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Moynalty (B.)

abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Moynalty (B.) (school) (Moynalty, Co. Meath), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Uillford Ó Maoilmhichil.

Original reference: 0705/4

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Meath schools

  1. People in this district often make the sign of the cross on the cow's back with the milk. (p. 311)
  2. If a coal falls off the fire it is a sign of company coming. (p. 311)
  3. It is unlucky to look at a new moon through glass. (p. 312)
  4. It's a long road that had no turn in it a borrowed horse has hard hooves. (p. 313)
  5. If you cut your nails on Sunday, you would have seven days bad luck. (p. 313-314)
  6. If a person's boots or shoes creak it is a sign that they are not paid for. (p. 315)
  7. A long time ago a number of men were reaping corn in a field near Mullagh Lake. (p. 316)
  8. To cure a sty... (p. 317)
  9. Local Marriage Customs (p. 318-322)
  10. Black House (p. 323-325)
  11. Jack the Giant Killer - Story (p. 326-328)
  12. Robertstown Castle (p. 329)
  13. Weasel's Intuition (p. 330)
  14. Local Landlord (p. 331)
  15. Local Forge (p. 332-333)
  16. Haunted House at Ballincleva (p. 334-335)
  17. Big Wind (p. 336)
  18. Story (p. 337-338)
  19. James Tevlin the Poet of Billywood (p. 339-340)
  20. Poets' Home in Farnadooney (p. 340-342)
  21. Poets' Farewell to the Days of his Youth (p. 342-343)
  22. Thanks for a Snuff-Box (p. 344-345)
  23. Tax-Gatherer's Visit (p. 346-347)
  24. Farmer's Lament for a Broken Pipe (p. 347-348)
  25. Halloween (p. 349-350)
  26. Candle-Making (p. 351)
  27. Lime-Burning (p. 352-353)
  28. Bird-Lore (p. 354-355)
  29. Local Forge (p. 356-357)
  30. Hidden Treasure (p. 358)
  31. Cloch an tSagairt (p. 359)
  32. Valley of the Black Pig (p. 360-361)
  33. Old Forts (p. 362)
  34. Leipreachán (p. 363-364)
  35. Story (p. 365)
  36. Story (p. 366-367)
  37. Holy Wells (p. 368-369)
  38. Famine Times (p. 370-371)
  39. Story (p. 372-373)
  40. St Patrick and the Dogs (p. 374)
  41. Story (p. 375)
  42. Stray Paths (p. 376-377)
  43. Feast of Christmas (p. 378-380)
  44. Garryard Tunnel (p. 381)
  45. Local Landlord (p. 382-385)
  46. St Patrick and the Woman Possessed (p. 386-387)
  47. Old Fort (p. 388-389)
  48. Local Fairs (p. 390-391)
  49. Williamstown Forts (p. 392)
  50. John Otaway Cuffe (p. 393-394)
  51. Churning (p. 395-397)
  52. Care of the Feet (p. 398-399)
  53. Clothes Made Locally (p. 400-401)
  54. St Brigid's Cross (p. 402)
  55. Potato Crop (p. 403-404)
  56. Food in Olden Times (p. 405-406)
  57. Old Houses (p. 407-408)
  58. Thatching (p. 409-411)
  59. Buying and Selling (p. 412-413)
  60. Penal Days (p. 414)
  61. Old Schools (p. 415)
  62. Ghost at Feagh (p. 416)
  63. Farm Animals (p. 417-418)
  64. Story (p. 419-420)
  65. Magic Wand (p. 421-422)
  66. Fairies and the Man (p. 423)
  67. Last of the Bards (p. 424)
  68. Story (p. 425)
  69. Haunted House (p. 426)
  70. Bread (p. 427-428)
  71. Two Giants (p. 429)
  72. Enchanted Well at Oldcastle (p. 430-431)
  73. Signs of the Weather (p. 432-433)
  74. Crock of Gold (p. 434-435)
  75. Holy Wells (p. 436-437)
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Moynalty, Co. Meath
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1 chapter (vol. 705, p. 311A-437)
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MoynaltyMaigh nEaltaMoynaltyMoynaltyKells LowerMeath
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Original reference: 0705/4

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