Léim Lárach, Carraig Thuathail

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Léim Lárach, Carraig Thuathail (school) (Leamlara, Co. Cork), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Seán Ó Nia (Meville?).

Original reference: 0387/2

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Cork schools

  1. My name is John Joe Barry. ... (p. 091-092)
  2. Marriage in Leamlara (p. 093-094)
  3. Hidden Treasure (p. 095)
  4. Hidden Treasure (p. 095)
  5. Hidden Treasure (p. 096)
  6. Hidden Treasure (p. 097)
  7. Story (p. 097)
  8. Ballycrana Well (p. 098)
  9. Ballycrana Well (p. 098-100)
  10. Pound Field (p. 101)
  11. Fair Field of Ballylea (p. 101-102)
  12. Faction Fighting (p. 102-103)
  13. When the Goban Saor lived in his castle at Rathagoban... (p. 104-105)
  14. Fenians (p. 106)
  15. Dundullerick (p. 107-108)
  16. Clash - Barony of Barrymore (p. 109-110)
  17. Ahern's Forge - Upper Lisgoold (p. 110-111)
  18. Local Cures (p. 111-112)
  19. Old Cures (p. 113)
  20. Old Cures (p. 113-114)
  21. Old Forge and Shoe Maker's Homewear - Dundullerick Bridge (p. 115)
  22. Leamlara - The Mare's Leap (p. 116)
  23. Account of the Barry Family (p. 116-117)
  24. Barry Family - Incident in Tithe War (p. 117-118)
  25. How Leamlara Got its Name (p. 119-120)
  26. In a townland to the west of Leamlara called Ballybronagh... (p. 121)
  27. James O'Connell formerly a teacher in Leamlara 50 years ago or so... (p. 121)
  28. It is a local belief that this Black dog... (p. 121)
  29. Story (p. 122)
  30. Stories (p. 122-123)
  31. Poem (p. 124-125)
  32. Folklore (p. 127-129)
  33. Weather - Local Beliefs (p. 130)
  34. Story (p. 131)
  35. Story (p. 131)
  36. Sign of Death (p. 132)
  37. Lime used be burned in a disused lime Kiln... (p. 132)
  38. There were three disused spinning wheels... (p. 132)
  39. If you robbed a bird's nest... (p. 132)
  40. Names of Fields (p. 133)
  41. Lore of Certain Days in Leamlara (p. 134-135)
  42. Story - Leaba Bó Báine (p. 137-138)
  43. This Tade Mulcahy was considered the best workman at the flail. ... (p. 138-139)
  44. There may be still a candle mould at D.Cotters home... (p. 139-140)
  45. Mrs. Cashman of Maoleen near Knockraha North West perhaps... (p. 140-142)
  46. Garranes (p. 142-143)
  47. Story of Mare and Foal going with the 'Joies' (p. 143)
  48. Story (p. 144)
  49. In Ballycana is a Protestans grave yard. ... (p. 145)
  50. Forts (p. 146-147)
  51. Roads (p. 147-148)
  52. Roads (p. 149)
  53. Round Dundullerick Bridge about 50 years ago... (p. 149)
  54. Its presently the custom to have Mass in the houses... (p. 149-150)
  55. Tithe War (p. 151-152)
  56. Streams through Leamlara (p. 153)
  57. Townlands - Barry - Barrymore - Cork Families (p. 154-155)
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Leamlara, Co. Cork
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1 chapter (vol. 387, p. 89-155)
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LeamlaraLéim LáraLeamlaraBallycurranyBarrymoreCork
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Original reference: 0387/2

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