Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Carrickaslane (school) (Carrickaslane, Co. Monaghan), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Mary Greer.

Original reference: 0943/2

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Monaghan schools

  1. Long ago at James Whyte's house of Tullinamalroe Castleblayney Co Monaghan there were fairies. (p. 165)
  2. Long ago a man called Dennis Casey, Drumalisk went to Mc Dusty's Mill about a mile and a half from his own house. (p. 166)
  3. Long ago Pat Walsh (Welsh) Oram, Castleblayney Co Monaghan was taking his horse from the grass. (p. 167)
  4. Once upon a time a man called Tom Mc Willis lived in Drumleek North, Castleblayney Co Monaghan... (p. 168)
  5. Weather-Lore (p. 169-171)
  6. Local Sayings (p. 172)
  7. Riddles (p. 173)
  8. Beliefs (p. 174-175)
  9. Story (p. 176)
  10. Story (p. 177)
  11. Story (p. 178)
  12. Story (p. 179)
  13. Story (p. 180)
  14. Story (p. 181)
  15. Story (p. 182)
  16. Story (p. 183)
  17. Story (p. 184)
  18. Story (p. 185)
  19. Story (p. 186)
  20. Old Crafts (p. 187-188)
  21. Piggins (p. 189)
  22. Story (p. 190)
  23. Sayings (p. 191)
  24. Story (p. 192)
  25. Riddles (p. 193-194)
  26. Rhymes (p. 195)
  27. Story (p. 196)
  28. There was a man sitting at the table. He said God bless those little dishes, and God bless those little fishes, if they give us our belly full, it will be alright. (p. 197)
  29. There was two men and they had humps on their backs. (p. 198)
  30. The names of the field belonging to Mr Nesbitt Erryroe Castleblayney Co Monaghan... (p. 199)
  31. These are the names of some of the fields belonging to George Greer in the townland of Drumleek North... (p. 200)
  32. Story (p. 201)
  33. The Names of Fields belonging to Mr Thomas J Whyte Corrintra Castleblayney... (p. 202)
  34. The Names of the fields belonging to Mr David Whyte Tullinamalroe... (p. 202-203)
  35. Story (p. 204)
  36. These are the names of the Fields belonging to Mr Mc Adam Corrintra Castleblayney... (p. 205)
  37. Games I Play (p. 206)
  38. Games I Play (p. 207)
  39. Niall O'Neill Camaghy Drumacrib Post Office, Castleblayney, Co Monaghan, died in December in the time of the great snow storm about the year 1863. (p. 208)
  40. Abel Wilson lived in Drumleek Nth, Castleblayney, Co Monaghan. (p. 209)
  41. Mike Markie who lived in Tomacrow, Drumacrib Post Office, Castleblayney, Co Monaghan was a famous dancer and won a prize in Castleblayney... (p. 210)
  42. Mary Sarah Jane Anderson of fixed abode made songs and went round the peoples houses reciting them. (p. 211)
  43. Peggy Burns of no fixed abode was blind. (p. 212)
  44. Bread (p. 213)
  45. Bread (p. 214)
  46. Food (p. 215)
  47. Making Candles (p. 216)
  48. Games I Play at a Party or Christmas (p. 217)
  49. The people in the country boiled their potatoes for dinner in a pot and then emptied them on a basket... (p. 218)
  50. Local Cures (p. 219)
  51. The Mulligans of Drumquill, Castleblayney, Co Monaghan made creels and baskets. (p. 220)
  52. Riddles (p. 221)
  53. Story (p. 222)
  54. Story (p. 223)
  55. Story (p. 224)
  56. Local Fairs (p. 225)
  57. Local Fairs (p. 226-227)
  58. About 50 years ago there was a man called Johnny Cross of Frankford, Castleblayney, Co Monaghan. (p. 228)
  59. Lore of Certain Days (p. 229)
  60. Old Marriage Customs (p. 229)
  61. Local Cures (p. 230)
  62. Churning (p. 231-232)
  63. Churning (p. 233)
  64. Local Names (p. 234)
  65. Churning (p. 235)
  66. Local Forge (p. 236)
  67. To make a wooden spear take a piece of wood and pare a point on it... (p. 237)
  68. In the County Armagh in the townland of Mountpleasant a family lived... (p. 238)
  69. There was a man called Mr Beggs who lived in Drumageloin and he had a little girl. (p. 239)
  70. Saying (p. 240)
  71. Local Saying (p. 241)
  72. Old Riddles (p. 242)
  73. A butterfly cage can be made from rushes. Put three rushes between your four fingers. (p. 244)
  74. Long ago about 70 years ago a man called Bateson was a Landlord's agent. (p. 245)
  75. Local Road Names of County Monaghan (p. 246)
  76. Rhymes (p. 247)
  77. Names of Fields (p. 248)
  78. Names of Fields (p. 249)
  79. Names of Fields (p. 250-251)
  80. Names of Fields (p. 252)
  81. Old Rhymes (p. 253)
  82. Old Rhymes (p. 254)
  83. Old Rhymes (p. 255)
  84. Homemade Toys (p. 256)
  85. Homemade Toys (p. 257)
  86. Names of Fields (p. 258)
  87. Old Saying (p. 259)
  88. There was a man who had to cross a river and he had [to cross] a duck and a sheaf of corn and a fox. (p. 260)
  89. Old Riddles (p. 261)
  90. One person puts one pin in one of his hands behind his back and you do not know which hand it is in. (p. 262)
  91. Old Riddles (p. 263)
  92. Old Riddles (p. 264)
  93. Old Rhymes (p. 265)
  94. Long ago about 100 years since in the time of the potato famine. (p. 266)
  95. There was a dark haired blind blind man called James (Jemmy) Meeghan from Lislanely Co Monaghan. (p. 267)
  96. Old Rhymes (p. 268)
  97. Townlands (p. 269)
  98. Old Riddles (p. 270)
  99. Old Riddles (p. 271)
  100. There are seven graveyards in the Parish of Muckno. (p. 272)
  101. The River Fane flows through Monaghan into Muckno lake and drains Muckno lake in Dundalk Bay. (p. 273)
  102. Story (p. 274)
  103. Story (p. 275)
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CarrickaslaneCarraig ShleáinCarrickaslaneMucknoCremorneMonaghan
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Original reference: 0943/2

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