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Naomh Muire (B.), Droichead Átha

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Naomh Muire (B.), Droichead Átha (school) (Drogheda, Co. Louth), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher A. Mac Uidhlinn.

Original reference: 0681/1

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Louth schools

  1. Ghost Stories - A Strange Procession (p. 003-004)
  2. Stray Sod (p. 005)
  3. Humpy Jack Madden (p. 006-007)
  4. Dandelion Clock (p. 008-009)
  5. Blessed Sacrament (p. 010-012)
  6. Ghost Story (p. 013-014)
  7. Jump at Platten Rocks (p. 015-016)
  8. Tinsmith and the Thieves (p. 017-018)
  9. About forty years ago an old man between 70 and 80 years lived in the village of Shallon. (p. 019)
  10. A young man was going home from Drogheda to Bellewstown one night. (p. 020)
  11. On a little hill called the Mullach near Bellewstown there is a rock. (p. 021)
  12. There are three rocks on top of Bellewstown hill, each about one quarter of a mile apart. (p. 022)
  13. There is a round stone near Clough Patrick on the Collon Road. (p. 023)
  14. About ten yards from St. Patrick's Well in Drogheda there is a round flat stone in the ground with the imprint of four fingers and a thumb. (p. 023)
  15. In Kilsharven about 70 years ago there was a linen mill. (p. 024)
  16. Near Kilsharvan on a hill there was a gate leading into a field. (p. 025)
  17. Many years ago a very old woman lived alone in a cottage. (p. 026-027)
  18. Fairy Story (p. 028-029)
  19. Tale of Maura Gargan (p. 030-032)
  20. Big Black Dog (p. 033-034)
  21. There is a certain house which is situated 2 miles from the town. (p. 035-036)
  22. Once upon a time there lived a priest who was paid to say a mass, but he forgot and he died. (p. 037)
  23. Old Road from Tara (p. 038)
  24. Ghost Story (p. 039-040)
  25. Fairy in Bottle Lane (p. 041)
  26. Big Black Dog (p. 042-043)
  27. Fairy Story (p. 044-045)
  28. Once upon a time there lived a princess. (p. 046)
  29. There is a certain house which is situated about two miles from Drogheda. (p. 047)
  30. Ghosts (p. 048-049)
  31. There is a fairy moat at Coolagh Bridge, between Coolagh Street and Platten Road Bridge, by the Railway. (p. 050)
  32. There is a Lone Bush at Cool Lough near Shallen. (p. 051-052)
  33. A boy was driving a pony and trap up at bolre graveyard. (p. 053)
  34. The Dale arch is haunted every night at twelve o'clock ever since a man was hanged from a post there. (p. 054-055)
  35. A heavy coach full of headless men, and driven by coach men, come down by the side.... (p. 056-057)
  36. Shamrock with red streaks grows about 2 miles on the Drogheda side of Slane. (p. 058)
  37. Proverbs (p. 059)
  38. Proverbs (p. 059-060)
  39. Proverbs (p. 060-062)
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Drogheda, Co. Louth
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DroghedaDroichead ÁthaDroghedaLouth
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Original reference: 0681/1

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