Béal Átha Fhinghín (B.)

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Béal Átha Fhinghín (B.) (school) (Ballineen, Co. Cork), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Beircheart Seártan.

Original reference: 0310/3

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Cork schools

  1. Dunmanway - The Coxes - Site for Catholic Church (p. 099-100)
  2. Má Gun (p. 101)
  3. Má Gun (p. 102)
  4. Má Gun (p. 102-105)
  5. The Prócadóir (p. 103-104)
  6. When the Gaorthadh Bridge was built they were caught... (p. 105-106)
  7. Father John Power was parish priest of Rosscarbery about one hundred years ago... (p. 107-108)
  8. The Duves were famous highway men who were born somewhere between the region of Ballineen and Bandon... (p. 109-111)
  9. The Beamishes lived in Kilmalooda. They owned a lot of property and the graveyard was in their land... (p. 112-113)
  10. Sean dearg Nash lived in Brinny near Bandon. (p. 114-117)
  11. When the landlords were in power they treated the tenant very cruelly... (p. 117-118)
  12. There lived in Clogagh in the time of the Soupers a poor working man named Mick Singleton... (p. 119-120)
  13. There was a man by the name of OKeefe. He lived between Clonakilty and Rosscarbery... (p. 120-121)
  14. Headless Huntsman (p. 122-124)
  15. A long time ago there lived in a big Mansion a certain gentleman who was a terrible tyrant. And his Father who was dying was still worse... (p. 124-125)
  16. About 80 years ago when the Catholics we downtrodden. The parishioners would feel very happy if they would be able to have one priest Father Ned Mulcahy was a parish priest in Kilbritain at the time... (p. 126)
  17. Máire Ghaolach (p. 127-128)
  18. About 180 years ago there lived in a small thatched house on the side of the road, between Cahervouler Cremary and Knocks school a woman named "Máire Gaolach"... (p. 128-129)
  19. Beamish - Palaceanne (p. 130-131)
  20. A woman named Mrs. Donovan of Knocknapogue near Ballinadee was coming home from Bandon very late one night, about fifty years ago... (p. 132)
  21. Jack Bata was going late one night from Gurtaleen to Buckaree... (p. 133)
  22. Taidhgín Riabhach was a carpenter that was there long ago. His name was Crowley... (p. 134)
  23. A very long time ago there lived a very old woman by the name of Moll Carroll... (p. 135-136)
  24. In the time of the Whiteboys a certain Whiteboys came in to Castletown and a woman went to Captain Beamish to tell him... (p. 137-139)
  25. Mr Jennings before he died ploughed a liss and set garden there after being warned not to interfere with it... (p. 140-141)
  26. The lived in Dunmanway about 100 years ago a family named Cox... (p. 141-142)
  27. The Bonny Bunch of Roses O (p. 143-144)
  28. Song (p. 145-147)
  29. Tenant Farmer (p. 148-151)
  30. Old Mrs Smiley (p. 152-153)
  31. Father Dan - Parish Priest of Inis Céin 80 Years Ago (p. 154-156)
  32. Véarsaí (p. 157-158)
  33. Véarsaí (p. 158-159)
  34. Véarsaí (p. 159)
  35. Tadhg was one Sunday going to Castletown Mass... (p. 159)
  36. Tadhg Ciaruigheach and a woman, a neighbout of his, each gave an order to Mick Báid in Dunmanway for a pair of shoes... (p. 160-161)
  37. Song (p. 162-163)
  38. When she was a child they had a workman named Tim Sexton... (p. 161-163)
  39. Song (p. 164-167)
  40. Dunmanway (p. 167-169)
  41. "Father Dan OSullivan ("Father Dan") was P.P. of Inis Chéin about eighty years ago... (p. 171)
  42. A Dhonnchadh is Léir Liom (p. 172)
  43. There was an old man who used to be going around here long ago... (p. 173)
  44. Aodhagán O Rathaille went into a house somewhere... (p. 173-174)
  45. My mother's grandfather was Curley Murphy. He lived in a big house at Gurt a Lín, and he owned all the top of Kinneigh... (p. 175)
  46. A part of the main road leading to our house from a place called the Idlebrdge to the Lordscross is supposed by many people to be haunted... (p. 176)
  47. "Long ago there was a fairy hunt in Manch when I was small. They used to see the faries hunting... (p. 177)
  48. In olden times there liven a Colonel in a big demesne, he had a lot of Protestant tenants and there lived a few Catholics near them... (p. 177-178)
  49. One night a young man named Denis O Mahony Garrendruig went stealing apples from a garden that belonged to Frank Stawell Ivy lodge near Kilbritain Casle... (p. 178-179)
  50. Some people long ago at Kinneigh suffered from having no butter... (p. 179-180)
  51. Máire na Scian (p. 180-181)
  52. Jackie the Lantern (sic) was a blacksmith... (p. 182-185)
  53. Pictiúr é seo de shoc shean-chéachta "adhmaid" atá i seilbh T. Uas, O Muircheartaigh, Cigire Sgol... (p. 186)
  54. The Thatching Needle (p. 187)
  55. Sketch of a Castóir (p. 187)
  56. A Butter-Print (p. 188)
  57. For lighting purposes they used a splinter of fir ("ver") ("bog-wood")... (p. 189)
  58. Uirlisí (p. 190-193)
  59. Flax Wheel (p. 194-195)
  60. Doimhneog (p. 196)
  61. Treá (p. 197)
  62. Fragment of Floor of Corn Kiln - Earthenware (p. 198)
  63. Gabhann "The Bold Tenant Farmer" leis an bhfonn so... (p. 199)
  64. Ainmneacha Áiteann (p. 203-208)
  65. My grandmother used to tell this. She has two uncles and they had a boat, a "sloop" she used to call it... (p. 209)
  66. Men from Clonakilty were out fishing one night she used to tell. They caught a strange sort of fish the like of which they never saw before... (p. 209)
  67. When she was young, a cousin of hers - his name was Dave Barry - had a fine mare that he thought a lot about... (p. 211-210A)
  68. I often heard Dinny Dan's mother God rest her, tell this story. When she was a young girl at home a neighbour of hers, a young married woman got sick... (p. 210-211)
  69. Saol na nDaoine - Saothar Bia (p. 211A-213)
  70. Setting Potatoes (p. 214)
  71. Setting Wheat (p. 214-215)
  72. They used to kill a cow for Christmas. They would have her maybe three months fattening on raw potatoes and cabbage and wheaten straw... (p. 215-216)
  73. Spinning - Tucking (p. 217)
  74. Lime-Burning (p. 218)
  75. "It is often I spent a night working at the flax. Everyone in the house would have his own job... (p. 218-219)
  76. A Song Sung to the Cow while Milking (p. 219-220)
  77. Piseoga (p. 220-221)
  78. The Names of Dance Masters (p. 222)
  79. Piseog (p. 222)
  80. "Píobaire na Gruaige" was a dancing master who used to travel around here about sixty years ago... (p. 223)
  81. Píobaire na gruaige was in college... (p. 223)
  82. Hedge-Schools (p. 224)
  83. Hedge-Schools (p. 224-227)
  84. Mass Rock (p. 228)
  85. Mass Rock (p. 228-229)
  86. Mass Rock (p. 230)
  87. Mass Rock (p. 231)
  88. Mass Rock (p. 231)
  89. Leigheasanna (p. 232-235)
  90. Spells - Charms (p. 236)
  91. Spells - Charms (p. 237)
  92. A long time ago there was a priest going on a sick call... (p. 238)
  93. "One of the Conners of Fortrobert, Robert was his name, joined Fenians. The English were after him for a long time... (p. 238-239)
  94. In the house of Coxe's Br. lives Lord Norberry when he condemned Robert Emmet to death... (p. 240)
  95. One night, not very long ago "Rich" Lordan was passing there with a horse and cart... (p. 240)
  96. In the time of the troubles there were sentries posted at the Lord's Coors and they saw the dog walking up and down beside them... (p. 240)
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Original reference: 0310/3

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