Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Liathdruim (school) (Leitrim Beg, Co. Galway), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Máirtín Ó Mainnín.

Original reference: 0054/1

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Galway schools

  1. Many years ago there was a stile going into Rathfarn land by which the people used to go to Mass. (p. 0001-0002)
  2. Carrowkeel Well (p. 0003)
  3. Over a century ago most of the houses of the village of Kilmacragh were on the north side of the road. (p. 0004)
  4. One May morning a man got up early and went to look after his stock (p. 0005)
  5. Some years ago the people were very superstitious , but now these superstitions are dying away, and the people know little about them. (p. 0006)
  6. One upon a time there was a man who did know what fear was. (p. 0007-0009)
  7. There was a woman one time coming home by the chapel of Leitrim one night. (p. 0009-0010)
  8. There was a fairy bush in Dalyston wood. (p. 0010-0011)
  9. If you wash a man's shirt and put it to the fire to dry the woman that he will marry will come to take it. (p. 0011-0012)
  10. To get a snail and put him into an oven and cover with the lid (p. 0012)
  11. There was once a man who lived a few parishes away from here and he had a wife and children. (p. 0012-0014)
  12. A few years ago a man named Martin Boyle was coming home from a wake in Ballyargadaun about three o'clock in the morning. (p. 0014-0015)
  13. Long ago there was a police-man buried near the factory in Leitrim (p. 0015-0016)
  14. One night two boys went to steal apples. (p. 0016-0017)
  15. A large mansion called Pallas is situated south of Tynagh (p. 0017-0018)
  16. Once upon a time there was a hare in a mountain that nobody could shoot. (p. 0018-0019)
  17. Long ago there lived a man who used to be always picking nuts (p. 0019-0020)
  18. Once a man met a woman who asked him would he do here a favour. (p. 0021-0022)
  19. Some time ago all the men used to go out card-playing money. (p. 0022-0023)
  20. A man named Deely was coming home from one night. (p. 0023)
  21. About twenty years ago a Scottish firm was cutting timber in Dalyston wood. (p. 0023-0025)
  22. A long time ago there was a crock of gold hidden beneath a rock in Ballyhogan, Kilrickle (p. 0025-0026)
  23. There is a crock of gold hidden in a field near our house (p. 0026-0027)
  24. Many years ago money was very plentiful about. (p. 0027-0028)
  25. In the demesne of Masonbrook there is an old fort. (p. 0029)
  26. A head like a thimble, a tail like a rat. (p. 0030-0031)
  27. A man without eyes saw apples on a tree. (p. 0031-0032)
  28. Crock of Gold (p. 0033-0034)
  29. Crock of Gold (p. 0035)
  30. Riddles (p. 0036-0037)
  31. Crock of Gold (p. 0037-0038)
  32. Riddles (p. 0039-0040)
  33. Riddles (p. 0040-0042)
  34. Crock of Gold (p. 0043-0044)
  35. Crock of Gold (p. 0045)
  36. Riddles (p. 0046)
  37. Funny Story (p. 0047-0048)
  38. Funny Story (p. 0047-0048)
  39. Funny Story (p. 0047-0048)
  40. Riddles (p. 0048-0050)
  41. Cures (p. 0050-0051)
  42. Local Funny Story (p. 0051-0052)
  43. Local Funny Story (p. 0052-0055)
  44. Local Trades (p. 0056-0058)
  45. Local Marriages (p. 0058-0059)
  46. Local Funny Story (p. 0059-0061)
  47. Famine (p. 0062)
  48. Penal Laws (p. 0062-0063)
  49. Local Funny Story (p. 0063-0065)
  50. Crock of Gold (p. 0065-0067)
  51. Weather-Lore (p. 0067-0068)
  52. Old Schools (p. 0068-0069)
  53. Local Trade - Spinning (p. 0070)
  54. Local Funny Story (p. 0070-0071)
  55. Local Trade (p. 0072)
  56. Names of Fields (p. 0073)
  57. Beggers (p. 0073-0074)
  58. Old Sayings (p. 0075)
  59. Names of Fields (p. 0075-0076)
  60. Crock of Gold (p. 0076-0077)
  61. Crock of Gold (p. 0077-0078)
  62. Funny Story (p. 0079-0080)
  63. Weather-Lore (p. 0081)
  64. Night of the Big Wind (p. 0082)
  65. Local Trades (p. 0083-0084)
  66. Marriages (p. 0084-0085)
  67. Pishrogues (p. 0085)
  68. Lisses or Forts (p. 0085-0087)
  69. Strong Men (p. 0087-0088)
  70. Blessed Wells (p. 0089)
  71. Penal Laws (p. 0090)
  72. Forts or Lisses (p. 0091)
  73. Blessed Wells (p. 0092)
  74. Care of Feet (p. 0093-0094)
  75. Irish Words (p. 0095)
  76. Animals (p. 0095-0096)
  77. Horses and Sheep (p. 0097-0098)
  78. Corrach Éirnín (p. 0098-0099)
  79. Cill Mac Duach (p. 0099-0100)
  80. Local Hidden Treasure (p. 0100-0101)
  81. Marriages (p. 0101-0103)
  82. Lucky Days (p. 0103-0104)
  83. Roads (p. 0104-0105)
  84. Old Boreens (p. 0106-0107)
  85. Herbs (p. 0107-0109)
  86. Pious Practices (p. 0109-0112)
  87. On Kylebrack hill I took my quill to pen this naked truth. (p. 0113)
  88. Old Roads (p. 0113-0114)
  89. Basket-Making (p. 0115)
  90. Spinning (p. 0115-0116)
  91. Lines on the Closing of Carrowkeel Well (p. 0116-0118)
  92. Customs with regard to Farm Animals (p. 0118-0119)
  93. About a half a century ago there was a certain woman in Ballinkill and she was able to keep her house with the profit of the butter. (p. 0119)
  94. Old Sayings (p. 0119-0120)
  95. Horses (p. 0120-0121)
  96. Old Schools (p. 0121-0122)
  97. Night of the Big Wind (p. 0122-0123)
  98. Thunder-Storm (p. 0123)
  99. Marriages (p. 0123-0124)
  100. Name of Fields (p. 0124-0125)
  101. Lucky and Unlucky Days (p. 0125)
  102. Shoes (p. 0126)
  103. Forges (p. 0127-0128)
  104. Care of Feet (p. 0128-0129)
  105. Forts or Lisses (p. 0129)
  106. Old Roads (p. 0130)
  107. My Townland (p. 0130-0131)
  108. Pious Story - The Journey to Bethlehem (p. 0131-0132)
  109. Pishrogues (p. 0132-0133)
  110. Special Days for Sowing Crops (p. 0134)
  111. Cross Day (p. 0134)
  112. Beggars (p. 0134-0135)
  113. Cures from Herbs (p. 0135-0136)
  114. Herbs that Are for Food (p. 0136)
  115. Blessed Well (p. 0136-0137)
  116. Marriage Customs (p. 0137-0139)
  117. Old Forts (p. 0140)
  118. Blessed Wells (p. 0140-0141)
  119. Old Sayings (p. 0141-0142)
  120. Horses and Goats (p. 0142-0143)
  121. Fairs (p. 0143-0144)
  122. Feasts of the Year (p. 0144)
  123. Potatoes (p. 0144-0145)
  124. Old Story (p. 0145-0146)
  125. Some time ago there lived a landlord several miles from here, who felt displeased with a number of tenants for some unknown reason. (p. 0146-0147)
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Leitrim BegLiatroim BeagLeitrim BegLeitrimLeitrimGalway
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Original reference: 0054/1

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