Caisleán hAicéid

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Caisleán hAicéid (school) (Castlehacket, Co. Galway), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher S. Ó Floinn.

Original reference: 0025/1

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Galway schools

  1. Scéal - Bean an tSeaininín (p. 0003-0004)
  2. Seáinín an Laintéir (p. 0005-0007)
  3. Story - The Man who Was Fond of Nuts (p. 0009-0010)
  4. Story - The Enchanted Woman (p. 0011-0012)
  5. Story - Finn, Fionn, and Fiolar (p. 0013-0016)
  6. Story - The Horned Women (p. 0017-0018)
  7. Signs of the Weather from the Sky, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and the Rainbow. (p. 0019-0021)
  8. Signs of the Weather from Hills and Mountains, Rivers, Water, Rocks, Dust and Noise (p. 0022)
  9. Signs of the Weather from Flies, Bees, Ants and Snails (p. 0023)
  10. Signs of the Weather from the Smoke, Fire and Soot (p. 0024)
  11. Any Plague or Taking Disease that Was in the Place Long Ago (p. 0025)
  12. Floods (p. 0026)
  13. Drought (p. 0027)
  14. Old Trades (p. 0028)
  15. Spinning and Weaving (p. 0029-0030)
  16. Thatching (p. 0031-0032)
  17. Story - The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids (p. 0033-0039)
  18. Story - The Dancing Shoes (p. 0040-0047)
  19. Story - A Book (p. 0048-0050)
  20. Signs of the Weather from the Sky, Sun, Moon, Stars and Rainbow (p. 0051)
  21. Signs of the Weather from Hills, Mountains, Rivers, Dust and Noise (p. 0052-0053)
  22. Signs of the Weather from Flies, Bees, Ants, Snails, Smoke, Fire and Soot (p. 0054)
  23. Famous People of Long Ago or of the Present Time (p. 0055)
  24. Storm (p. 0056-0057)
  25. Schools (p. 0058-0059)
  26. Painting (p. 0060)
  27. Making Barrels (p. 0061)
  28. Making of Candles (p. 0062)
  29. Making Baskets (p. 0063)
  30. Thatching (p. 0064)
  31. Spinning (p. 0065)
  32. Making Wooden Vessels (p. 0066)
  33. Thatching (p. 0067)
  34. Lime-Kilns (p. 0068)
  35. Marriages at the Present Time (p. 0069)
  36. Story (p. 0070-0071)
  37. Story (p. 0072-0074)
  38. Story (p. 0075)
  39. Story - The Brave Soldier (p. 0076)
  40. A Story (p. 0077-0078)
  41. Signs of the Weather from the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Clouds and the Rainbow (p. 0079)
  42. Signs of the Weather from the Wind (p. 0080)
  43. Signs of the Weather from the Mountains, Rocks, Water, Noise and Dust (p. 0081)
  44. Signs of the Weather from the Flies, Bees, Ants, Snails, Smoke, Fire and Soot (p. 0082)
  45. Names of Some Famous Men in the Locality (p. 0083-0084)
  46. Some Accidents of Shipwrecking and Burning which Happened in the Locality Lately (p. 0085)
  47. Some Stealing which Was Done in the Place Lately (p. 0086)
  48. Brave Deed (p. 0087)
  49. Thunder and Lightning (p. 0088)
  50. Heavy Rain (p. 0089)
  51. Persons Who Were Able to Make Baskets Out of Rods. (p. 0090-0091)
  52. Names of Some Famous Women who Were Able to Spin (p. 0092)
  53. Names of Some Famous Thatchers in the Locality (p. 0093)
  54. Lime-Kilns (p. 0094)
  55. Marriages at the Present Time (p. 0095-0097)
  56. Marriages Long Ago (p. 0098-0099)
  57. Penal Times (p. 0100)
  58. Places of Hiding (p. 0101)
  59. List of the Names of Each Park, Stream, Hill, Vale or Rock in our Farm or Neighbourhood. (p. 0102)
  60. Streams and Pools (p. 0103)
  61. Values (p. 0104)
  62. Hills (p. 0105)
  63. Knock Magh (p. 0106)
  64. Names of Wild Animals in the District (p. 0107-0108)
  65. Rabbit (p. 0109)
  66. Hare (p. 0110)
  67. Badger (p. 0111)
  68. Weasel (p. 0112)
  69. Ferret (p. 0113)
  70. List of Diseases and their Cures (p. 0114)
  71. Cures in Blessed Wells (p. 0115)
  72. Plasters Made from Certain Herbs and the Diseases they Cure (p. 0116)
  73. Certain People who have the Power of Curing Diseases (p. 0117-0118)
  74. Blessed Wells in the District (p. 0119)
  75. Kilwolan (p. 0120)
  76. Knock Magh (p. 0121)
  77. Queen Maeve (p. 0122)
  78. Cnoc na Sióg (p. 0123)
  79. Story (p. 0124-0125)
  80. Story - Cinderella (p. 0126-0128)
  81. Story - Red Ridinghood (p. 0129-0130)
  82. Riddle (p. 0131-0132)
  83. Signs of the Weather from the Sky (p. 0133)
  84. Signs of the Weather from the Birds and Animals (p. 0134)
  85. Signs of the Weather from Nature, such as Hills, Mountains, Rivers, Rocks, Dust, Noise and Water (p. 0135)
  86. Signs of the Weather from Smoke, Fire and Soot (p. 0136)
  87. Storm Fatality (p. 0137)
  88. Drowning Fatality (p. 0138)
  89. Draught (p. 0139)
  90. Old Trades (p. 0140)
  91. Weaving (p. 0141)
  92. Marriages at the Present Time (p. 0142)
  93. Matchmaking (p. 0143)
  94. Wedding (p. 0144-0145)
  95. Matchmaking Long Ago (p. 0146)
  96. Penal Times (p. 0147)
  97. List of the Names of Each Park, Stream, Pool, Hill, Vale or Rock in Our Farm or in the Neighbourhood. (p. 0148-0150)
  98. Names of the Wild Animals of the District (p. 0151)
  99. Any Part of a Wild Animal that is Used for a Cure (p. 0152)
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CastlehacketCaisleán an HaicéadaighCastlehacketKillowerClareGalway
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Original reference: 0025/1

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