Gort an Iomaire

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Gort an Iomaire (school) (Gortanummera, Co. Galway), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Liam Sabhaois.

Original reference: 0057/1

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Galway schools

  1. An Portach (p. 0002)
  2. Na Beithígh - Galra (p. 0003)
  3. Tithe agus Talamh (p. 0004)
  4. Daoine (p. 0005-0006)
  5. Focla sa bParóiste seo (p. 0007-0008)
  6. Focail Eile san Áit seo (p. 0009)
  7. Local Beliefs and Sayings (p. 0010-0012)
  8. Marriage Customs (p. 0013)
  9. Baptisms, Local Customs (p. 0014)
  10. Death and Funeral Customs (p. 0015-0016)
  11. Fairs (p. 0017)
  12. Local Fair (p. 0018-0019)
  13. Newbridge Fair (p. 0020)
  14. Coolnageeragh Village (p. 0021)
  15. Creggen Village (p. 0022-0023)
  16. Gragagown Village (p. 0024-0025)
  17. Gortanumera Village (p. 0026)
  18. Cloggernagh Village (p. 0027)
  19. Coolpora Village (p. 0028-0030)
  20. Setting of Eggs (p. 0031-0032)
  21. Fuel in the Parish (p. 0033)
  22. Churning (p. 0034)
  23. Gortanumera Hedge-School (p. 0035-0036)
  24. Signs of Weather (p. 0037-0038)
  25. Máire Nash (p. 0039-0043)
  26. Industries (p. 0044-0045)
  27. My Home District (p. 0046-0047)
  28. Eva of the Nation (p. 0048)
  29. Biddy Early (p. 0049-0051)
  30. Bread (p. 0052-0053)
  31. Surnames in the Parish (p. 0054)
  32. Giant (p. 0056)
  33. St Martin (p. 0057)
  34. Giants (p. 0058-0059)
  35. Historic Places Christian Times (p. 0060)
  36. Tobacco Industry (p. 0061)
  37. Hand Weaving (p. 0061-0062)
  38. Parishioners Distinguished Abroad (p. 0063-0065)
  39. Old Roads (p. 0066)
  40. Historic Places Christian Times (p. 0067-0068)
  41. Family Names - Present (p. 0069-0073)
  42. Industries (p. 0074-0075)
  43. Industries (p. 0076-0079)
  44. Parishioners Distinguished Ireland (p. 0080-0082)
  45. Actual Conditions (p. 0083-0090)
  46. History of Education in the Parish (p. 0091-0096)
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Gortanummera, Co. Galway
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1 chapter (vol. 57, p. 1-96)
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GortanummeraGort an IomaireGortanummeraLickmolassyLongfordGalway
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Original reference: 0057/1

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