Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Druimín (school) (Drummeen, Co. Leitrim), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Tomás Ó Ceallaigh.

Original reference: 0220/2

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Leitrim schools

  1. Ainm na Scoile agus A Suíomh (p. 161-165)
  2. Oidí na Scoile atá i Droim Connaidh - Scoil Náisiúnta Druimín (p. 166-169)
  3. Scoil Náisiúnta Mullach Breac a Bhí i nGort an Iúir - 1871-1891 (p. 170-171)
  4. Eolas ag Baint leis an Scoil i nGort an Iúir (p. 172)
  5. Suíomh Ceart na Scoile (p. 172)
  6. As regards the school in Gortinure Séamus Browne Gortinure writes that... (p. 173)
  7. School in Cloonee (p. 174-175)
  8. An Scoil a Bhí i nDroim Caolmhaí (p. 177)
  9. Hidden Treasure (p. 178)
  10. Collection of Local Riddles (p. 179-181)
  11. Riddles (p. 181-182)
  12. Excavation - Spring of 1935 (p. 183-184)
  13. Weather-Lore (p. 185-186)
  14. Local Heroes (p. 187)
  15. Local Heroes (p. 187)
  16. Local Heroes (p. 188)
  17. Local Heroes (p. 188)
  18. Local Heroes (p. 188)
  19. The first Football Match played by T. Mulligan... (p. 189)
  20. Long ago there were not many graveyards Cloone, Fenagh and... (p. 190)
  21. Michael Mc Gloughlin of Eskir walked from Mohill to Dublin in a night and a day... (p. 191)
  22. Edward Kerr Mullacbrac mowed seven acres of meadow in 5 days... (p. 191)
  23. Old Crafts (p. 192)
  24. Lime-Burning (p. 193)
  25. Barrel-Making (p. 194)
  26. How to Make a Bird Cradle (p. 195)
  27. How I Play Tig (p. 196)
  28. How to Make a Top (p. 196)
  29. How I Play Blind-Man's-Buff - Locally Called Dallóg (p. 197)
  30. How I Play Fool in the Middle (p. 198-200)
  31. Local Marriage Customs (p. 202)
  32. Local Marriage Customs (p. 202-203)
  33. Local Marriage Customs (p. 204-205)
  34. Local Marriage Customs (p. 203-205)
  35. Local Cures (p. 206)
  36. Local Cures (p. 206)
  37. Local Cures (p. 207)
  38. Local Cures (p. 208)
  39. Local Cures (p. 208)
  40. Local Cures (p. 209)
  41. Local Cures (p. 209-210)
  42. Local Cures (p. 211)
  43. Local Cures (p. 211)
  44. Local Cures (p. 211)
  45. Local Cures (p. 212)
  46. Local Cures (p. 213)
  47. Local Cures (p. 213)
  48. Local Cures (p. 214)
  49. Local Place Names (p. 215-217)
  50. Names of Local Fields, Houses and Roads in the District (p. 216-219)
  51. Names of Local Fields, Houses and Roads in the District (p. 219-218)
  52. Gusty's Field and Well (p. 220-221)
  53. We have a meadow called George's Meadow It is called because it was owned by a man named George Nicholson... (p. 222-223)
  54. Beal Scarra Tecker's Crossroads Baker's Bridge... (p. 223-225)
  55. The Cloone Road and the lower Road.. (p. 225-226)
  56. Townland of Gortinure (p. 227)
  57. My Home District (p. 228-229)
  58. Townland of Mullaghbrack (p. 230)
  59. Folklore - How I Would Make Boxty (p. 231)
  60. How I Would Make a Boxty Loaf (p. 232)
  61. Townland of Drumconny (p. 233-234)
  62. Story (p. 235-236)
  63. Travelling Folk (p. 237)
  64. Travelling Folk (p. 238)
  65. Forts (p. 239-240)
  66. Game (p. 241)
  67. Game (p. 241-242)
  68. Story of Events that Happened in Connection with Gortletteragh Chapel and the Local Landlord - The Famous Lord Leitirm (p. 243-244)
  69. Story (p. 245-246)
  70. Local Fairs (p. 247)
  71. Local Herbs (p. 248-249)
  72. Wheel-Making (p. 246-250)
  73. Food in the Olden Times (p. 251)
  74. Stone in Patrick Mitchel's Land (p. 252)
  75. Story (p. 253)
  76. Another Story (p. 253-254)
  77. Mrs Bohan of Cattan Cross Gortletteragh Parish Anaghmore post office Mohill is not long dead... (p. 255)
  78. Patrick Mc Cabe of Drumadum was a strong man ready to get the pension when it came out in 1908... (p. 256)
  79. Spinning Wheel (p. 257)
  80. A man lived down near Gorvagh who had the cure of warts... (p. 258-259)
  81. There are no eels in Feengh Lake although they are to be got in the river flowing through it... (p. 259-260)
  82. St Cillian (Keelan) - The Serpent and the Building of Feenagh Abbey (p. 260-263)
  83. Mr Murphy says nothing of the the cause of ... (p. 262)
  84. Long ago there were not many graveyards Cloonee Fenagh and Bornagleara were the oldest graveyards in Leitrim... (p. 264)
  85. Care of the Feet (p. 265-266)
  86. The cow-house is called the byre... (p. 267)
  87. There was a hole in Peter Heslin's wall along time ago... (p. 267-268)
  88. Local Ruins (p. 268-269)
  89. Long ago the houses were all tatched... (p. 269)
  90. Diarmuid and Gráinne in Cloone (p. 270-271)
  91. Care of the Feet (p. 272)
  92. Local Fairs (p. 273-274)
  93. St Stephen's Day (p. 275)
  94. Leprechaun (p. 276)
  95. Leprechaun (p. 277)
  96. Ghost Stories (p. 278)
  97. Care of Farm Animals (p. 279)
  98. Strange Animals (p. 280)
  99. Food in Olden Times (p. 281)
  100. Potato Crop (p. 282)
  101. French in Cloone (p. 283-284)
  102. Old Graveyard (p. 285)
  103. Sean na gCeann came to Ireland in the time of Queen Elizabeth... (p. 286)
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Original reference: 0220/2

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