Cluain an Droma, Mullach

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Cluain an Droma, Mullach (school) (Cloonadrum, Co. Clare), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Brian Ó Huiginn.

Original reference: 0624/2

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Clare schools

  1. Ciste Óir i bhFolach (p. 200-201)
  2. Ciste Óir i bhFolach (p. 202)
  3. Scéal Greannmhar (p. 203-204)
  4. Scéal Greannmhar (p. 205)
  5. Tomhais (p. 206-211)
  6. Comharthaí na hAimsire (p. 212-213)
  7. Strong Men of this Place (p. 214)
  8. Famous Walkers (p. 214-218)
  9. Famous Jumpers (p. 218-219)
  10. Longbhriseadh (p. 221-222)
  11. Wreck of the Leon (p. 223-224)
  12. Smuggler's Ship (p. 225)
  13. Drownings in the Locality (p. 226-227)
  14. Fighting (p. 228)
  15. Fighting (p. 228)
  16. Storm of 1904 (p. 229-230)
  17. Oíche na Gaoithe Móire - The Night of the Big Wind (p. 231-232)
  18. Damage Done by Lightning (p. 233)
  19. Seanscoileanna a Bhí san Áit Fadó (p. 234-237)
  20. Scéal Chill Stiofáin (nó Cill Stoithín) (p. 238-242)
  21. Seancheirdeanna - Homemade Candles (p. 243)
  22. Seancheirdeanna - Timber Ploughs (p. 243)
  23. Seancheirdeanna - Weavers (p. 244)
  24. Seancheirdeanna - Journeymen Tailors (p. 244)
  25. Bog-Deal Ropes (p. 245)
  26. Basket-Makers (p. 245)
  27. Seo síos liosta na bhfocal as an nGaedhilge a mhaireann ins an mBéarla go coitcianta ag daoine nách bhfuil Gaedhilge ar bith aca (p. 246-248)
  28. Leigheasanna ar Ghalra Éagsúla mar a Chleachtaíodh na Seandaoine anso iad (p. 249-252)
  29. Local Games and Pastimes (p. 253-256)
  30. Féilte na Bliana (p. 257-263)
  31. Old Roads (p. 264)
  32. Ghosts (p. 264-266)
  33. Forts (p. 267-270)
  34. Holy Wells - St Joseph's, Our Lady's, St Margaret's, Cill Créadáin, St Brendan's, St Bernard, Tobar na Sceiche (p. 271-273)
  35. Plants that Grow on Bad Land (p. 274-275)
  36. Plants with Cures for Diseases (p. 276-278)
  37. Potatoes (p. 280-281)
  38. Old Sayings (p. 282-286)
  39. Old Sayings (p. 287-289)
  40. Farm Animals (p. 290-291)
  41. Farm Animals (p. 291-292)
  42. On May morning a woman by the name of Miss Lynch Kilmihil had butter left out in the hall. In the morning she never brought in the May bush. (p. 292)
  43. Chuigeann (p. 293-294)
  44. Chuigeann (p. 295-296)
  45. Cure of the Smith (p. 297)
  46. Care of the Feet (p. 298-299)
  47. Smiths (p. 300-301)
  48. Care of the Feet (p. 302)
  49. Fairs (p. 303-304)
  50. Fairs (p. 305-306)
  51. Landlords, Bailiffs, Evictions etc. (p. 307-308)
  52. The origins of 'throw a spit on him' said when a horse shivers after taking the tackling off him. (p. 309-310)
  53. Scattery Island (p. 310-311)
  54. There is an island burial ground in a river near Ennistymon which is used only by one family - the Slatterys (p. 311)
  55. Bia na Seanaimsire (p. 312)
  56. Cóiste Bodhar (p. 313-314)
  57. Graveyards in the Parish (p. 315-316)
  58. Marriages, Matchmaking etc. (p. 318-323)
  59. Ainmhithe na Feirme - Animals Overlooked (p. 324)
  60. Ainmhithe na Feirme - The Evil Eye (p. 324)
  61. Ainmhithe na Feirme - Molohan's (p. 325)
  62. Ainmhithe na Feirme - McMahon's (p. 325-326)
  63. Landlords, Evictions etc. (p. 328-329)
  64. The cow is a very useful animal. She gives us milk twice a day, morning and evening. She has a calf every year. (p. 330-333)
  65. Charm Worked to Save the Life of a Child (p. 333-334)
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Cloonadrum, Co. Clare
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1 chapter (vol. 624, p. 198-334)
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CloonadrumCluain an DromaCloonadrumKilmurryIbrickanClare
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Original reference: 0624/2

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