Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Láithreach (school) (Laragh, Co. Monaghan), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Mrs Duffy.

Original reference: 0939/3

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Monaghan schools

  1. Scéal - Páid, Siubhan agus an Ministéir (p. 126-130)
  2. Scéal (p. 131-133)
  3. Scéal (p. 134-137)
  4. Folk-Tales - Religious (p. 138)
  5. Folk-Tales - Religious (p. 139)
  6. Folk-Tales - Religious (p. 139)
  7. Chapel Moyle (p. 140)
  8. Cure for Sore on Lips (p. 140-141)
  9. Cure of Headache (p. 142)
  10. Burn (p. 142)
  11. Cure of Sprain - How it Originated (p. 142)
  12. Focail Ghaeilge atá in Úsáid sa Bhéarla (p. 143-145)
  13. Historic - Local Industries that Have Disappeared (p. 146-149)
  14. Traditions of Historic Personages (p. 150)
  15. Tradition has it that in the days of the Fenians a number of the rebels were on one occasion drilling on a hill near Loughegish shore. (p. 150)
  16. Ruling Irish family (local) still remembered in this area was the McMahon family. (p. 151)
  17. Famine Period (p. 152)
  18. Local Estates (p. 152)
  19. An iron candlestick made by a blacksmith, about two feet high, which used sit on floor and had a socket at top in which candle sat used to be largely used. (p. 152)
  20. Famine (p. 153)
  21. Names of Fields (p. 154-155)
  22. Bonfires (p. 156)
  23. Foods and Drinks (p. 157)
  24. Focail Ghaeilge atá in Úsáid sa Bhéarla (p. 158-162)
  25. Pistreoga (p. 160)
  26. Local Traditions of St Patrick (p. 161)
  27. Mass Rocks (p. 163)
  28. Pistreoga (p. 164)
  29. Tricks at Wakes (p. 164-166)
  30. Funeral Customs (p. 167)
  31. Marriage Customs (p. 168-171)
  32. Fairies - How Fairies Originated (p. 172)
  33. Fairies - Man Kidnapped by Fairies (p. 172-173)
  34. Fairies - Large Island on Lough Egish (p. 173-174)
  35. Fairies (p. 174)
  36. Fairies (p. 174)
  37. Rhymes (p. 175)
  38. Cures (p. 177-179)
  39. Potato Crop (p. 180-181)
  40. Funny Story (p. 182-184)
  41. Funny Story (p. 184-185)
  42. Silk Skirt (p. 185-187)
  43. Tuner (p. 187-188)
  44. Fionn Mac Cumhaill and the Giant (p. 188-189)
  45. Ghost-Story (p. 189-190)
  46. Riddles (p. 191-202)
  47. Local Poetry (p. 203)
  48. Song (p. 204)
  49. Song (p. 205)
  50. Bread (p. 206-207)
  51. Weather-Lore (p. 208-209)
  52. My Home District (p. 210)
  53. My Home District (p. 211)
  54. My Home District (p. 212-213)
  55. Local Place Names (p. 213-215)
  56. Strong Men (p. 215-216)
  57. Local Landlord (p. 216-217)
  58. Local Landlord (p. 217-218)
  59. Old Crafts (p. 218-219)
  60. Thatching (p. 220)
  61. Local Marriage Customs (p. 220-222)
  62. Churning (p. 222-224)
  63. Recitation (p. 224-228)
  64. Recitation - Smuggling Over the Border (p. 228-232)
  65. Story (p. 233-234)
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Laragh, Co. Monaghan
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1 chapter (vol. 939, p. 125-271)
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University College Dublin. National Folklore Collection UCD .

Original reference: 0939/3

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