Clochar, B'l'Áthan Ríogh

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from An Clochar, B'l'Áthan Ríogh (school) (Athenry, Co. Galway), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher An tSr. M. Treasa Ní Bhriain.

Original reference: 0003/2

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Galway schools

  1. Áit is Stairiúla i Mo Chúige Féin (p. 040-042)
  2. Scéalta (p. 043-045)
  3. Bhí Gobán Saor in Éireann fadó, agus bhí mach aige. (p. 045-046)
  4. Cnoc Meá (p. 047-049)
  5. Teach Mór an Chnoic (p. 050-051)
  6. Scéal faoi Dhónall Ó Conaill (p. 052-053)
  7. Ba mhinic bhris béal duine a shrón. (p. 054-056)
  8. Story in Connection with the Battle of Athenry (p. 057)
  9. Story in Connection with Derrydonnell Castle (p. 058-059)
  10. Seanphaidir (p. 060)
  11. Scéal (p. 061)
  12. Athenry Abbey (p. 062-063)
  13. Festival Customs (p. 064)
  14. Lady Matilda Birmingham's Tomb (p. 065-066)
  15. Bread (p. 067-068)
  16. Religious Story Relating to a Priest (p. 069-070)
  17. Religious Story Relating to a Priest (p. 071-072)
  18. Tobar Geal (p. 073)
  19. Leprechaun (p. 074-075)
  20. Holy Well (p. 076-077)
  21. Holy Well (p. 078-079)
  22. Holy Well (p. 080-081)
  23. Tobar Chrónáin (p. 082-083)
  24. Cures (p. 084-085)
  25. Cures (p. 086-087)
  26. Riddles (p. 088-089)
  27. Fairy Stories (p. 090)
  28. Song (p. 091)
  29. Song (p. 092-093)
  30. Song (p. 094-095)
  31. History of the Dominican Abbey Athenry (p. 096-097)
  32. Drochaimsir (p. 098-099)
  33. Scéal faoi Dhónall Ó Conaill (p. 100)
  34. Artha na nDathacha Fiacla (p. 101)
  35. Weather (p. 102-103)
  36. Local Cures (p. 104)
  37. Local Cures (p. 105)
  38. Local Cures (p. 106)
  39. Seanleigheasanna (p. 107)
  40. Collection of Prayers (p. 108)
  41. Emblems and Objects of Value (p. 109)
  42. Churchyards (p. 110)
  43. Churning (p. 111-112)
  44. Marriage Customs (p. 113-114)
  45. Churning (p. 115-116)
  46. Dhá Ghé (p. 117-118)
  47. Mac an Ghobáin (p. 119-120)
  48. Bhí sean-fhear, Micheál Coinnín agus a bhean Judy ina gcómhnaidhe i mBaile Pholl. (p. 121)
  49. When any two people are getting married it is lucky to throw an old shoe after the car in which the married pair are in. (p. 122)
  50. Fathach an Dá Cheann (p. 123-135)
  51. Gabha na gCleas (p. 136-141)
  52. Scéal Fada ar an Anró (p. 142-145)
  53. Tomás Uí Bhroinn (p. 146-150)
  54. Monivea Castle (p. 151-152)
  55. Ghost Story (p. 153)
  56. Local Industry (p. 154)
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Athenry, Co. Galway
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1 chapter (vol. 3, p. 39-154)
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AthenryBaile Átha an RíAthenryAthenryAthenryGalway
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Original reference: 0003/2

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