Cnoc an Chláraigh, Séipéal na Carraige

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Cnoc an Chláraigh, Séipéal na Carraige (school) (Knockaclarig, Co. Cork), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher David Ó Ceallacháin.

Original reference: 0356/5

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Cork schools

  1. Funny Story (p. 407)
  2. Funny Story (p. 408-409)
  3. Funny Story (p. 410-411)
  4. Funny Story (p. 412)
  5. Funny Story (p. 413)
  6. Funny Story (p. 414)
  7. Funny Story (p. 415-416)
  8. Riddles (p. 417-421)
  9. Old Cures (p. 422-424)
  10. Stand Churn (p. 425-426)
  11. Our Hedge Schools (p. 427)
  12. The black master is still often spoken about in the houses of this locality. (p. 428)
  13. Tops (p. 429-430)
  14. John O Doherty - Travelling People (p. 431-432)
  15. Biddy the Stick (p. 433)
  16. Poets (p. 434)
  17. Baits for Fishing (p. 435-436)
  18. Weather-Lore (p. 437-439)
  19. Saint Stephens Day (p. 440)
  20. Saint Patrick's Day (p. 441-442)
  21. Saint Bridget's Day (p. 443)
  22. Superstitious Sayings (p. 444-445)
  23. Fairy Fort (p. 446)
  24. Old Houses (p. 447-449)
  25. On November night boys and girls listen at doors about 9 or 10 oclock to heare a name. (p. 451-453)
  26. Customs Observed in this District About Marriage (p. 453-454)
  27. Lore of Certain Days (p. 455-458)
  28. Forge (p. 459)
  29. Farm Animals (p. 460-461)
  30. Horse (p. 461-462)
  31. Pigs (p. 463)
  32. Potato Crop (p. 464-465)
  33. What the Birds Say (p. 467-470)
  34. My home district is called Knockaclarig. (p. 471-472)
  35. Fairs (p. 473)
  36. Food (p. 474-476)
  37. Candle-Making (p. 477)
  38. Basket-Making (p. 478)
  39. Thatching (p. 479)
  40. Dyeing (p. 480)
  41. Tanning (p. 481)
  42. Making Linen From Flax (p. 482-483)
  43. Proverbs (p. 484-485)
  44. Holy Wells (p. 486)
  45. Names of Fields (p. 487-488)
  46. Deep Holes in the Rivers Feale and Clydagh and Braonach (p. 489)
  47. Shops (p. 490)
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Knockaclarig, Co. Cork
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1 chapter (vol. 356, p. 406-490)
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KnockaclarigCnoc an ChláraighKnockaclarigKilmeenDuhallowCork
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Original reference: 0356/5

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