Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Clomanto (school) (Clomantagh Upper, Co. Kilkenny), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Liam Mac Óda.

Original reference: 0867/5

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Kilkenny schools

  1. These words copied in Father's own Book (p. 307-310)
  2. Places in Neighbourhood (p. 311-313)
  3. B (p. 315)
  4. C (p. 316)
  5. D (p. 317)
  6. Irish Words Still Commonly used in the Speech of the People of the District (p. 318-325)
  7. Place Names in District (p. 326-329)
  8. Hedge-Schools in District (p. 333)
  9. The Brodericks were paid... (p. 333-334)
  10. Candle-Making (p. 335)
  11. Basket-Making (p. 335)
  12. Forge Work (p. 335-336)
  13. Spinning and Weaving (p. 336-337)
  14. Thatching (p. 337)
  15. Rope making not carried on in district. (p. 337)
  16. Hat-Making (p. 338)
  17. Weather (p. 339)
  18. Weather (p. 339)
  19. Weather (p. 339)
  20. Weather (p. 339)
  21. Weather (p. 339-340)
  22. Weather (p. 339)
  23. Raths (p. 341)
  24. A man who was ploughing saw dread and meat on a cloth near the rath (in the field of which he was working). (p. 342)
  25. Holohans were making flowerbeds and decided to get clay (leaf mould) from the rath. (p. 342)
  26. There are numerous stories told in the district of people who cut bushes in raths suffering from blood poisoning caused by pricks from thorns of the bushes cut in raths. (p. 343)
  27. Stong Men Athlethes etc (p. 345)
  28. Tom Proctor (he died about ten years ago aged 70) carried a sheep from the little paddock to their own yard... (p. 345-346)
  29. Local Cures - Toothache (p. 347)
  30. Local Cures - Gid in Sheep (p. 347)
  31. Local Cures - Toothache (p. 347)
  32. Local Cures - Warts (p. 347)
  33. Local Cures - Jaundice (p. 347)
  34. Local Cures (p. 348)
  35. Local Cures - For Rheumatism (p. 348)
  36. Local Cures - For Burn by Scalding Water (p. 348)
  37. Local Cures - To Raise Breast Bone (p. 348)
  38. Local Cures - For Rash on Face (p. 349)
  39. Local Cures - For Sty on Eye (p. 349)
  40. Local Cures - Chin Cough (p. 349)
  41. Local Cures - Measles (p. 349)
  42. Local Cures - Jaundice (p. 349)
  43. Old School - Clomantagh (p. 350-352)
  44. Tubrid School (p. 353)
  45. Story Refernced to Local Cures 14 (p. 355)
  46. Local Wedding Customs (p. 357-356)
  47. Local Ruins (p. 358-361)
  48. Riddles (p. 362-363)
  49. Riddles (p. 364-369)
  50. Proverbs and Old Sayings (p. 370-372)
  51. In the Penal Times (p. 373)
  52. Mass Place Name (p. 373-374)
  53. Travelling Folk (p. 375-376)
  54. Local Poets (p. 377-380)
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Clomantagh Upper, Co. Kilkenny
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1 chapter (vol. 867, p. 306-380)
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Clomantagh UpperAn Chloch Mhantach UachtarachClomantagh UpperClomantaghCrannaghKilkenny
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Original reference: 0867/5

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