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Ballygar (C)

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Ballygar (C) (school) (Ballygar, Co. Galway), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Eithne, Bean Uí Liatháin.

Original reference: 0084/2

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Galway schools

  1. Pisreoga (p. 019)
  2. Pisreoga (p. 020-022)
  3. Pisreoga (p. 024)
  4. Pisreoga (p. 025)
  5. Folklore (p. 026-027)
  6. Pisreoga (p. 028)
  7. Local Stories (p. 029)
  8. Did you ever see a half a pigs head with two eyes? (p. 030)
  9. Pisreoga (p. 031-032)
  10. It is not right to bring a brush from the old house into a new house it is right to leave it in the old house. (p. 033)
  11. Pisreoga (p. 034-035)
  12. Local Stories (p. 036)
  13. Hidden Treasures (p. 037)
  14. Weather-Lore (p. 037)
  15. There used to be faction fights in Ballaghlea and when the people were coming home a man would take off his coat and leave it on the road... (p. 038)
  16. One of the real chieftains of Uí Máine became a priest and went to France with James II. (p. 038-039)
  17. Pisreoga (p. 040)
  18. Old Rhymes (p. 041-042)
  19. Stories of the Bad Times (p. 043-045)
  20. Paidreacha (p. 046)
  21. Paidir Eile (p. 047)
  22. Paidir Eile (p. 047)
  23. Paidir Eile Called Gairdín Pháiric (p. 047)
  24. Scéal fé Naomh Bríd (p. 048)
  25. Scéal Eile (p. 048-049)
  26. Paidreacha (p. 050)
  27. Cleas an Mhála (p. 051-053)
  28. Féile Mártain (p. 054-055)
  29. Ranna Beaga (p. 056-057)
  30. Seanfhocal (p. 058)
  31. Chóinnigh an bhanaltra agus greim air láimh an páisde aici agus í an rann seo air siubhal aici. (p. 059)
  32. Tréinín Rua (p. 060-061)
  33. Gaiscíoch Táilliúra (p. 062)
  34. Paidrín Pháiric (p. 063a)
  35. A Mhaidin Mhuire tar agus réidh mo chás... (p. 063a)
  36. Ag Dul a Choladh (p. 063)
  37. Ag Luí do Leaba (p. 064)
  38. Ag Coigilt na Tine (p. 064)
  39. Cailín a bhí i dtigh mór den Tighearna Talmhan... (p. 064-065)
  40. Story (p. 066)
  41. Story (p. 067)
  42. Story (p. 068)
  43. Story (p. 068)
  44. Story (p. 068)
  45. Story (p. 068-069)
  46. Cures (p. 070-073)
  47. Folklore Story (p. 074)
  48. Folklore Story (p. 075-078)
  49. Folklore (p. 079)
  50. dies in your house. (p. 080)
  51. Teampall - Folklore Story (p. 081-083)
  52. Linen Industry (p. 084-089)
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Ballygar, Co. Galway
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1 chapter (vol. 84, p. 18-89)
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BallygarBéal Átha GhárthaBallygarKilleroranKillianGalway
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Original reference: 0084/2

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