Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Leamh-choill (school) (Drumsillagh, Co. Roscommon), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Cáit Ní Ghadhra.

Original reference: 0232/1

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Roscommon schools

  1. léarscáil den cheantar (p. 003)
  2. Electoral Division of Tuama South, The Barony of Boyle. The Parish of Ardcarne (p. 004)
  3. Linguistic (p. 005-006)
  4. London (p. 006-007)
  5. Proverbs (p. 008-012)
  6. A rushing sound as of a mighty wind and Mary bowed her head... (p. 012-013)
  7. Shooting of Lord Leitrim (p. 013-014)
  8. Riddles (p. 015-018)
  9. Proverbs (p. 019-020)
  10. Lists of Irish Words and Phrases the has been Adopted into the Popular English Speech (p. 021-024)
  11. Ethnographic (p. 025-026)
  12. Local Heroes (p. 027-034)
  13. Local Traditions of the Red Branch Knights (p. 035)
  14. Lough Ce (p. 036-037)
  15. Ruling Irish Family or Clan (p. 038)
  16. Local Traditions of Historic Personages (p. 039)
  17. Jail, Carrick-on-Shannon (p. 040)
  18. Local Traditions of the Famine Period (p. 041-042)
  19. Local Estate, Names of Landlords (p. 043-044)
  20. Story (True) (p. 045)
  21. Names (p. 046)
  22. Relics of the Brehon Code (p. 047)
  23. Factions-Fights (p. 048-049)
  24. Sports, Pastimes, Horse-Racing (p. 050-051)
  25. Nicknames (p. 052)
  26. Old Song (p. 052)
  27. Historical Ruins in the Neighbourhood (p. 053-56)
  28. Sites of Historic Interest (p. 57)
  29. Ancient Roads, Fords, Trade (p. 58)
  30. Local Industries (p. 59-060)
  31. Agriculture and Industrial Implements (p. 061)
  32. Potato Crop (p. 062)
  33. Household Utensils (p. 063-064)
  34. Old Furniture, Houses, Out-Houses (p. 065-070)
  35. Old Crafts (p. 071)
  36. Local Fairs (p. 072)
  37. Local Forge (p. 073)
  38. Care of our Farm Animals (p. 074)
  39. Topographic (p. 075-077)
  40. Unofficial Names and Official Names (p. 078-080)
  41. Social (p. 081-084)
  42. Travelling Folk (p. 085)
  43. Old Schools (p. 086-087)
  44. Local Happenings (p. 088)
  45. Lore of Certain Days (p. 089)
  46. Weather-Lore (p. 090)
  47. Severe Weather (p. 091-092)
  48. Folk Charms and Cures (p. 093-098)
  49. Religious (p. 099-103)
  50. Emblems and Objects of Value (p. 104)
  51. Religious Relics (p. 105)
  52. Folk Prayers, Charms (p. 106)
  53. Principal Festival, Observances, Cermonies (p. 107-109)
  54. Narrative Ballad (p. 110-112)
  55. Archaeological (p. 113-115)
  56. Pisreoga (p. 116-117)
  57. Wake and Funeral Customs (p. 118)
  58. Game of Long Ago (p. 119)
  59. Marriage Customs (p. 120)
  60. Games I Play (p. 121-122)
  61. Belief in Fairies (p. 122-126)
  62. Superstitions (p. 127-128)
  63. Scientific (p. 129-131)
  64. Fairy Forts (p. 132)
  65. Folk Tales (p. 133-134)
  66. There is a pond situated in Major Kirkwood's land about which a strange story is told. (p. 134-135)
  67. One day a man was going to Boyle on a cart. (p. 135-136)
  68. Long ago an old woman lived in a small cabin in the bogs about a mile from Cootehall. (p. 136-137)
  69. Long ago a man who lived near Ballyfermoyle dreamt that a sum of money was hidden under a heap of stones near his home. (p. 138)
  70. Tom Connor's Cat (p. 139-140)
  71. Strong Tom (p. 141-143)
  72. Sea Horse (p. 144-145)
  73. One night a man had a dream in which he was directed to go to a tree on the side of the road... (p. 145-146)
  74. John Murray who lived in Leitrim was an extensive farmer. (p. 147-148)
  75. The giant of "Síse Mór" had a wicked witch as a servant. (p. 148-149)
  76. Long ago an Irishman named Pat died. (p. 149-150)
  77. It is said that dogs are very much afraid of the supernatural. (p. 150-151)
  78. On a certain road two black hounds and a little pup used to travel at night. (p. 151)
  79. Hidden Treasure (p. 152)
  80. Long ago a man named Hegarty lived alone in a little thatched house. (p. 152-154)
  81. One day a man left Cootehall with a load of grain for Sligo. (p. 154-155)
  82. Hidden Treasure (p. 155-156)
  83. One day three men went hunting with hounds in a field near a fort. (p. 156-157)
  84. Hidden Treasure (p. 158)
  85. Hidden Treasure (p. 159-160)
  86. Treasure Guarded by a Spirit (p. 160-161)
  87. One night as John Lynch and Pat Dunne were rowing a boat to the Island... (p. 161)
  88. There was a frog spread in a well... (p. 162-163)
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Original reference: 0232/1

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