according to Eye Colour (p. 269)
  4. Hostel in Brianmore (p. 270)
  5. Saint Patrick's Rock (p. 270-271)
  6. Two Monasteries (p. 272)
  7. Castle of Kilkenny West (p. 272)
  8. Walderstown Castle (p. 273)
  9. Spinning (p. 274)
  10. Weaving (p. 274-275)
  11. Quilting (p. 275-276)
  12. Basket-Making (p. 276-277)
  13. Heather Brooms (p. 277-278)
  14. Candle-Making (p. 278-279)
  15. 1. Wooden ploughs were used here a long time ago... (p. 280-284)
  16. 1. Boxty Bread was in use in this district up to twenty or thirty years ago... (p. 285-288)
  17. 1. For a sty in the eye nine gooseberry thorns were procured and pointed at the sty, one after the other by a person whose name was Mary... (p. 289-290)
  18. Long ago before Ardnagrath school was built, (1848) there used to be a hedge school in Kilkenny West, (about one mile to the north west of this school)... (p. 291)
  19. 1. Saint Enan lived in Drumraney. He was a hermit. After his death a monastery was built in his honour... (p. 292)
  20. 1. There is a well in Mr Mann's field in Ardnagrath called Tobar na h aise or Tobar na h aisil... (p. 293-294)
  21. According to tradition St. Patrick spent much of his time in this district... (p. 295)
  22. Folk Prayers or Verses (p. 296)
  23. Charms (p. 296-299)
  24. 1. People make a small wooden cross on St. Brigid's Eve and nail it to the rafter, or to some part of the roof of the house... (p. 300-303)
  25. There is a graveyard in Kilkenny West about a mile from here, and another in Drumraney about three miles from this place... (p. 304)
  26. The following are the inscriptions in English on the oldest dated tombstones in Drumraney graveyard which graveyard is in the parish of Drumraney (p. 305)
  27. The following are the inscriptions on the six oldest dates tombstones in the graveyard at Kilkenny West... (p. 306)
  28. Old Forts (p. 307-310)
  29. 1. People say if a child is born between Xmas Day and New Years' Day that it will always be unfortunate... (p. 311-317)
  30. A few hours after death the corpse is "laid out", that means he or she is dressed in a "habit" which people have in readiness when a death is expected... (p. 318-321)
  31. Games are not played at wakes in this district now, though very old people remember the time when they used to be... (p. 322-324)
  32. Marriage Customs (p. 325-328)
  33. Hop-Scotch (p. 329-331)
  34. The people of this district believe very much in fairies... (p. 332)
  35. A man named Me Parker lived in a house on the side of the road in Kilkenny West in the parish of Tubberclair and about one mile from this school... (p. 332-333)
  36. There is a fort in Killinaam in the parish of Drumraney. One night as a man from the neighbourhood was coming home from rambling he had to pass the fort of Killinaam... (p. 333-334)
  37. Without title (p. 334-335)
  38. There is a hollow in a field which belongs to Mr Peter Reilly, Walderstown, called "The Fairy Claish"... (p. 335-336)
  39. In this place people believe very strongly in the "Banshee"... (p. 336-337)
  40. Riddles (p. 338-345)
  41. Funny Stories (p. 346)
  42. Funny Stories (p. 347)
  43. Funny Stories (p. 348)
  44. Funny Stories (p. 349)
  45. Hidden Treasure (p. 350)
  46. Hidden Treasure (p. 351)
  47. Weather-Lore (p. 352-353)
  48. Great Heroes (p. 354)
  49. Great Heroes (p. 355)
  50. Great Heroes (p. 356)
  51. Great Heroes (p. 357)
  52. Severe Weather (p. 358)
  53. Severe Weather (p. 359)
  54. Severe Weather (p. 360)
  55. Local Place Names (p. 361)
  56. Local Place Names (p. 362)
  57. Bird-Lore (p. 363-364)
  58. Local Cures (p. 365-366)
  59. Homemade Toys (p. 367)
  60. Homemade Toys (p. 368)
  61. Homemade Toys (p. 368)
  62. Travelling Folk (p. 369)
  63. Fairy Forts (p. 370-372)
  64. Games We Play (p. 373-375)
  65. Local Roads (p. 376-378)
  66. My Home District (p. 379-380)
  67. My Home District (p. 380-381)
  68. My Home District (p. 382)
  69. Old Holy Wells (p. 383)
  70. Old Holy Wells (p. 384)
  71. Herbs (p. 385-387)
  72. Potato Crop (p. 388-392)
  73. Proverbs (p. 393-397)
  74. There was a tailor in this district who had very little courage... (p. 397-398)
  75. There was a tailor in this place long ago... (p. 398)
  76. Festival Customs (p. 399-401)
  77. Care of Our Farm Animals (p. 402-405)
  78. Churning (p. 406-408)
  79. Care of the Feet (p. 409-411)
  80. Local Forge (p. 412-414)
  81. Clothes Made Locally (p. 415-416)
  82. Stories of the Holy Family (p. 417-420)
  83. Local Fairs (p. 421-422)
  84. Food in Olden Times (p. 423-425)
  85. Hurling and Football Matches (p. 426-427)
  86. Landlord (p. 428-430)
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ArdnagraghArd na gCreachArdnagraghDrumraneyKilkenny WestWestmeath
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Original reference: 0747/3

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