Clochar na Trócaire, Dún Drongáin

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Clochar na Trócaire, Dún Drongáin (school) (Drangan, Co. Tipperary), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Siúracha na Trócaire.

Original reference: 0557/1

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Tipperary schools

  1. Tobar na mBrátharach (p. 002-003)
  2. Tobar Cínse Naofa (p. 004)
  3. Tobairín Donn nó Tobar Phádraig Naofa (p. 005-006)
  4. Tobar Deithín (p. 007-008)
  5. Caisleán Dhún Drongáin (p. 009-010)
  6. Caisleán an Chláir (p. 011-012)
  7. Caisleán Sheanhharraí (p. 013-015)
  8. Caisleán Chill Tadhnáin (Kiltinan) (p. 016-018)
  9. Caisleán Chnoc Cheallaigh (p. 019-020)
  10. Seanreilig i nDún Drongáin (p. 021-022)
  11. Mainistir Cnoc (Modeshil) (p. 023-024)
  12. Anso agus Ansúd - Mainistir Eoin Naofa (p. 025-026)
  13. Lios Uí Dhonabháin (p. 026-028)
  14. Bhean Dhraíochta (p. 030-032)
  15. Liosta na bhFocal atá in Úsáid Fós ins an gComharsanacht (p. 033-034)
  16. Old Stories (p. 035-038)
  17. Fairy Cottage (p. 038-040)
  18. Castle of Drangan (p. 040-041)
  19. About three miles south-west of Drangan there is a bridge called Gleann-na-muice-duibhe bridge, (p. 041-042)
  20. In olden times there was a man living in Mullinahone who used to take drink for the good of his health. (p. 042-043)
  21. A poor simple man from the district of Mullinahone stole a pig (p. 043)
  22. Some years ago there was a man working for a miserly old lady who gave him very stingy meals. (p. 044)
  23. There was a man living in the Penal days who happened to be walking along the road one very wet day (p. 044-046)
  24. There was a farmer one time who had a number of men working (p. 046-047)
  25. There was a man living near Callan who was very fond of drink. (p. 047-048)
  26. There was a man coming home from town late in the night. (p. 049)
  27. About five miles from the village of Drangan in the townland of Cloughtany there is a well known as Tobar Déchinn. (p. 049-051)
  28. In a field in John O'Dwyer's in Magoury there is a big rock (p. 051-052)
  29. Slievenamon (p. 052)
  30. Many years ago an old man in Lismolin dreamt that there was gold hid in a field near the castle. (p. 053)
  31. About two hundred years ago there were two robbers named Carroll and Keeffe living around Modeshill. (p. 054)
  32. There is an old cave in Priestown. (p. 054)
  33. There is the ruin of an old church in Michael Hall's farm in Magoury. (p. 054-055)
  34. A few hundred years ago in an old tree in the churchyard in Newtown there was a bell (p. 056)
  35. Many years ago there was an old man named Noonan living in Newtown. (p. 056-057)
  36. In the early part of the nineteenth century a family named O'Shea resided at the foot of Slievenamon near Cloneen. (p. 058-059)
  37. There was a man going to be hanged in Kilkenny jail one time, (p. 060-061)
  38. One day there was a very old witch sitting outside her door minding three pots of porridge which she was cooling. (p. 061-062)
  39. A certain woman who was drunk swore on Fr Sheehy. (p. 062)
  40. A man named Clear lived in Kilbury about 1730. (p. 062)
  41. Many years ago there was a man living in Ballyrennan, Drangan named Tadg Maher. (p. 063)
  42. The Castle of Drangan was built in Norman times. (p. 063-064)
  43. About two miles from Mullinahone in a place called Poulacapple there is an old well which is lined with stone. (p. 065)
  44. Hedge-Schools (p. 066-067)
  45. Old House in the Glen (p. 067-069)
  46. Old Stories (p. 070-071)
  47. A gentleman entered an asylum one day. (p. 071-072)
  48. It was on the night of the 19th of November that the burning of Ballynatten took place. (p. 072-073)
  49. There was a minister living in Kilvemnon. (p. 073-074)
  50. A terrible calamity befell this country in 1846 and 1847. (p. 074-075)
  51. Wakes (p. 076-077)
  52. Superstitions (p. 077-078)
  53. Cures (p. 078-079)
  54. Good Times and Joy Be With Them All (p. 080-082)
  55. Birds (p. 082-084)
  56. Domestic Animals (p. 084-085)
  57. Potatoes (p. 085-086)
  58. Old Customs (p. 086-090)
  59. Story (p. 091-093)
  60. Story (p. 093-094)
  61. Story (p. 094)
  62. Story (p. 095)
  63. Funny Story (p. 096-097)
  64. In Tipperary is a hill shaped very much like a peaked night-cap. (p. 097-101)
  65. Story (p. 102)
  66. Funny Story (p. 103)
  67. Funny Story (p. 104-105)
  68. Story (p. 106)
  69. A man once had a lazy ass in a race. (p. 106-107)
  70. Story (p. 107-108)
  71. Forty years ago the young lads living around Mullinahone made pop-guns. (p. 108-109)
  72. Culm Balls (p. 110-111)
  73. Marriage Customs (p. 112-114)
  74. Boot-Making (p. 114-115)
  75. Riddles (p. 116-117)
  76. Riddles (p. 117-119)
  77. Riddles (p. 120-123)
  78. Rhymes (p. 124-125)
  79. Great Feats of Irishmen in Olden Days (p. 126-128)
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Original reference: 0557/1

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