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Collection of Riddles

Abstract: Story collected by a student at Árd-achadh (B.) school (Ardagh, Co. Limerick) from informant Mr Tim Scanlan.

Original reference: 0487/1/2

Loading...School Árd-achadh (B.) [Vol. 0487, Chapter 0001]

County The Schools' Manuscript Collection : County Limerick Schools

Scanlan, Mr Tim

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A Collection of Riddles [duchas:4913139]

Information Collected from Mr. Tim Scanlan.
1 Under the fire and over the fire and it never touches the fire
Ans:- A cake in an over.
2 I threw it up a ball of white and it came down a ball of yellow.
Ans:- An egg.
3 Through a ruck,
Through a reel,
Through an old spinning wheel,
Through a horse's shin-bone
Riddle me that and leave me alone.
Ans:- A cannon ball going through the field of battle.
4 The man that made it never wore it and the man that wore it never saw it.
Ans:- A coffin
5 What part of the cow goes over the ditch first?
Ans:- Her breath

A Collection of Riddles [duchas:4913140]

6 As I sat on the stool,
To gather my tools,
"You fool, you fool,
Many is the blackhole you went in.
Ans:- A pen and ink
7 As round as an egg as deep as a cup all the men, in Kanturk couldn't take it up.
Ans:- A well.
8 Twenty six sheep went out a gap twenty white and twenty black, six and  seven twice eleven three and two how much is that.
Ans: Five.
9 On gravel I do travel
I steel I do stand
I rode a mare that never foled
And held a bridle in my hand.
Ans:- An engine
10 It goes with the car
It comes with the car
And it never does any good to the car.
Ans:- The noise of the axle
11 There is a house on top of the hill and in

A Collection of Riddles [duchas:4913141]

that house there is a press and in that press there is a cup and in that cup there is sup which every one must taste.
Ans: Death.

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Ardagh, Co. Limerick
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p. 004-006
Volume 0487
Collected as part of the Schools' Folklore scheme, 1937-1938, under the supervision of teacher Anraoi Musgrave.
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University College Dublin. National Folklore Collection UCD .

Original reference: 0487/1/2

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Collected as part of the Schools' Folklore scheme, 1937-1938, under the supervision of teacher Anraoi Musgrave.
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