Lúbán Díge (Bodyke)

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Lúbán Díge (Bodyke) (school) (Bodyke, Co. Clare), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Bríd, Bean Uí Chadhla.

Original reference: 0591/7

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Clare schools

  1. Story - The Barrel of Gold in Coolready Lake (p. 301)
  2. Long ago there lived in the Co. Limerick a poor man. (p. 301-302)
  3. There was a man one time who wanted to buy a farm... (p. 303)
  4. About twenty five years ago in the summer time... (p. 303)
  5. There lived in the village of Bodyke an old man named Paddy Bourke. (p. 304)
  6. There are many stories about what happened the night of the big wind... (p. 305)
  7. Loch ar Sheanchnoc (p. 306)
  8. Riddles (p. 307-311)
  9. Féilí na Bliana (p. 313-319)
  10. New Year Customs (p. 320-321)
  11. Candlemas Day 2nd February (p. 322)
  12. St Brigid's Feast 1 February (p. 322)
  13. St Patrick's Day 17th March (p. 323-324)
  14. Easter Sunday (p. 325-326)
  15. Holy Saturday (p. 327)
  16. Easter Sunday (p. 327)
  17. May Customs (p. 328-329)
  18. St John's Eve 23rd June (p. 330)
  19. St Swithin's Day 15th July (p. 331)
  20. Lady Day 15th August (p. 331)
  21. St Michael's Feast 29th September (p. 331)
  22. November Eve 31st October (p. 332)
  23. St Martin's Eve 10th November (p. 332)
  24. All Soul's Day 2nd November (p. 332)
  25. Weather Signs (p. 333-334)
  26. Bad Storms (p. 335-337)
  27. Old Schools in Bodyke Parish (p. 338-339)
  28. Teachers in Bodyke (p. 340)
  29. Priests in Bodyke (p. 340)
  30. Old Trades (p. 341-342)
  31. Weaving (p. 343-345)
  32. I knew an old man named Pat Malone... (p. 346)
  33. Thatching (p. 346-347)
  34. Candle-Making (p. 348-349)
  35. Lime-Kilns (p. 350)
  36. Carpentry (p. 350-351)
  37. Iron Work (p. 352)
  38. Mat-Weaving (p. 352-353)
  39. Dark Fowling (p. 354)
  40. Cribbing Birds (p. 354)
  41. Marriages (p. 355-356)
  42. Piseogs (p. 357-362)
  43. Penal Days 1691 - 1829 (p. 363)
  44. Silver Chalice Found in Clonmoher (p. 364)
  45. Townlands in Bodyke Parish (p. 365-375)
  46. Toys and Pastimes (p. 366-369)
  47. Forts Classed in Bodyke (p. 370)
  48. Pagan Stronghold An Cathair at Ballydonagane (p. 371)
  49. Fort at Caherhurley (p. 372)
  50. Blessed Wells (p. 372)
  51. Drochshaol - The Famine (p. 376-379)
  52. Na Seanfhocail (p. 380-385)
  53. Animals of the Farm (p. 386-389)
  54. Churn (p. 390-394)
  55. Cúram na gCos (p. 395-396)
  56. Stories from the People (p. 397-399)
  57. Seven Brothers (p. 400-401)
  58. Dragon of Kilno (p. 402-403)
  59. Biddy Early (p. 403-404)
  60. Biddy Early (p. 404-405)
  61. Story of a Mermaid (p. 406)
  62. In my youth story books were very rare... (p. 407)
  63. Golden Bird (p. 408-412)
  64. Funeral Customs (p. 413-418)
  65. The Forge and the Blacksmith (p. 419-422)
  66. Éadaí (p. 423-424)
  67. Scéalta Crábhaidh (p. 425-426)
  68. Patron Saint of Parish (p. 427)
  69. Fairs (p. 428)
  70. Food in the Old Times (p. 429-430)
  71. Games (p. 431-432)
  72. Customs about Animals (p. 433-434)
  73. Home Cures (p. 434-435)
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Bodyke, Co. Clare
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1 chapter (vol. 591, p. 299-435)
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BodykeLúbán DígeBodykeKilnoeTulla UpperClare
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Original reference: 0591/7

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