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Killurney, Cluain Meala

abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Killurney, Cluain Meala (school) (Killurney, Co. Tipperary), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Máire de Brún.

Original reference: 0567/5

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Tipperary schools

  1. Cure for Chilblains (p. 259)
  2. Hidden Treasure - The Tin Ware Lass (p. 260)
  3. Carragáns (p. 261-262)
  4. Long ago a man was in hiding up on the hill (Slievenamon)... (p. 263-264)
  5. In a field near where I live a major dwelt about a hundred years ago, ... (p. 264-265)
  6. Once upon a time a man from the hill stole a bag of sovereigns. ... (p. 265)
  7. Long ago there lived an old... (p. 266)
  8. Once upon a time there were two men called Big Jack and Little Jack... (p. 267-270)
  9. I ran twenty miles with my two shin bones... (p. 271-272)
  10. Q. The man that made it did not want it, ... (p. 272-275)
  11. At the time the British soldiers were in occupation in Clonmel... (p. 276)
  12. A big fall of snow fell about sixty years ago. ... (p. 277)
  13. About 40 years ago there was a great storm. ... (p. 277-278)
  14. About sixty years ago there was a man who went by the name of Pat the fiddler. ... (p. 278-279)
  15. Paddy St John of Killurney was a great hurler in his day, ... (p. 279)
  16. Three men started a game of cards at a neighbours house... (p. 280)
  17. About 70 years ago there was a school at Gibbs in Killurney. ... (p. 281-282)
  18. About eighty years ago there was a school in Coolonan which was attended by about 40 pupils. ... (p. 283)
  19. A hundred and fifty years ago there was an old pond on the Stage Pond in "Useless Land"... (p. 283)
  20. Long ago there was a castle in Delany's moat in Ballyboe. ... (p. 285)
  21. Kiltinan Castle (p. 285-286)
  22. About fifty years ago several men were playing cards in a house. ... (p. 287)
  23. Once upon a time there lived a great King who knew a great deal about plants animals and birds. ... (p. 287-288)
  24. A wealthy old woman was once dying an being bothered about her gold... (p. 288-289)
  25. Once upon a time there lived in this townland a poor shepard. ... (p. 289)
  26. Once upon a time a man was working at the shooting lodge... (p. 289-290)
  27. Signs of the Weather (p. 291-293)
  28. Pishogues (p. 293-295)
  29. When you see a new moon through a glass for the first time... (p. 295-299)
  30. Cures (p. 300)
  31. Dandelions would cure warts. ... (p. 301)
  32. A Dockroot cures the sting of a nettle. ... (p. 301-302)
  33. To put down a match into the ground to-day and take it up... (p. 302-303)
  34. The dock root will cure farsey in horses. ... (p. 303)
  35. Major's Field (p. 304-305)
  36. Hill Car (p. 306-307)
  37. To Make Touche (p. 308)
  38. Making Candles (p. 309)
  39. Mass Path (p. 309-310)
  40. Boher Mór Robbers (p. 310-311)
  41. The Bothar Mór Road was going through where Gibb's garden is now. ... (p. 311-312)
  42. Long ago where the school is now was called Coady's Haggard. ... (p. 312-313)
  43. Games (p. 314-316)
  44. Games - Here We Come Gathering Nuts in May (p. 316-317)
  45. Games - Frog in the Middle (p. 318)
  46. Games - Jenny Jo (p. 318-319)
  47. Games - How Many Miles? (p. 319-320)
  48. Games - Skittles (p. 320-321)
  49. List of Local Place Names (p. 322-326)
  50. Mahers (p. 327)
  51. Kit Gorman's (p. 327)
  52. Eviction (p. 331-328)
  53. Story (p. 328-329)
  54. Quarry (p. 330-331)
  55. Cows (p. 332)
  56. Eggs (p. 332-333)
  57. Old Times (p. 334-337)
  58. Pipes (p. 338)
  59. Killurney Stream (p. 339-340)
  60. "Good night my neighbours... (p. 341)
  61. A man named Madden was shot in Killurney wood some years ago. ... (p. 341-342)
  62. Weeds (p. 343)
  63. Digging Potatoes (p. 343-344)
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Killurney, Co. Tipperary
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1 chapter (vol. 567, p. 259a-344)
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KillurneyCill UrnaíKillurneyTemple-etneyIffa and Offa EastTipperary
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Original reference: 0567/5

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