Cloghan (B.), Banagher

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Cloghan (B.), Banagher (school) (Cloghan, Co. Offaly), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Francis O' Connor.

Original reference: 0816/1

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Offaly schools

  1. Seamas and the Fairy (p. 001-002)
  2. Once upon a time there was a man going to get his boots mended... (p. 003)
  3. During the Penal Laws in Ireland... (p. 004)
  4. History of Ballysheil (p. 005)
  5. Famine (p. 006-007)
  6. The landlord for Cloghan Hill or Coolreagh was Mr John King. (p. 008)
  7. Big Wind (p. 008-009)
  8. Landlord of Ballysheil (p. 010)
  9. Long ago on a May morning people used to go to their neighbour's house to look for milk... (p. 011)
  10. Taking butter was very often done in this locality. (p. 011)
  11. The following particulars were taken from the records of Cloghan Boys school... (p. 012-015)
  12. Murder of Murphy (p. 016-019)
  13. Its the latest tale in History I mean to let you know... (p. 020-023)
  14. Place Names in the Parish of Gallen, Offaly. (p. 024-026)
  15. There is a well in Tissarn on Mrs Soyers Wallers land. (p. 027)
  16. James Horan taught school in Galross. (p. 028)
  17. There was a Hedge school in Guernal 100 years ago. (p. 028-029)
  18. Funny Story (p. 030)
  19. Another Funny Story (p. 030-031)
  20. At the present day there is a field belonging to Parish Priest of Cloghan on the right side of the road from Cloghan to Galross. (p. 031-032)
  21. It is interesting as showing the standard of living of the people of this parish about 80 years ago. (p. 033)
  22. Kieran Bennet remembered to see all the houses of Cloghan thatched. (p. 034)
  23. Kilcamin Monastery is situated on the lands of Thomas Horan... (p. 035)
  24. Kilcamin Monastery and Wells (p. 036-038)
  25. Famine of 1847 (p. 039-041)
  26. Situated about a mile from Cloghan in what is known as the townland of Logg there is the remains of an old well. (p. 042-043)
  27. Killowney Churchyard (p. 043-044)
  28. Canal Line (p. 044)
  29. Clononey Castle (p. 044)
  30. Riddles (p. 045-046)
  31. How to Make Sloe Wine (p. 047)
  32. Long ago there lived on the Hill road... (p. 047)
  33. Her fathers name was Cummins and he was a District Inspector in the old Royal Irish Constabulary. (p. 048-050)
  34. A man named Martin Daly lived in Logg, a village on the south side of the hill of Cloghan. (p. 050-053)
  35. Weather-Lore (p. 054)
  36. In olden times people coming from Athlone to Cloghan and thence to Birr came as they do at present... (p. 055-056)
  37. Long ago there resided in Strawberry Hill House... (p. 057)
  38. A man named Colgan... (p. 058)
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1 chapter (vol. 816, p. 1A-58)
Ireland--History--Famine, 1845-1852
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CloghanAn ClochánCloghanGallenGarrycastleOffaly
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Original reference: 0816/1

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